The Editorial Process at Rezi: Why Trust Us for Career Advice?

Rezi provides free, accurate, and reliable career insights. We would never share any advice that we haven’t applied (or wouldn’t apply) ourselves. Every piece of content published on our website is fact-checked and edited by career experts.

Our Priority

We want all job seekers to have access to the most useful career resources and insights. It’s our mission to help you secure the next step in your professional journey. 

Since 2015, we’ve been helping job seekers build resumes that land interviews. Now, Rezi is one of the most advanced AI resume and job search software providers, simplifying the entire process to advance in your career, starting with the perfect, ATS-friendly resume. 

Besides building new tools and features, we commit to creating in-depth guides with insider knowledge on the Rezi blog so that you can navigate the job market with confidence. 

The Rezi Editorial Team

Behind Rezi's success lies a dedicated editorial team. Some of our career editors are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) while others are acknowledged as experts in the field and hold a track record of helping job seekers build resumes and cover letters that land interviews. 

Our editors also have a strong background in research and statistics. They review all pieces of content submitted by our writers and verify all information to be scientifically accurate and based on the most up-to-date resources and data. 

Read more about our editorial team here. 

Acknowledged By Top Companies 

We're proud to be recognized by leading companies and organizations such as Forbes, Citi, AppSumo, HubSpot, and more. Industry leaders and experts like Steve Nouri have also acknowledged Rezi. 

Plus, our resume builder has helped countless job seekers across several industries get interviews at top companies like Facebook, Deloitte, Atlassian, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and many more.

Editorial Values and Principles 

We don’t just write about careers, we care about your career. That’s why everything we do is built on these core editorial values:

  • Data-driven guidance. Factual correctness, concrete data, and thorough research is taken very seriously. We don’t guess or rely solely on anecdotes. All information presented is verifiable. We cite credible sources and aim to stay ahead of the curve, so you can be confident the information you receive is authentic and up-to-date.
  • Actionable insights. It’s not all about theory. We double down on practical tips and strategies that you can immediately implement. We’re all for results, therefore, you’ll find proof of our advice in action from real users and experts. 
  • Genuine expertise. Facts speak volumes, but so do real-world experiences. Our team isn’t just a collection of writers and editors; we’re a group of professionals who have spent considerable time hiring new talent ourselves. Some of us have also worked for HR software companies. Obviously, all of us have searched for jobs as well. We know this hiring game backwards, and we’re here to help you win it.
  • Crystal clear communication. Every piece of content on Rezi is presented in a clear, concise, and straightforward manner. Your time is valuable. We make it a priority to clarify all the key details and action steps. 
  • Empathy. Everyone in our team has been there—job hunting itself is almost like a full-time job. We address your concerns with compassion, while at the same time, give you the info you need straight up—and sometimes the tough love you might need from a friend. Our ultimate goal is to empower and guide job seekers through any competitive job market so that anyone can secure a good job that treats them well. 

Our Publishing Process

We're obsessed with creating the most valuable career resources. To achieve that, we have established a multi-step workflow each of our publications goes through. 


We begin by selecting topics that are both relevant and impactful to job seekers. Each topic is extensively researched using authoritative sources, including industry reports, academic research, and insights from hiring professionals. Plus, we pay special attention to our audience’s questions and job market trends. We also analyze search queries to pinpoint knowledge gaps.  


Once a topic is chosen, our team of experienced writers will begin a draft. All pieces of content are made to answer your questions in an informative and engaging way, which is why our team will also share information from unique perspectives. 


Our career editors will scrutinize each draft to ensure factual accuracy, relevance, and alignment with our professional standards. No content goes live without a rigorous review. 

Quality Assurance 

After changes have been made from the review, we further evaluate the content for quality. This includes checks for coherence and visual graphics placement for a smoother reading experience. 


Before content is publicly available, our team does a final assessment. We run a preview to double-check that everything flows seamlessly from a visual and content perspective, ensuring optimal reader experience. 


As soon as all pending changes have been made, we publish the content. Even after it’s live, we take note of any potential elements that need to be updated.  


We update content to further optimize the user experience, reflect the latest trends, and address any identified inaccuracies. You’ll be able to see the date of original publication and the most recent update. 

Career Insights and Advice That You Can Trust

What brings the team at Rezi together is our passion for every job seeker’s success. With our team of writers and editors, we’re driven to provide informative and practical content that helps you get hired.

When there are topics that require extensive industry experience or knowledge, we’ll collaborate with external experts and translate their insights into concise information that’s easy to digest. 

Occasionally, we’ll send out surveys and emails seeking feedback to analyze our audience sentiment and gain further insight on job search trends. 

Making Job Hunting Effortless

Millions trust Rezi for a reason: we don’t just tell you what to do, we show you how

Your career success fuels us. The pressure of expectations and the anxieties that come with job search can be a heavy burden to bear. Everyone deserves a fair shot. That’s why we offer easily accessible tools and resources for every job seeker, regardless of their background and experience.  

Your voice matters. We encourage you to share any thoughts or feedback and connect with our community