Updates December 2023

Bold, Italics, Underline, Link now possible

December 11, 2023

Style text directly on your resume to bring additional value to your content. This update allows you the ability to highlight text with bold, italic, and underline stying. Now you also have the ability to link to external URLS with an integrated link function.

Major Lexical refactor

December 11, 2023

Without going into too much detail, Lexical is a flexible text editor framework that allows for more control over text in Rezi's text areas.

Upgrading to Lexical was a large undertaking considering the complexity and role of text areas in Rezi. Features such as the AI Writer, analysis, and Keyword targeting all function relative to your text input. This is a compulsory refactor to allow users the ability to style text. To this point, it was not possible.

Email Verification update

December 11, 2023

Upgrading from a unique link to OTP (one time password) brings stability to user verification. Up to this point, users reported issues with verifying email accounts through a unique link. Verification links would unreliably expire or fail to meet system requirements.

Now, you will be sent an OTP (one time password) that is simply copy and pasted into the authentication screen. Codes are stable and do not expire unreliably. This small quality of life upgrade will ensure smoother authentication flows within Rezi.

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