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An industrial engineer is responsible for the design and optimization of systems, processes, and facilities in an organization. Their technical skills and attention to detail are crucial in ensuring the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of these systems, leading to increased success for the organization. It is important to have a clear and thorough job description in order to attract the most qualified and capable candidates to this role, as the success of the company depends on the effectiveness of its industrial engineering team.

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Industrial Engineer


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Industrial Engineer

December 27, 2022


We are seeking an experienced Industrial Engineer to join our team. You will be responsible for optimizing our production processes and increasing efficiency by utilizing Kaizen, Lean manufacturing, and Six Sigma initiatives. You will analyze production and operating processes, identify areas of improvement, and develop strategies to support the company's growth. Your duties will include developing and maintaining process flows and layouts, developing policies and procedures, and creating and maintaining accurate records. You will also be responsible for improving overall quality, efficiency, and cost reduction. To be successful in this role, you should have experience in Kaizen, Lean manufacturing, and Six Sigma initiatives, as well as strong problem-solving and analytical skills. Ultimately, you will help us reach our business goals and enhance our reputation as a reliable and cost-effective supplier.


• As an Industrial Engineer at Rezi, responsible for designing, developing, testing and evaluating integrated systems for managing industrial production processes

• Analyze and improve organizational systems and processes, including production, quality control, inventory control, logistics, and material flow, as well as the organization’s capacity and capabilities

• Conduct time studies and process flow analyses to identify areas that can be improved and develop new approaches to solve problems

• Develop and implement production tracking, quality control, and inventory control systems to ensure efficient operations

• Design and develop automation systems, including robotics and other automated systems, to increase production and reduce costs

• Develop and implement new process and system designs to improve productivity, quality, and safety

• Analyze operational data to identify trends and areas of improvement, and suggest changes to improve performance and efficiency


• Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering or related field

• 5+ years of experience in production engineering, operations analysis, and/or systems engineering

• Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills

• Proficiency in computer-aided design (CAD) and other software related to industrial engineering

• Ability to effectively communicate complex concepts to technical and non-technical audiences

• Knowledge of automation systems and processes, including robotics and automation programming

• Ability to research and analyze data to identify areas of improvement

• Ability to design and implement process improvements to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve quality

• Knowledge of safety standards and regulations related to industrial engineering processes


Lean manufacturing
Six Sigma

Industrial Engineer

December 27, 2022


We are seeking an Industrial Engineer to join our team at Rezi. The successful candidate will be responsible for monitoring and improving production processes, overseeing maintenance and safety protocols, and developing efficient strategies for maximum output. The ideal candidate should possess an impressive technical understanding of Kaizen, Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma, and have the ability to lead and motivate a team of engineers. Specifically, this individual will be responsible for implementing process improvements, managing and training staff, and evaluating products for cost-efficiency. Ultimately, you will ensure that Rezi’s industrial processes are efficient and adhere to industry standards.


• As an Industrial Engineer at Rezi, responsible for developing and improving manufacturing processes, ensuring efficient use of resources, and finding cost-effective solutions

• Design, develop and optimize production processes to ensure efficient use of resources, including equipment, labor and material

• Analyze data, such as time and motion studies, to determine most efficient production methods

• Analyze production costs to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness

• Develop and implement process control procedures and safety regulations

• Create and maintain detailed records and reports on production processes

• Work closely with other departments, such as research, engineering, and marketing, to ensure successful product design and launch

• Perform maintenance and repair on production equipment


• Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering or a related technical field

• 5+ years of experience in industrial engineering, with a focus on process engineering and/or facility layout

• Knowledge of production process flow and design, including process mapping, value stream mapping and optimization

• Knowledge of Lean Manufacturing principles and their application to industrial engineering

• Experience with statistical analysis and modeling, including linear programming, simulation and forecasting

• Experience with quality control, root cause analysis and implementation of corrective actions

• Ability to analyze data and make recommendations for process improvements

• Excellent problem-solving skills

• Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment

• Strong written and verbal communication skills


Lean manufacturing
Six Sigma
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