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Unlock new revenue streams and enhance your brand's resume ability with our white-labeled resume software.
Seamlessly integrate to offer your users a top-notch resume-building experience under your brand while driving revenue growth.

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Why Choose Our White Labeled Resume Software?

Our software allows complete customization to match your brand’s look and feel. Easily modify logos, colors, and domain settings to ensure your users have a consistent brand experience.

Revenue Generation

Maximize your earning potential while helping job seekers achieve their goals.

Instant bank payouts
30% Commission on upgrades
Promotional Banners

Fully Customizable Branding

Complete customization to match your brand’s look. Easily modify logos, colors, and domain settings.

Customizable Logos and Colors
Domain Integration
White-Label Settings

Powerful Admin Tools

Manage your resume software with ease using our comprehensive admin tools.

Admin Dashboard
Team Member Management
Webhook Integrations

Customized Resume Features

Offer your users robust tools to create professional resumes effortlessly.

Create Custom Resume Samples
Video Education Customization
Resume Scoring

Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights into user behavior and optimize your services with detailed analytics and reporting.

User Signup Tracking
Detailed Reports
User email address collection

Review User Resumes

Provide a user-friendly resume building experience with features designed to enhance usability and engagement.

Earn 100% commission on reviews
Assign reviews to team members
Make reviews in app. No emailing needed
Step 1

Set Up Your Branding

Customize your resume software with your brand’s logo, and colors.

Step 2

Integrate and Configure

Use our admin tools to integrate the software into your existing systems and configure subdomain settings to suit your needs.

Step 3

Launch and Support

Launch your white-labeled resume software and provide ongoing support to your users with our dedicated account managers.


Both Options earn 30% Commission on Sales

Choose the plan that fits your needs and start enhancing your brand’s career services today. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand, we have the right solution for you.

Free plan
Perfect for small teams and individuals looking to get started.
Limited Customization: Minimal branding options available.
Limited Admin Tools: Managing users, commission payout settings, and performance.
Monetization Options: Offer paid resume reviews, and custom promotional banners.
Unlimited plan
Unlock the full potential with our comprehensive features and customization options.
Complete Customization: Fully white-label the software with your branding, including logos, colors, and domain.
Complete Admin Tools: Powerful admin dashboard for managing users, settings, and performance.
Analytics and Reporting: Detailed insights and reports on user behavior and trends.
Monetization Options: Offer paid resume reviews, and custom promotional banners.
Custom Resume Education Videos: Integrate custom educational videos to guide users through the resume-building process.
Custom Resume Samples: Create and provide custom resume samples tailored to specific industries or job roles.
3 Team Members: Add and manage 3 team members with varying roles and permissions.
Can I create custom formats/templates?

No, not yet. Take a look at the available formats here - https://www.rezi.ai/resume-templates

Can we access the users data created in the deployment?


Can we integrate the software into our existing application?

In most cases, no.

What is white-labeled resume software?

White-labeled resume software is a customizable tool that allows you to offer resume-building services under your brand, with complete control over the user experience.

How customizable is the software?

Our software allows extensive customization, including logos, colors, domain settings, and more, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand.

What support options are available?

We provide comprehensive support through our dedicated account managers, helping you with setup, customization, and ongoing maintenance.

How can I earn revenue with this software?

You can monetize resume reviews, offer custom promotional banners, and provide subscription plans to generate recurring revenue.