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Astley Cervania is a Rezi-acknowledged expert in the field of career advice and has been delivering job success insights for 4+ years. 

Astley is a career writer and editor who has helped hundreds of thousands of job seekers build resumes and cover letters that land interviews. He has written content across all industries, answering the most important career-related questions. 

At Rezi, Astley’s focus is on helping you translate your work background into a compelling job application. His aim is for you to secure your dream career.

Key achievements
  • Worked directly with the CEO and Founder of Rezi, Jacob Jacquet, to help grow the company from less than 125,000 users to 1,500,000+ users. 
  • Increased the organic traffic of Rezi by 468.69% in 4 months.
  • Devised and executed an SEO content strategy, resulting in a 750% increase in organic user signups.
Skills & Interests
Content strategy

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