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The 6 Best Cover Letter Generators


This blog post reviews the top cover letter generators in 2023, highlighting their features, strengths, and pricing, with a detailed look at, Kickresume, Resume Genius, Cover-Letter-Now, ResumeLab, and Zety.

We’ll share what we believe are the best cover letter generators in 2023. Each of these will help you create an effective cover letter faster in a matter of minutes without having to spend the entire day working on it. 

In short, these are our top picks: 

  • Kickresume
  • Resume Genius
  • Cover-Letter-Now
  • ResumeLab
  • Zety

We’ll also go through what we like about each platform, their pricing plans, and a summary of what makes them worth the investment.


Rezi cover letter builder

Putting our own cover letter builder first on this list is honestly pretty biased, but hear us out…

There’s a reason why we put ourselves at the top of this list. We understand how grueling it is to have to write a personalized cover letter after all the trouble you’ve been through creating your resume. 

That’s why our AI cover letter generator is designed the way it is. We help job seekers automatically generate a cover letter that matches their resume. 

What We Like About It 

What our users love the most (including us) is how quick and efficient our AI cover letter generator is since it has the ability to write tailored cover letters in seconds by simply entering a few things:

  • Company name
  • Position/title
  • Work experience to highlight
  • Education to highlight (optional)
  • Skills to highlight

This helps our AI writer ensure it’s tailoring your cover letter to the job and company you’re applying to. It also ensures that the content it generates includes key skills and fits your professional background. 

Our cover letter maker allows you to download your application in 2 file formats:

  • .PDF file
  • .DOCX file

Moreover, the cover letter format is simple and easy to customize. This way, the potential employer focuses on the content itself, which is what ultimately leads to interviews. 

Rezi's ai cover letter builder interface


  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $3/mo
  • Pro: $29/mo
  • Lifetime: $129 one-time payment


Rezi is for you when you’re looking to create a compelling cover letter as fast as possible and not have to worry about the formatting process. That said, Rezi isn’t for everyone. If creative templates and design customization options are a top priority, there are other options on this list. 

Our approach is 100% focused on the content itself with most of the formatting done for you so that you can generate a professional cover letter tailored to your work background and the job description fast. 

Overall, Rezi is a solid choice because the features provided will help you save time and effort in creating a job-winning cover letter that matches your resume. 

Best of all, it’s affordable and free to try. 

2. Kickresume

kickresume cover letter builder

Kickresume offers a cover letter builder that’s easy to use. They also have customizable templates that can be matched with your resume. Formatting and writing your cover letter is fairly straightforward thanks to their sleek user interface and step-by-step process. 

What We Like About It

You can find unique, eye-catching cover letter template designs based on your profession and the industry you’re in. 

Filling in your cover letter content isn’t so difficult either since you’re guided step-by-step with forms to complete. They also offer an AI cover letter writer to help you complete the first draft and assist you in the writing process. 


  • Free: €0/mo
  • Monthly: €19/mo
  • Yearly: €5/mo (€60 every 12 months)


Kickresume provides users with creative cover letter templates as well as an AI writer. Some templates are premium whereas others are free to use. They’re an affordable option and you can create a cover letter with them for free. 

3. Resume Genius

resume genius cover letter buillder

Resume Genius has a range of modern and basic cover letter templates to choose from. They also have an AI writer which modifies information from real job ads to generate cover letter content for you.

What We Like About It

It’s a platform that actually tries to get to know you by asking questions about your professional background such as how many years of experience you have and how others would describe you. This helps them personalize your cover letter content. 

Plus, they make it easy to explore what skills you could highlight as they’ll provide a list of suggestions based on the industry you’re in. 

resumegenius cover letter builder


  • Free: $0
  • Two-week trial: $2.95
  • Monthly plan: $7.95 (billed annually at $95.40)


Generating an entire cover letter is fast, easy, and simple. It’s certainly a good cover letter builder to consider. And although they do have an AI writer to help you generate content, it can’t rewrite what’s been generated. In other words, it’s most effective for helping with the first draft.  

4. Cover-Letter-Now

cover-letter-now builder

Cover-Letter-Now is a cover letter builder that offers a range of templates as well as a straightforward process to create a cover letter. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate through. 

What We Like About It

What’s notable is the user interface and how well-designed the step-by-step process is. You simply fill in the fields provided for each section: cover letter header, opener, body, gaps, and closer.  

For each cover letter section you’re working on, it’ll ask you specific questions to help generate content for you. It’ll then provide you with a list of suggestions based on what you want to highlight. 

Coverletternow dahboard


No pricing page found on the website. 


As the name suggests, they really will help you get a cover letter now within a few minutes. That said, it’s a solid cover letter builder overall. However, to download your cover letter and edit it on the platform, you’ll have to create an account. 

The only drawback is that their templates may not always match your resume. 

5. ResumeLab

resumelab cover letter builder

ResumeLab provides you with a professional cover letter creator with built-in formatting options. It’s easy to create a quick cover letter by filling in the blanks using the autofill button. 

What We Like About It

You can customize the design of your cover letter such as color, formatting, font typefaces, and spacing. We also like how simple it is for users to generate content for the main body of their cover letter since all they have to do is press the autofill button. 

resumelab cover letter builder


  • Free: $0
  • 14-day full-feature trial: $2.70


This is a good choice for those of you looking to create a quick cover letter with formatting options to customize the design. It’s also an affordable option and users can build and customize unlimited cover letters for free. 

6. Zety

zety cover letter builder

Zety provides you with an online cover letter maker with modern and minimalistic templates. They can generate a first draft for you with clear pointers on what to edit so you can ensure you’re highlighting relevant skills.

What We Like About It

It’s similar to Resume Genius because both platforms will ask you questions related to your professional background to help generate cover letter content that fits your experience. One question in particular we liked was “What’s your working style?” so that Zety can personalize the tone of voice. 

Aside from that, editing your cover letter is straightforward. Each cover letter section comes with an outline so you have an idea of what to put. The platform also shares content suggestions.

Zety Cover Letter builder


  • 2-week trial: $2.70
  • Monthly: $23.70
  • Annual plan: $71.40


Zety simplifies the process of writing and formatting a cover letter. Although they don’t have an AI writer that can generate or rewrite existing content based on skills or experience that you want to highlight, they still share content suggestions to guide you through your cover letter writing. 


Writing a cover letter from scratch takes hours and even days. But you could complete a cover letter in minutes when the formatting is handled for you and when you’re given outlines, pre-generated content, and an AI writer tool to work with. 

With that in mind, the best cover letter generators are able to generate content that matches your work history and the role you’re applying for. At Rezi, our priority is to help job seekers automate each part of their job search process: writing, editing, formatting, and customizing. 

You’re in good hands if you’re using any of the cover letter creators on this list. Before committing to a premium plan, give the platform of your choosing a go by signing up for a free account if the option is available.

Try Rezi for free.

Rezi is an ai resume builder to help you to create a resume that os sure to check the boxes when it comes to applicant tracking systems : Rezi Review by Ashley

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