Creating a resume from scratch

Updated on
August 22, 2022
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Jacob Jacquet
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What is creating a resume from scratch?

If you have an existing resume, you can simply copy and paste the content into the Rezi software to create a new resume. 

On average, this takes about 10 minutes. As you rebuild your new resume, you’ll be prompted to correct errors by our real-time analysis feature. 

We recommend all users create their resume from scratch.

How to  build a resume from scratch

Once you’re logged into your Rezi account - follow these steps to create a resume from scratch:

Step 1: Click “CREATE NEW RESUME” on the left bar
Step 2: Name your resume, select the field and your experience level
Step 3 : Click Save

Tips when building a resume from scratch

We recommend you to complete options that help create a tailored resume. These include setting a field and experience level, as well as targeting your resume by adding a job description. Our AI features will use this job description to tune our content and keyword recommendations.