AI Resume Summary Writer explained

Updated on
November 2, 2022
AI Resume Summary Writer explained
Jacob Jacquet
Rezi Founder

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What is AI Resume Summary Writer?

When you are looking for a new job, it's not enough to just show the recruiter your resume. You need an outstanding summary that will get their attention and make sure they know how qualified (and desirable) you are as well! Rezi’s AI summary writer can help with this by writing engaging summaries for any industry or field.

How to use AI Resume Summary Writer

Step 1: Go to Rezi Dashboard and create a document or open an existing one
Step 2: Add content to its respective fields and finish your document and go to the ‘Summary’ Tab.
Step 3: Select the position to highlight and enter the skills you want to highlight.
Step 4: Click on the ‘Ai writer ready’ button and wait for the ai to generate a summary for you.
Step 4: If you like the suggestion, save the suggestion to your document or regenerate a new one.
Step 5: Tweak the summary if needed to match your profile better and save.

Note : AI summary writer feature consumes AI credits. Learn more about AI credits here.