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Our scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) resume software enables you to create the resume solutions you need, fully branded and configured to your requirements, without the need for big investment.

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Rezi RMS Demo Video

This product tour covers just some of what the Rezi RMS can do along with a showcase of  companies using Rezi

Your Configurations

All-in-One Resume Platform

Manage User Resume Reviews In One Place

Completely transform your resume creation and review workflows.

Review resumes directly in your RMS Admin

Average Time for 1 resume Review: ~10 Minutes


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We'll walk you through any questions you might have, understand your use case, and show you what is possible

Pricing & Configuration Options


Select your RMS plan
Decide on the plan and configurations that meet your deployment objectives

building starts after subscription


Build RMS deployment
We use Slack to communicate with your team while building the deployment

Average building time: 1-2 weeks


Launch and RMS support
Now it's time to go live. We'll provide continued support and communicate all product updates! 🎉

Here Are Your Pricing Options

Basic Access

Basic Access plans are designed to give you resume solutions to monetize audiences.
$389starting price per month
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Up to 500 users

Users start with a free account

Earn 70% commission on upgrades

Full Access

Full Access plans bring maximum Rezi value to job seekers without financial burden.
$399starting price per month
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Up to 1000 users

Users start with a fully upgraded account

Dedicated deployment support

Access to all configurations

Onboarding guide

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Best-in-class AI- Resume Features

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