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Charles Bloomberg

• New York City, New York • • in/cbloomberg


Full-stack developer with expertise in Java using Spring Boot, RESTful API, Mockito unit testing, SQL, Redux, Apache Kafka, and Cassandra CQL. Day-to-day involves creating modular and scalable microservice systems for data centers.


Full Stack Developer II
• Debugged, set coding standard, and fixed defects in the RFID system that increased accuracy from 30% to 90%.
• Piloted continuous deployment pipeline using CloudBee's Flow to streamline compliance paperwork to allow applications to be built, tested, and deployed to production with a single merge request reducing the time from 2-3 days of gathering paperwork to under 2 hours.
• Deploy and monitor microservices using a Kubernetes cluster at multiple developments and production environments for continuous improvement.
Full Stack Developer I
• Participate in the agile software development cycle to design microservices using React Spring framework that utilizes REST API, Kafka, Cassandra, and Oracle databases to create a functional tracking service using RFID technology to modernize the Freight dock and improve efficiency by reducing empty blade time of forklifts by 50%.
• Assist in the user experience and development cycle of an Android camera application for internal use to capture photographs of Freight trailers to replace over 5000 old devices within a 3-month time frame.
Automated manual deployment process by creating a script that cut down deployment time by 5 hours.
• Set up monitoring services to detect faults and slowdowns in 6 applications using AppDynamics.
• Developed email notification system to alert when systems crash to provide immediate support along with escalation depending on severity.
Front-End Developer
• Collaborated review with other Front-end Developers of the Your Career at IBM developer team and function closely collectively with Back-end developers and Solution Architects of the user platform project.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of Illinois • June 2017


Front-End Web Development with React
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology • 2016


Front End: React, HTML5, CSS3 , JavaScript, Typescript
Back End: Spring Framework, Oracle DB, Cassandra, Kafka, Kubernetes

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