Rezi was a feature-rich minimal experience. Rezi helped me focus on content instead of resume formatting and that was exactly what I needed to successfully get my foot in the door.

Avi G.
Hired at Amazon

The entire experience is focused on the user, and it helped me craft the resume that ultimately landed me 5+ interviews, a few offers, and one full-time job!

I cannot recommend Rezi highly enough. The platform allowed me to build a strong resume in an efficient and organized manner. It also made building a resume feel less daunting. The entire experience is focused on the user, and it helped me craft the resume that ultimately landed me 5+ interviews, a few offers, and one full-time job!

My current employer was so impressed with my resume and said that they had not seen this caliber of a resume with any of the other candidates. What stood out to them was both the structure and the content itself. Rezi helped me craft a very compelling resume that had quantifiable numbers the employers were looking for and the soft skills that were emphasized in the job description.

The best part about Rezi is that while there is a structure built in, I was also able to customize the format and resume to be tailored to the position I was applying for. I could also save multiple versions of the same resume and modify them as needed to help catch the eye of specific interviewees. Rezi allowed me to put the best version of myself in front of my employer, and I am excited to start at a new company with Rezi’s help!

Before applying to any new position, it is necessary to use Rezi’s services to perfect your resume. This is the best way to allow your resume to stand out among other applicants and allows you to put your best foot forward before meeting with interviewers or future employers.
Ryann G.
Hired at GuideCX

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Wonderful product with user friendly interface.
Sule A.
While I'm currently full time employed, I bought this lifetime plan to make it easy to make a professional resume in case I need it. Its a lifetime plan and you never know when an opportunity knocks for a better gig, or when something tragic happens and your job lays you off because of Covid, you have the tools to find other work. A good long term investment to make now while you have the funds.
Tim S.
It's a great product super easy to use and has awesome features, I loved it!
Rezi is amazing to use and very much user friendly. the AI functionality is top notch and will be the difference maker, bringing so much value add to your resume. i highly recommend :)
Sugar R.
Using Rezi is a wonderful experience, gives you insights into parts of your resume you could improve and has a huge list of ready made templates to get you started quickly. Highly recommend
Rezi made it very easy to manage my different resumes for the positions I was applying for.
Easy to create a well formatted resume. Step by step update is very helpful.. like splitting a task and getting done. I used to start preparing resume and leave it in middle. Using rezi , I created one with rezi rating of 98. Now submitted for free review. May have to use other tools for grammar checks. Overall a good buy.
I used Rezi to make my resume look more professional and all-encompassing. I had applied to a handful of jobs before using Rezi, but once I signed up and revamped what I had, I got call backs from almost all my applications.
Samantha W.
Very easy entry format to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Also great recommendations on making your document more impactful and stand out. I took what I thought was a great resume and made it so much better.
Russ J.
I was looking for resume software and this really helped me out. I ease of use and helpfulness was really nice. I really recommend this software for the cost
Roshan N.

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