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A solutions engineer is responsible for developing and implementing effective technical solutions for a company's clients. Their expertise in a particular industry or technology can help drive revenue growth and improve the bottom line through the creation of innovative and efficient solutions. Therefore, it is important to have a clear and well-written job description to attract the best candidates to this role. A great solutions engineer can make a significant difference in the success of a business, so it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the skills and experience required for this position.

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Solutions Engineer


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Solutions Engineer

December 28, 2022


We are searching for an experienced Solutions Engineer to join our team. The Solutions Engineer will be responsible for designing, implementing, and managing cloud-based solutions that meet customer needs. You will be responsible for developing integrations and ensuring the overall reliability, scalability, and performance of customer solutions.To be successful in this role, you must have strong technical experience with cloud computing environments, integration solutions, and AWS. You will work with a variety of stakeholders to ensure successful deployments and implementations. You must be able to effectively communicate complex technical concepts and have the ability to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues. Ultimately, you will ensure customer satisfaction by providing reliable and innovative solutions.


• As a Solutions Engineer at Rezi, responsible for understanding customer requirements, develop solutions to improve their experience, and ensure they are successful with the Rezi product

• Work with customers to identify issues, identify solutions, and develop long-term strategies to improve customer satisfaction

• Provide technical support to customers, troubleshoot issues, and provide timely solutions

• Develop and deliver product training, support materials, and presentations to customers

• Develop and maintain customer relationships and ensure customer satisfaction

• Create detailed technical documentation for customers

• Maintain a deep understanding of the Rezi platform and its features, and how customers leverage them

• Work closely with the product, engineering and support teams to ensure customer success


• BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or similar technical field

• 5+ years of software engineering or technical solutions engineering experience

• Deep technical knowledge of software development, systems engineering, and cloud technologies

• Experience with designing and building scalable and reliable software solutions

• Ability to write code (e.g., JavaScript, Python, etc.) for automation and integration

• Ability to troubleshoot technical problems, identify root causes and develop solutions

• Experience with customer engagement to understand customer requirements and provide solutions

• Ability to work with stakeholders to develop solutions to customer requirements

• Excellent communication and collaboration skills with the ability to work well with cross-functional teams


Cloud Computing

Solutions Engineer

December 28, 2022


We are looking for an experienced Solutions Engineer to join our team and help our customers develop, deploy, and manage cloud-based applications that are reliable and secure. The Solutions Engineer will provide technical support for customers and guide them through the integration of cloud-based solutions. The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of cloud computing and cloud architectures, with a focus on AWS.The Solutions Engineer will collaborate with customers to identify their requirements, design and build customer-facing solutions, and provide guidance on best practices in cloud architecture, integration, and automation. The successful candidate will be able to develop, analyze, and troubleshoot cloud-based solutions and work with customer teams to ensure smooth implementation, integration, and ongoing maintenance. Ultimately, the Solutions Engineer will be responsible for ensuring our customers’ success and satisfaction.


• As a Solutions Engineer at Rezi, responsible for supporting the pre-sales process by understanding customer needs, demonstrating Rezi’s solutions, and closing sales opportunities

• Build and maintain relationships with customers and partners, developing a deep understanding of their needs and objectives

• Lead technical discussions with customers, providing product and technical expertise

• Develop customized demonstrations and presentations that illustrate the value of Rezi’s solutions

• Serve as a technical resource for the sales team, providing technical support and guidance

• Work closely with product and engineering teams to ensure that customer feedback is incorporated into product roadmaps and development

• Stay up to date on industry trends and competitive landscape, providing insights to the sales team and product team


• 5+ years of experience in a Solutions Engineering role

• Technical expertise in software engineering, product, and/or technical architecture

• Ability to quickly understand customer needs and develop creative solutions to address them

• Knowledge of modern software development practices, architectures, and technologies

• Experience in agile development, DevOps, and/or continuous integration/delivery

• Ability to collaborate with other engineering teams in a highly dynamic environment

• Excellent communication, presentation, and writing skills

• Ability to think strategically and identify long-term solutions

• Familiarity with cloud-based software architectures, technologies, and platforms, such as AWS and Azure


Cloud Computing
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