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Charles Bloomberg
Dallas, USA
(621) 799-5548
Experienced Mason with a strong record of delivering high-quality masonry work on commercial and residential projects. Skilled in using various tools and techniques to achieve precision and durability.
Senior Mason | Company A
January 2020 — Present, Dallas, USA
• Managed and executed over 50 complex masonry projects, including large-scale commercial buildings and residential constructions, ensuring completion within deadlines and budget constraints.
• Utilized advanced masonry tools and equipment such as trowels, chisels, and mason's hammers to accomplish precision installations and repairs.
• Led a team of 10 masons, scheduling daily tasks and coordinating with site managers, resulting in a 15% increase in team productivity.
• Implemented quality control measures and safety protocols on-site, which reduced the incidence of workplace accidents by 25%.
• Collaborated with architects and engineers to interpret blueprints and specifications accurately, increasing project success rates by 20%.
Mason | Company B
March 2016 — December 2019, Fort Worth, USA
• Completed over 30 masonry projects, ranging from bricklaying to stone work, delivering high-quality craftsmanship consistently.
• Engineered customized masonry solutions using CAD software, fostering client satisfaction and repeat business by 30%.
• Tracked project progress and maintained meticulous records, ensuring all work complied with building codes and standards.
• Assisted in training new employees on essential masonry techniques and safety procedures, enhancing overall team skillset by 15%.
Junior Mason | Company C
June 2013 — February 2016, San Antonio, USA
• Built and repaired brick, stone, and concrete structures across 20+ residential and small commercial projects.
• Processed and mixed mortar and concrete materials to optimize consistency and adhesion strength.
• Provided on-site support and assistance to senior masons, ensuring project timelines and quality standards were met.
Apprentice Mason | Company D
January 2011 — May 2013, Austin, USA
• Trained under experienced masons, learning foundational techniques in bricklaying, stone setting, and tile work.
• Ensured tool maintenance and material preparation for daily tasks, contributing to smoother project workflows.
• Assisted in the layout and alignment of materials, reinforcing the importance of precision and attention to detail.
Associate of Applied Science in Construction Technology | Austin Community College
May 2010
Expert-Level Skills
Bricklaying, Stone Setting, Concrete Work, Blueprint Reading, CAD Software, Tool Maintenance, Project Management, Team Leadership, Quality Control, Safety Protocols, Time Management
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