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How to Write a Skills-Based Resume Without Fluff (Free Templates and Examples)

Follow this guide to make a skill-based resume with free templates and examples.

How to Ask for a Reference (The Best People to Ask, Examples, and Templates)

Your references no longer belong on a resume but they’re still important to hiring managers. All job seekers must be prepared to share a list of references to potential employers....

How to Write a Resignation Email: Do’s and Don’ts (15 Best Examples)

A bad resignation email can make your last days at work awkward. Simply state the purpose of your email and show appreciation. Here are 15 email templates…

The Best Skills to Put on a Resume: Examples for All Jobs

This is how you put skills on a resume for the greatest impact. Hint: it goes beyond just dumping skills in the skills section. In this guide, you’ll also get a comprehensive “master” list of the most in-demand skills in different industries.

15+ Resignation Letter Examples & How to Write Yours

Professional resignation letter examples for different reasons. Free templates and writing guide to resign on a positive note without feeling awkward.

How to Write a Resume Guaranteed to Win a Job Interview

How to write a resume that will help you get a new job offer. This guide shares expert writing formulas and advice from CEOs who reviewed hundreds of resumes.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job in 2024 (+Examples)

This is how you write cover letters that actually convey your unique selling points and build a connection with the hiring managers—before you even get your foot in the door.

The Best Resume Format: 20+ Examples + How-to Tips

How to format a resume the right way and how to choose the best of the three standard resume formats, depending on your current career circumstances. Plus, examples of well-formatted resumes you can steal.

The Top 20 Job Titles Based on 50,567 Resumes (2024)

Our team analyzed the 50,567 resumes created in Rezi. The top most-commonly used job titles were software engineer, data analyst, software developer, project manager…

50+ Subject Lines for a Resignation Email for All Possible Scenarios

This comprehensive guide explores how to create effective and professional subject lines for resignation emails.

What to Put on a Resume to Get You Noticed [6 Key Sections]

What to put on your resume: summary or objectives section, work history, education, and skills. How to impress your employers and what you shouldn’t include.

How to Make a Good LinkedIn Profile in 11 Easy Steps (Expert Tips)

11 steps to create the best LinkedIn profile for recruiters: how to build a convincing LinkedIn profile that lands you more job opportunities. 

Dental Assistant Examples & Writing Guide

Looking to get your foot in the door at a dental clinic? Then you need a polished resume. But writing up a resume...

What Should a Cover Letter Include? 5 Key Elements and What to Write About

Explore the best practices for writing a cover letter in 2024

20 Ways to Optimize ATS Resume: Do's and Don'ts for Every Job Application

Companies receive hundreds of resumes for any given role, and 75% are never read by an actual human

Medical Assistant Resume Examples & Writing Guide

Hoping to land a job as a medical assistant? Whether you already have years of experience or are crafting your...