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How it works

Here's how Rezi AI resume builder Writer works

You’re great at your job. You don’t need to be great at writing resumes.
That’s what we’re here for—with the most advanced resume-writing AI to do the heavy lifting for you.

Step 1

Fill out Some Basic Info

Tell us your field of work and level of experience. If you're targeting a particular job, paste the description. This way, the AI Resume Builder will know what to highlight.

Step 2

Add Your Work History

Start with the job title and the company name. Writer’s block? Easy. Our carefully trained AI model will suggest strong bullet points that match your career profile.

Step 3

Get Detailed Feedback

The Rezi AI Resume Builder will tell you exactly what to improve to take your resume from solid to job-winning. You’ll know what keywords to use and how to optimize your document for readability.

Resume Examples

350+ Sample Resumes You Can Copy

Need a reference point?

Browse our list of sample resumes for 350+ most popular role. Find one that matches your desired job title, see how it’s done, and steal some good ideas (we won’t tell).

AI Keyword Tailoring

Customize Your Resume to Match Job Requirements

Rezi AI tailors your resumes to each job posting in seconds. This way, you navigate through the ATS bots and give recruiters exactly what they want to see.

AI bullet point suggestions.

Keywords match analysis.

Content Analysis & Review

Instant Resume Score with Feedback and Suggestions

Get real-time scores and improvement tips for your resume, boosting its job market effectiveness.

Avoid typos or awkward phrasing.

Follow the proper format and structure.

AI Summary Writer

Craft a Resume Summary That Gets Attention

Let Rezi AI be your personal bragging buddy, creating a resume summary precisely tailored to your achievements and the role you're aiming for.

Custom-crafted professional highlights.

Targeted at the company and the role you're applying for.

ATS-Friendly Text Styling

Formatted for Applicant Tracking Systems

Make your resume ATS-friendly because you want to beat the bots, not join them. Here’s to being seen by human eyes!

Sneak past the bot bouncers.

Be first in line at the interview party.


Go Easy on Your Eyes with Dark Mode

Stealth mode on without the eye-scream for those late-night edits (or just whenever you feel like it).

Reduce eye strain.

Work in the dark, shine in the light.

Format & Design

Powerful Customization Options

Create a personalized resume with our extensive customization tools, reflecting your unique professional brand.

Seamlessly switch between templates.

Auto-adjustment makes sure the layout and design stay flawless.

Download Types

Save and Download in Any File Format

Flexible file format saving ensuring compatibility with employer submission requirements.

Download in a PDF file format.

Download in a Word DOCX file format.

Save to Google Drive.

AI Resume Builder

Job Seekers Love Using Our AI resume Builder

We're pretty sure you'll love it too.

Rezi is an awesome AI-based resume builder that includes templates to help you design a resume that is sure to check the boxes when it comes to applicant tracking systems. This is a great jumping off point to kickstart a new resume.

Ashley Stahl from forbes image
Ashley Stahl
Career Contributor
For some reason, I struggled alot with choosing a format for my resume, and then managing that format when I wanted to make updates. With Rezi, I was able to simply input data, check out the preview, and know that it will be formatted correctly when I export the resume to Word. Rezi made it super easy to refine and iterate on my resume. There are alot of options for resume writing, and if you are reading this on the fence about whether to try Rezi, just do it. A simple, fast, well-designed resume tool.
Rezi is now the only place I edit my resume (I've ditched the Word doc I used to use), and I honestly believe that using Rezi has allowed me to create a much better resume than I would have on my own. I intend to keep using it and experimenting more with the AI generation for customizing the resume to different jobs.
Not a paid promo. I've been looking for a change of jobs for almost a year. Got a few calls, but nothing what I wanted. Updated my CV through Rezi, the second call I got was from an MNC and something I was looking forward to. And here I am, completing my second month at the new place. I checked with my HR how she found me - it was through the Rezi cv (I had to check because I used to apply with my old CVs as well)Thank you, Rezi. Thank you, Jacob! Yes the UI, formatting, keyword suggestions etc are all great but the best of all - dedicated customer service.
... I created a few primary versions of my resume and then would copy them and use Rezi to suggest content for each job description. Rezi was helpful by comparing my resume to the job description and making suggestions for extra keywords. Using Rezi for this instead of doing it myself reduced my time per application from 1-2 hours down to 15 minutes. The response I got from applications with targeted resumes and cover letters using Rezi was high.
UI: Firstly, the UI is a breeze. It's real fun to use, and what I like most is the fact that the application divides your resume into different sections, and you get to work on each section at a time. Psychologically, this helps you alleviate anxiety and just work on one thing at a time.
Formatting: Trying to format your resume on Google Docs or MS Word or even Latex can be a hassle more often than not. REZI.AI does your formatting like a charm. There's a handful of nifty features like the auto-tune (which automatically adjusts stuff), borders, accent colors and others.
ATS Scoring: This is perhaps the USP of REZI. You can target a resume for a job description and view the score corresponding to that particular application.
I've used many different resume building webistes, all of them ended up wanting more and more money. Rezi on the otherhand has the lifetime option which allows a good taste of what it could do. But overall it is nice and clear what I am supposed to do and love the PDF download option. Not many templates but they are all simple and to the point. Thank you for creating and offering this as a service!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Everything you need to know about using Rezi's AI Writer.

Is it free?

Yes, Rezi is free to use. Some features require a Pro subscription.

What Are AI Credits?

Rezi AI Writer is powered by GPT-3 API from OpenAI. This means, with the content you generate, we're "buying" the usage of their API.

How Does Our AI Work?

Rezi partnered with OpenAI to use their GPT-3 neural network. GPT-3 is an innovative and powerful new neural network. We trained it to understand best resume writing practices from our experience and database of resume content. Integrating this AI into Rezi, we are able to transfer expert-quality resume writing at almost no cost.

How Do I Get AI Credits?

You can get credits in one of two waysSubscribing to Rezi Pro: We'll give you 100,000 AI Credits to use for content each month. By purchasing more AI Credits: You can also buy  AI Credit directly without subscribing.

Where Do I Use Rezi AI Writer? - First you'll need to create a free Rezi account. The Rezi AI Writer is integrated in the Experience, Projects, and Involvement sections.

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