Finish Up

Updated on
December 22, 2023
Finish Up
February 19, 2024

Explore all features of the finish tab

The finish-up tab is one of the most important components of the resume building process on Rezi. It displays a preview of your document where you can edit the content and change headings.

Rezi resume score

On the Top bar towards the left side of your document, you can see your rezi score which can be expanded to see the full Rezi Score Breakdown.

Optimize your resume

Using the menu on the top of your resume, you can

  • Make adjustments to font size and line spacing
  • Select a resume template
  • Download your resume in various formats.

Rezi Expert Review 

You can request a rezi expert review on the right side of your document. Learn more about resume review here.

AI Keyword targeting 

You can add a job description for Ai keyword targeting. Learn more about AI keyword targeting here.

Share your Rezi resume 

You can generate a sharable link that displays a preview of your resume which can be shared with your friends to get a review or even applying for a job.

Explore all features of Rezi on the finish tab

Explore your Rezi resume score

  • Check out Rezi Score Breakdown
  • Check out Resume Audits

Optimize your resume only for you. 

  • Auto-adjust the format
  • Adjustments 
  • Template - 4 different templates 
  • Download

Update Job Description to AI Keyword target your resume 

Rezi Expert Review 

A Rezi expert can help you polish your resume into exactly what recruiters are looking for. We'll correct all formatting, content, and grammar errors directly in your resume.

Share your Rezi resume 

We generate a sharable link , you can share the link to your friends to get a review or even applying for a job