White Label Resume Platform

The Rezi RMS (Resume Management System) is a white label resume builder powered by Rezi  - give your audience leading resume solutions, no design or coding skills required.

Give your users The most talked about resume software of 2021

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Easily set up a premium resume platform for every use-case
Rezi offers the flexibility to create a resume experience that's truly yours.

Fully Branded

Integrated Review Management

Deployment Usage Statistics

Future-Proof Updates

Universities & Colleges
Your students find it difficult and time consuming to write a resume. We remove the burden on your career team and make the process entirely digital.
Job Boards
Our AI-powered resume software can instantly create resumes for your job seekers that are optimized to be better matched to available jobs.
Online Career Programs
Give your organization the ability to provide resumes to more users. Rezi  increases the likely-hood of a favorable outcome post-program participation.
Non-Profit Organizations
Empowering job seekers is what you do best. Integrate the Rezi platform directly into your product or website to help more than ever before.
Recruitment Agencies
The Rezi RMS saves recruiters time by helping them create perfectly formatted and optimized and resumes for their potential candidates.

Generate tailored resume content and cover letters

Rezi's trained natural language models (AI Writer) are able to write entire job-specific and unique cover letters and resume bullet points.

Available to all users

Keyword detection through natural language algorithms

Identify skills using semantic analysis, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning across job roles, and experience levels to provide targeted guidance.

Instantly identify Important missing keywords

Instant analysis and scoring for 360 guidance

User profiles are evaluated on resume parameters including formatting, content, optimization, and best practices.

LIke Grammerly for your resume

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