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Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Software Deals [2023]

Now is the best time of the year to purchase software subscriptions! 🔥 These are the hottest Black Friday & Cyber Monday software deals in 2023.

How To Create a Video Resume

In an era where technology reigns supreme, the traditional resume is undergoing a transformative makeover. Enter the world of video resumes...

60+ Unique Interview Questions to Ask Employers to Secure the Job

60+ questions from 11 different categories to impress your interviewer. 1. Is there anything I could do to prepare in the meantime? 2. In 6-12 months…

24 Email Templates: How to Write the Perfect Follow-up Email After Interview

24 post-interview email examples for different situations. Whether it’s been a week or a month, use these follow-ups to get a reply. Here’s the full guide…

Advanced Cover Letter Generator: Powered by AI

Craft personalized cover letters effortlessly and land your dream job with our AI builder. Our tool helps you make an unforgettable first impression in today’s competitive job market—without having to struggle....

Practice with Rezi AI Interview

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to help improve your interview skills and get more job offers with Rezi AI Interview.

How to Ask for a Reference (The Best People to Ask, Examples, and Templates)

Your references no longer belong on a resume but they’re still important to hiring managers. All job seekers must be prepared to share a list of references to potential employers....

How to List References on a Resume (But Why It's Best to Avoid It)

References on a resume are a thing of the past. You almost never include them on a resume unless you’re applying for a job back in the days of the first Star Wars movie. 

Podcast Resume Guide: How to Feature Podcast Skills on a Resume

The best way to include podcasts on a resume is to write about growth achievements, technical skills, and soft skills. Show subject expertise by…

How to Look More Competent With Extracurricular Activities on a Resume

Hiring managers are looking to see if you have the key skills and knowledge for the role. Work experience isn’t the only way to show that – extracurricular activities work well too. 

How to Craft an Effective Resume for a Teacher Career Change

Crafting an impressive teacher resume when changing careers so that you can land the job you really want.

14 Engaging Teacher Resume Objectives for a Variety of Positions

In this article, you'll learn how to formulate your own teacher resume objective, for a variety of positions. 

Teacher Resume Writing Guide for 2023 (Template & Skills)

Everything you need to know about a teacher resume

10 Best Resume Builders to Streamline Your Job Search

1 must-try resume builder for 2023 & 9 others.

All 20 Resume Sections That You Could Possibly Include (The Full Guide)

Aside from creating your own custom categories, we’ve listed a total of 20 resume sections that you could possibly include. Some of these are essential… some aren’t. And some, we wouldn’t recommend including. 

How to Make Sure You Have an ATS Resume (The Complete Guide)

We’ll cover everything from what an ATS is and how to bypass them.