Blockchain Verification

Updated on
June 30, 2023
Blockchain Verification
February 19, 2024

What is a Blockchain Verified Resume

We use the blockchain to cryptographically seal a record of the resume when it's created so that third parties can be certain that the resume hasn't been altered since being created. This means that third parties can verify the ownership of your resume at any time - even if a resume is printed, the online version will always be available to confirm it.

How to create a Blockchain Verified Resume

Step 1: Go to Rezi Dashboard and create a document or open an existing one
Step 2: Go to the ‘Finish Up’ tab
Step 3: Click the ‘Download’ button above your document and select ‘EXPORT VERIFIED RESUME’
Step 4: Toggle on “Add verified resume to blockchain” below the message and click on the ‘Export as verified resume” button
Step 5: Check the downloaded PDF to see the QR code and Link to the resume on the blockchain.

How to verify a resume

Step 1: Open the Blockchain Verified Resume PDF file.
Step 2: Click on the verification link or Scan the QR code at the bottom of the PDF.
Step 3: Compare the resume blockchain version and the PDF at hand for authenticity.