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Charles Bloomberg
New York City, New York
March 1, 2021
Ms. Helena Chang
I am applying for the Salesforce Developer position at Company X, as advertised on Linkedin. I have seen the Salesforce Developer job posting, and I am confident that my previous experience and skills are a great fit for this position. I am eager to apply my Salesforce Developer experience to work for Company X. 
I have extensive experience as a Salesforce Developer at Company A. I have developed Salesforce applications and customized Salesforce features to meet client needs. I have also provided Salesforce consulting services to clients. In this role, I helped clients establish and connect Salesforce with their existing business software and helped them prepare for Salesforce implementation.
I have experience with Salesforce configuration and custom development. My responsibilities included customizing standard Salesforce features, configuring reports, and developing custom components. I have also built custom dashboards and associated reports.
In addition to my Salesforce experience, I have also developed JAVA applications and have experience with Java server and component integration tests. I am familiar with JUnit and have also worked with unit testing and continuous integration. I have experience working in a team environment. I am familiar with version control systems, and I have experience working with Agile methodologies. I have also read the Agile Manifesto and understand how it is implemented in a team setting.
As a Salesforce Developer, I have extensive experience with Salesforce deployments. I have worked with the Salesforce technical support team to deploy applications to the production environment. I am familiar with Salesforce deployments and Salesforce deployments using Salesforce Data Loader. I have also worked with Salesforce releases and Salesforce Lightning deployments.
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to discussing my application in more detail at an interview.
Charles Bloomberg