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Business Development Representative Resume

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Charles Bloomberg
Austin, USA
(621) 799-5548
Results-driven Business Development Representative with a proven track record in driving revenue growth and building strategic partnerships. Expert in market analysis and lead generation strategies.
Business Development Representative | Company A
January 2020 — Present, Austin, USA
• Generated $5 million in new business revenue over a 24-month period by prospecting and cultivating relationships with C-level executives across various industries using Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
• Achieved a 30% increase in client retention by implementing a targeted account management strategy and continuously engaging with over 150 key clients through personalized outreach and solution-oriented proposals.
• Spearheaded a market expansion initiative that identified and penetrated 3 new geographic markets, resulting in a 20% growth in the customer base within the first year.
• Developed and delivered over 50 sales presentations and proposals tailored to client needs, leading to a 40% conversion rate of leads to closed deals using tools such as PowerPoint and HubSpot.
• Collaborated with marketing and product teams to launch 5 new product features, increasing adoption rates by 25% among existing customers and attracting 100+ new clients.
Business Development Associate | Company B
July 2016 — December 2019, San Francisco, USA
• Identified and qualified over 300 sales opportunities per quarter, contributing to an annual revenue increase of $2 million using Salesforce CRM and lead scoring methodologies.
• Launched a successful outbound email campaign that resulted in a 15% increase in response rate and generated 50 new sales appointments per month employing tools such as Mailchimp and Marketo.
• Managed a pipeline of 200+ active leads, maintaining detailed records and pipeline health reports that improved sales forecasting accuracy by 20%.
• Assisted in negotiating and closing deals worth up to $500,000 each by preparing comprehensive sales decks and proposals tailored to client needs.
Junior Business Development Specialist | Company C
June 2014 — June 2016, Denver, USA
• Conducted market research and competitive analysis to identify new business opportunities, resulting in the acquisition of 5 key accounts within 12 months.
• Increased lead generation by 25% through effective use of social media marketing and engagement strategies.
• Built and managed relationships with over 70 potential clients, scheduling and conducting 15+ meetings per month to discuss solution offerings.
Sales Intern | Company D
June 2013 — May 2014, Dallas, USA
• Supported the sales team in day-to-day operations, including CRM updates, lead follow-ups, and appointment scheduling.
• Assisted in the preparation of 20+ sales presentations and marketing materials, contributing to a 10% increase in successful meetings.
• Conducted outbound calls and emails to potential clients, generating 10 qualified leads per week and setting up initial consultations.
Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing | University of Texas at Austin
May 2013
Expert-Level Skills
Lead Generation, Market Analysis, Sales Strategy, CRM (Salesforce), Email Marketing (Mailchimp, Marketo), Pipeline Management, Client Relationship Management, Competitive Analysis, Strategic Planning, Presentation Skills, Communication, Negotiation
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