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Lauren Bedford is a writer and editor who has helped thousands of readers find tangible solutions for the past five years. 

Based in Barcelona, Lauren earned a B.A. in History and American Studies, where she found her passion for research and writing across different subjects and ideas. 

As a writer, she has explored various topics, including business, finance, technology, and career advice. Through her work, Lauren helps people make more informed decisions while breaking down any jargon. 

At Rezi, Lauren’s goal is to produce authentic and valuable content that helps readers craft the perfect resume for their dream job. 

Key achievements
  • Published over 100 articles across various industries, sharing insights and guidance. 
  • Contributed to increased traffic and engagement over several websites. 
  • Currently working on bringing more job-seekers to Rezi through useful and genuine content.
Skills & Interests
Crafting content
Creative pursuits
Exploring new places

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