Updated on
December 22, 2023
February 19, 2024

Components of the Education section

Degree/qualification: Enter your qualification or the degree you received. You can use abbreviations here, like MBA, instead of Masters in Business Administration.

Institution: Enter the University, College, or School that you studied. Avoid location with the institution name to avoid repetition in the next field.

Location: Add your university/college’s location and use only the most common abbreviations for state names. For example, write the city and state abbreviation like this: Orlando, FL.

Graduation year: In this field, add only the graduation year, not the duration of your study. If you are currently enrolled in the course, add the expected year. For example, Expected 2023.

Minor: If you have a minor in any field during your graduation, You can add it to this field.

GPA: Mention the grade and grading system. For example, 3.7GPA, 7.89 CGPA, 83%, etc. It is usually recommended to mention your grades only if you have performed well. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Some recommend being open about all aspects of your grades, whether good or bad. Which approach you take is ultimately up to you.