AI Resignation Letter explained

Updated on
November 4, 2022
AI Resignation Letter explained
Jacob Jacquet
Rezi Founder

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What is an AI Resignation Letter ?

Rezi's AI resignation letter generator is an excellent way to create a resignation letter. It takes into account all of the necessary elements and presents them in a concise and engaging way.

How to use the AI Resignation Letter

Step 1: Go to Rezi Dashboard and select the ‘Resignation Letter’ tab.
Step 2: Select ‘Create new Resignation letter’ and enter Resignation letter name.
Step 3: Enter the contact information and go to the 'Finish Up' tab.
Step 4: Enter the current company name and your position.
Step 5: Type in your last day of employment and reason for leaving.
Step 6: Upload your signature.
Step 7: Click on the ‘Ai writer ready’ button and wait for the AI to generate a resignation letter for you.
Step 8: If you like the suggestion, save the suggestion or regenerate a new one.
Step 9: Tweak the resignation letter a bit to suit your need.