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How to become a freelance resume writer?
To become a freelance resume writer, gain experience in resume writing and job search strategies. Build a portfolio showcasing your writing skills and create a professional website to market your services. Network with job placement organizations, recruiters and past clients to acquire referrals and establish a steady client base.
How to write freelance work on resume?
To write freelance work on your resume, list the project or client name, date range, and a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments. Showcase your skills and highlight the impact you made on the project or client. Consider grouping freelance work under a separate “Freelance Projects” or “Consulting Experience” section to emphasize the diversity and breadth of your experience.
How do i include freelance writer on resume?
Include freelance writing on your resume by listing the name of the project or client, date range, and a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments. Highlight your writing skills and the impact you made on the project or client. Consider grouping freelance writing under a separate “Freelance Writing” or “Published Work” section to showcase the diversity and breadth of your experience.

Charles Bloomberg

• New York City, New York • charlesbloomberg@gmail.com • in/cbloomberg



Content Creator (Contract) | Company A | New York, NY | June 2021 - Present

• Wrote and managed social, web, and email content for 6 Web3/NFT clients, increasing the paid subscription/membership rate by 190%, and growingrevenue by 160%.
• Created a social media strategy and campaign that increased Facebook likes by 1.5x, Twitter followers by 2.5x, and website visitors by 1.5x.
• Initiated 8 project campaigns- collected client assets, managed deadlines, assigned deliverables, and scheduled internal kick-off meetings.

Solutions Consultant | Company B | New York, NY | June 2020 - June 2021

• Collaborate with internal teams to identify, negotiate, and win new strategic business with large nonprofits.
• Engage with 25-30 decision-makers weekly to improve their hiring outcomes, reduce outsourcing spend, develop fundraising action plans, andimplement programmatic learning solutions to increase social impact outcomes for nonprofit community stakeholders.
• Align with partners to implement pilot programs focused on preparing underserved communities for the modern workforce- resulting in 130%revenue growth post-pilot.
• Remain organized while generating $500,000 in revenue/quarter and taking on corporate responsibility projects.

Nonprofit Consultant | Company C | New York, NY | June 2019 - June 2020

• Collaborated with global teams to develop an equitable candidate application process, utilizing social impact metrics and the UN SDGs as a framework.
• Resolved client communication challenges by creating regular touch points and identifying additional stakeholders to engage in the project, enabling the team to complete project deliverables 2 weeks ahead of schedule.
• Designed and received executive approval for 8 recommendations based on the evaluation of 15 existing global youth program models.


Master of Science in Biology - Data Science focus | New York University | 2020


Machine Learning: Python (scikit-learn, pandas, NumPy), keras, TensorFlow, Pytorch, Spark MLlib
Data Visualization Tools: Tableau, R Studio, Power BI, Latex, Advance Excel