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December 22, 2023
Kels Styles
February 19, 2024
Rezi Project Section

Share more with projects

Need to delve deeper into a career achievement? Perhaps you've got some impressive side projects to showcase. Say hello to your resume's Projects section—a perfect space to add those extra details.

What is a project?

Projects serve as a catch-all for endeavors you've actively contributed to, each with a defined goal. Whether it's websites, podcasts, research, or campaigns, this section allows you to provide specific details about your role, achievements, and outcomes. Your projects are pivotal snapshots of your personal success that you can proudly share with potential employers.

How to write a project

Projects offer a chance to highlight your skills, often with quantifiable results.

  • Title: Share the specific name of the project.
  • Organization: Under what group was the project conducted? This can be a company, school, or yourself.
  • Duration: You can select your start and end dates to better understand the project’s timeline.
  • Project URL: Give more detail with a link to the actual project or portfolio. We recommend using a URL shortening tool to avoid long links.
  • What You Did: Share the goal, your role, and the project’s outcome in 3 bullet points.

Writing tips

  • Length: Be brief. Keep your project to 3 bullet points maximum for the best effect.
  • POV: Avoid writing in 1st-person. Focus on making clear and concise statements.
  • Grammar: Write complete sentences with a proper beginning and ending.
  • AI Bullet Points: Get some extra help with our AI Bullet Point Writer.