The resume experience section best practices

Components of the Experince section

Role : Enter your past or current role, Avoid using extra parameters with the role name
Company Name : Enter what your company is called, its not necessary to enter the company full name or its registration name. For example: Enter BMW instead of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.
You don't have to enter the company registration type (Ltd, Pvt Ltd, LLC, etc.) if the name is long.
Duration: Duration is important, It is recommended to select the date from the date selector. If you can to change the date in a custom format, you can go to the finish up tab and change it.
Location: Use Abbreviations of state names, Add country only if you have international experience
• Follow rezi real time content analysis suggestions.
• Add metrics to your resume, like increased output by 20% by ..... or generated 500 leads a week for the company from social media advertisements. You can add this by answering the question ’how many?’/’how much?’/’how often?’ and adding them to the bullet points.
• When writing a resume description, try to highlight your achievements first followed by some key responsibilities.  Add a bullet point when starting a sentence and end it with a full stop (.).
• Try to write full-length sentences, combine 2 or more smaller sentences to make one, or use Rezi Ai writer if you are having trouble. This way the resume won’t look empty on the right-hand side.
• Prioritize bullet points in the experience description so that they are relevant to the position you are applying for. You can also reduce the number of bullet points to reduce the resume length or to add more relevant content.
• Avoid using unnecessary capitalisation.
• Some sentences/bullets in your resume are too long, its recommended to keep it under 2 lines in length to make it easier to read and understand.

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