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Rezi is a new generation resume builder that completely eliminates the need to write your own resume. Using text generation AI and billions of data points, Rezi will write the perfect resume for you.

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Here's How rezi AI Writer works

A resume is the most important part of your job search, but also one of the hardest to write. We've made it easy for you with our AI-powered tool that creates perfect resume content based on the content and job title you give us.


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Rezi AI Writer uses your job title to create unique content that is relevant to the role.


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Generate a new bullet point, or have Rezi AI Writer complete your typed content.


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Apply the suggestion or explore more ideas. Generate again for new content.

All Accounts Include 5K Free AI Credits

We've partnered up with OpenAI to use their GPT-3 technology. Every time you generate content, we're buying "AI power" from OpenAI. To cover our costs, we have to charge you per usage.

AI Credits do not expire
5K AI Credits creates approximately .5 resumes.
AI Credits do not expire
50K AI Credits creates approximately 5 resumes.
AI Credits do not expire
300K AI Credits creates approximately 27 resumes.
$49 Single Payment
+250K AI Credits
Quantity limited to only 300! You'll save over 65%.