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Charles Bloomberg
New York City, New York
March 1, 2021
Ms. Helena Chang
I’m excited to apply for the Medical Scribe position at [Company Name] that I found on [Website’s Name]. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, I’ve gained 9+ years of experience as an attentive, tactful, and friendly medical scribe. I can type over 80 words per minute, and have a passion for working in the medical field. I hope to transfer my experiences into a responsible role at [Company Name].
At General Hospital, I’m responsible for ensuring that 3,000+ patients’ data is up-to-date by recording their medical histories, test results, allergies, and vital signs using EMR software. I understand how essential it is to be meticulous and organized as a scribe. I take my work seriously by actively listening to each patients’ unique needs, and double-checking patients’ information each time they come in to ensure their medical data is accurate.
Working at Northwestern Caribbean Medical Center was an invaluable experience as it taught me how to effectively interpret all kinds of lab test results, prepare detailed health care summaries, and give professional patient care to 1,500+ patients while retaining 99% record accuracy. I also trained 6 interns at the center from 2012–2014, with all 6 interns stating in post-survey feedback that they had an extremely positive experience.
Working for [Company Name] is an exciting prospect, and I’d love to meet you in person for an interview. You can reach me at (xxx-xxx-xxxx) or Thank you for considering my application.
Charles Bloomberg

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