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Dev & Programming Resumes

Dev and programming construct the digital world. They build websites, apps, and software by writing code that instructs computers. Our dev and programming resume examples will help set you apart from other candidates. 

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Why Rezi Resume Examples?

Our resume templates are designed with a single goal in mind: to get you past any company’s applicant tracking system (ATS) so you can land an interview at even the most competitive job postings. 

Modeled after proven resumes

Our ATS-friendly resume templates have opened doors in competitive fields. Some have reached the hands of hiring managers at top companies like Apple, HubSpot, and Tesla. Using a Rezi resume as a starting point gives you the ultimate headstart. 

ATS compliant formats

All Rezi resumes are built strategically. The formats of our resumes are parsable by the hiring technology companies use for automated screenings. 

Modern professional designs

Get a resume that strikes the perfect balance between modern professionalism and ATS compliance. Stand out to recruiters without using overwhelming design elements that aren’t always readable by hiring systems.

100% focused on content

The content of your resume is what ultimately helps you land interviews. That’s why our resumes double down on communicating your skills and achievements in the most impactful way. This content-focused approach highlights your professional narrative, making your application irresistible to employers. 

How to Make a Perfect ATS-Friendly Resume to Beat the System

Here are the steps for creating an ATS-friendly resume: 

  • Have a professional resume format
  • Include the essential resume sections
  • Tailor your resume for one specific role
  • Add numbers and data
  • Optimize your resume using keywords from the job description
  • Check for any spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes

1. Have a professional resume format

Your resume is a formal document. It should look professional.

Here are the main resume format guidelines for a neat job application that’s parsable by applicant tracking systems: 

  • Use a reverse chronological structure when listing job positions, projects, and qualifications.
  • Add subtle lining to create a clear division between different sections.
  • Steer away from complex graphical elements, designs, and color. 
  • Pick an appropriate font (Arial and Times New Roman will do), with a size no smaller than 10pt and no higher than 12pt.
  • Keep margin size to 1 inch all around, with the lowest being -0.5 inches for compact resumes.
  • Have concise resume bullet points up to 2 lines long (if necessary, extend to 3 lines for in-depth details).
  • Submit your resume in an acceptable format (typically as a PDF or Word document). 

Or you could skip most of these steps by using an ATS resume template as a starting point. 

2. Include the essential resume sections

The essential sections of a resume typically include the following:

  • Header: personal information and contact details.
  • Work Experience: highlight your achievements and impact in previous roles.  
  • Education: showcase academic background and qualifications. 
  • Skills: list core competencies directly related to your career field. 

Without these, your resume may get disregarded by the company’s ATS due to inadequate information. 

3. Tailor your resume for one specific role 

Customize your resume to fit one particular position. This means doing the following: 

  • Including achievements directly related to the company’s requirements 
  • Highlighting skills and project outcomes that match the job description
  • Writing about the most relevant job positions and responsibilities 
  • Showcasing additional sections that prove your areas of expertise
  • Adjusting your resume summary or objectives section to align with the company 

Ideally, it’s one resume per organization at a time. Even though the job title might be the same, the job description can vary. 

4. Add numbers and data

Specifying your responsibilities and accomplishments with data doesn’t just look good. It increases your chances of getting past the ATS for a few reasons: 

  • Concrete numbers offer a clear measure of your success and impact, which can be a factor that the company’s ATS may take into account 
  • Quantitative data may enhance the relevance of specific keywords and phrases that the ATS is searching for
  • Demonstrating specific results can help both the hiring manager and the ATS when it comes to determining what candidates to prioritize in the hiring process

5. Optimize your resume using keywords from the job description

Including keywords from the job description is arguably the most important step for building an ATS-optimized resume. 

The job posting will likely have keywords that the ATS expects to see on an applicant’s resume. At first glance, this is how recruiters tell whether you match the job description and are a good fit for the role. 

Scanning through each section of the job description is one way to find resume keywords. The other (and easier) way to do it is by using the Rezi AI Keyword Targeting feature. 

6. Check for any spelling, punctuation, and grammar Mistakes

Last but not least, an ATS-compliant resume is free from typos and grammar mistakes. 

Double-check your resume before sending it off. If you’ve been working on your application for hours or even days and your brain feels fried, give yourself a break. Without a fresh pair of eyes, the odds are that you’ll miss some minor details or errors. 


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