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Charles Bloomberg
Chicago, USA
(621) 799-5548
Experienced Records Manager with extensive expertise in records retention, compliance, and data governance. Proven track record in streamlining processes and ensuring accuracy and security of records across various industries.
Records Manager | Company A
January 2021 — Present, Chicago, USA
• Managed a team of 10 records clerks, ensuring effective handling of over 500,000 documents annually, using SharePoint and Documentum.
• Implemented a new record retention policy that increased compliance rate by 20%, utilizing ISO 15489 standards and company-specific regulations.
• Streamlined records retrieval process, reducing average search time by 35%, through the integration of an electronic records management system (ERMS).
• Conducted quarterly audits on records systems, identifying and rectifying discrepancies, which resulted in a 25% improvement in data accuracy.
• Provided training to 100+ employees on records management best practices, utilizing workshops and e-learning modules.
Senior Records Analyst | Company B
March 2018 — December 2020, New York, USA
• Analyzed and processed 150,000+ records annually, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and organizational policies.
• Led the migration of paper-based records to an electronic system, reducing physical storage needs by 40% and improving access efficiency.
• Developed and maintained a central database for tracking records lifecycle, resulting in improved data governance and easier compliance reporting.
• Collaborated with IT department to enhance security protocols for records, mitigating risks and achieving a 15% reduction in data breaches.
Records Coordinator | Company C
July 2015 — February 2018, Austin, USA
• Coordinated daily operations for records management, handling up to 50,000 documents monthly.
• Introduced a digitization project that scanned and indexed 200,000+ records, facilitating easier access and reducing physical space requirements.
• Assisted legal and compliance teams in preparing and maintaining records for audits, contributing to successful audit outcomes with zero compliance issues.
Junior Records Clerk | Company D
June 2013 — June 2015, Denver, USA
• Processed and archived over 30,000 records annually, ensuring accurate cataloging and secure storage.
• Maintained physical and electronic records systems, enhancing organization and retrievability of documents.
• Provided support in implementing a new electronic filing system, reducing record retrieval time by 20%.
Bachelor of Science in Information Management | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
May 2013
Expert-Level Skills
Records Management, Data Governance, Information Security, Electronic Records Management Systems (ERMS), SharePoint, Documentum, ISO 15489, Database Management, Regulatory Compliance, Process Improvement, Team Leadership, Training and Development, Problem Solving
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