AI Credits explained

Updated on
November 2, 2022
AI Credits explained
Jacob Jacquet
Rezi Founder

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What are Rezi AI Credits? 

Each time an ai generation feature is used, a certain amount of AI credits will be consumed to generate results. These ai features include, Ai Summary writer, Ai Bullet point generator, Ai Bullet point rewriter, Ai Cover letter writer, Ai resignation letter writer, etc.

How much AI credits are consumed each time?

AI Resume Writer

1 bullet point = approximately 240 AI Credits

AI Cover Letter Writer

1 cover letter = approximately 2,000 AI Credits

AI Summary Writer

1 summary = approximately 350 AI Credits

How do I get AI Credits?

When you create a Rezi account, You are provided with up to 6,000 ai credits for free. If you run out of Ai credits you can get more credits either by subscribing to Rezi Pro, where we will give you 100,000 AI Credits each month or by purchasing extra AI credits without a Rezi subscription.

What happens if the content is bad?

In the case the AI Writer generates content that seems a bit strange, AI Credit’s will still be consumed and will not be refunded.