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Charles Bloomberg
New York City, New York
March 1, 2021
Ms. Helena Chang
My name is [Name], and I’m writing in support of my application for the Investment Banking Associate position at David Blair & Company. While a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration have given me the fundamental knowledge necessary to be a successful investment banker, it's the 2+ years at LTA Inc that’s significantly furthered my expertise.
Over the last 2 years as an analyst in the M&A division at LTA Inc, I’ve contributed meaningfully to 6 M&A deals totaling in excess of $3.8 billion, serving as the lead analyst in 3 of these deals. Apart from being integrally involved in valuation and financial modeling for these deals, I was also responsible for maintaining pitch books and ensuring that all stakeholders, both internal and external, had all the information they needed at the right time.
I’ve been praised by my seniors for the attention to detail and clarity in my reports, especially my executive summaries. One of the MDs termed my executive summary for a critical $1.3 billion M&A deal the “most well-written report I’ve come across in years.” I understand how critical data and reports are in decision making, which is why approach writing even the simplest of reports or updates with utmost diligence.
Another facet of my personality that I’d like to highlight is my networking and people skills. I am proud of my ability to effectively interface with colleagues — be it peers or higher-ups — as well as clients, both actual and potential. In fact, I was assigned a summer intern to assist with my tasks while I was just 10 months into my analyst role, a first in my firm. This is a testament to how quickly I settled into my role and my manager’s faith in my people management abilities.
I’m now ready for a more impactful role in a larger firm, which is what motivated me to apply for the position you advertised. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have in person or online, at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at (phone number) and (email).
Charles Bloomberg

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