Import LinkedIn Profile

Updated on
September 12, 2023
Import LinkedIn Profile
Kels Styles
February 19, 2024
LinkedIn to resume

Profile to Resume

We understand that creating a resume can be time-consuming, which is why we've developed a browser extension for Google Chrome, so you can import information directly from your LinkedIn profile.

Seamlessly transfer your professional details with a few simple clicks, and let Rezi work its magic to craft that perfect resume.

Curious to know if the extension is installed? Simply glance at the top bar of your browser. If the extension is active, you'll spot the recognizable Rezi icon.

How to use the Profile to Resume extension

1. Add the extension to your Chrome browser.
2. Click the “Go to” button to access your LinkedIn profile.
3. Open the Profile to Resume extension.
4. Click the “Begin Extraction” button to start converting your profile to a .Rezi file.
5. Head to your Rezi dashboard.
6. Click the “Create New Resume” button in the top left corner.
7. Complete the form provided, filling out the Resume Name, Field or Domain, and Experience.
8. Click 🔽 next to “Import Your Resume From LinkedIn.”
9. Upload the downloaded Profile.rezi file.
10. Click the “Save” button to create your new resume.

What is a .rezi file?

With a .rezi file, you can effortlessly upload your LinkedIn profile to Rezi without the need to share your login details. This file format allows for seamless extraction of your LinkedIn information, making it simple to import your professional details into Rezi.


What does this mean for my personal data?

Rest assured, your data is in safe hands. We strictly adhere to the approved use cases and do not sell your information to third parties. Your data will only be used for the intended purpose and will not be transferred for any unrelated activities. Furthermore, we do not utilize or transfer your data for creditworthiness assessment or lending purposes. Your privacy and data security are our top priorities. Trust Rezi to handle your information responsibly and prioritize your peace of mind.

To learn more, check out our privacy policy.