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An exceptional Chief Technology Officer (CTO) can greatly impact the success of a business by leading the development and implementation of technology strategies, so it is important to have a detailed and accurate job description to attract the most qualified candidates for the position. A strong CTO can contribute to increased efficiency and competitiveness, and ultimately lead to improved financial performance for the organization. Having a clear, well-written job description is crucial in attracting the best candidates to the role.

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December 30, 2022


We are looking for a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to lead our technical team and oversee our technological operations. As the CTO, you will be responsible for driving our company’s technology strategy, overseeing all IT operations and developing our technical roadmap. You will manage and lead a highly technical team of engineers and be responsible for the hiring, development and retention of the team. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in Electronics Engineering, IT Infrastructure and Hiring. You should be comfortable working with emerging technologies and have a strong passion for innovation. Additionally, you should have excellent communication and problem-solving skills and be capable of leading and inspiring a team. Ultimately, you will ensure that our company’s technological operations are well-coordinated, secure and innovative.


• As a CTO at Rezi, responsible for driving technology vision and strategy to ensure Rezi's products and services remain cutting edge

• Set technical standards and ensure best practices across the organization to ensure a quality product

• Lead and manage the engineering team, and create a collaborative, innovative culture that encourages experimentation

• Guide the engineering team in the development of high-performance, secure, and scalable software

• Identify and analyze product development trends, and determine the best course of action for product development, design, and implementation

• Define and implement technical processes, standards and tools to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction

• Identify and evaluate new technologies and platforms that can add value to the product, and develop strategies for their implementation

• Monitor and optimize the performance of existing products and services, and ensure security and scalability.


• 10+ years of experience in leading technical teams.

• Strong technical background in software engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning or related fields.

• Proven track record in leading and managing high-performance teams through all stages of product development.

• Demonstrated experience in setting technical product strategy and developing technical product roadmaps.

• Ability to evaluate and select appropriate technologies, tools, and processes to meet product and business goals.

• Experienced in driving the architecture and development of web, mobile, and/or enterprise applications.

• Excellent knowledge of software development life cycle process and associated best practices.

• Ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize tasks effectively.

• Excellent communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.


Electronics Engineering
IT Infrastructure


December 30, 2022


We are looking for an experienced CTO to join our team at Rezi. As CTO, you will be responsible for leading the development and implementation of technology strategies, as well as overseeing the IT infrastructure. You will collaborate with other departments to identify, recommend and implement new technologies to improve our current services and operations.To be successful in this role, you should have extensive experience in managing complex IT projects and a deep understanding of electronic engineering and IT infrastructure. You should also have excellent hiring and leadership skills to effectively guide our development team. Ultimately, you will ensure our technology infrastructure enables us to successfully meet our business objectives.


• As a CTO at Rezi, responsible for leading the development of a comprehensive technology strategy that enables the organization to meet its business objectives

• Establish and maintain an effective technical architecture to ensure that Rezi remains competitive in the market

• Set the vision and direction for the engineering organization and its technology stack

• Lead the engineering team in building a robust and secure technology platform that is scalable, reliable and efficient

• Develop and implement best practices and standards to ensure the highest levels of software quality and security

• Manage and monitor the development of software products from concept to delivery

• Oversee the development of software releases and ensure that all software products are delivered on time and meet the highest quality standards

• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure that technology solutions are aligned with business objectives and customer needs

• Lead the evaluation and selection of new technologies to ensure that Rezi is utilizing the most advanced and efficient technology tools


• 10+ years of experience in software engineering and technical leadership

• Proven track record of leading a team in designing, building, and delivering high-performance technology solutions

• Expertise in software architecture, design, and development, with a focus on distributed architectures

• Strong understanding of web and mobile technologies, including cloud-based architectures, APIs, and microservices

• Ability to develop and implement strategies for effective development, deployment, and maintenance of software products

• Proven experience in working with stakeholders to define and deliver technical roadmaps and product specifications

• Passion for working with an agile methodology and understanding of DevOps best practices

• Ability to motivate and mentor a team of engineers, providing guidance and direction to ensure successful project outcomes

• Excellent communication and collaboration skills with the ability to effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical stakeholders


Electronics Engineering
IT Infrastructure
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