7 ways to Improve An Entry Level Resume with Rezi


7 ways to Improve An Entry Level Resume with Rezi for fortune 500 companies like Google.

Often, candidates struggle with writing an entry-level resume because of not knowing what they should put. It’s a common struggle as you don’t have much what to write in a resume for work experience

You’re not alone.

In this guide, we’ve listed 7 ways for you to improve your entry-level job application and we’ve broken down 3 resume examples below!

If you want to find out how you can get one step further, be sure to stay until the end. I’ll also be showing how Rezi can help you ats optimized resume and personalize your application for better chances of job hunting success!

Entry-level Resume Example

Let’s first dive in by looking at an entry-level tech support resume example.

In this case, we have an entry-level job seeker looking for the first full-time job, post-graduation in tech support.

an entry-level tech support resume example resume before rezi optimisation
Regular resume before Rezi optimization

Firstly, notice the order of the resume sections.

It’s strategic because it’s prioritized on highlighting the candidate’s relevant, diverse technical skill set that shows they are qualified.

The ats resume format is simple too. Nothing too fancy and it gets straight to the point. It’s important to make your entry-level resume format readable for the hiring manager so it’s easier for them to assess the key details.

With a resume for all types of jobs in general, you should also be using bullet points underneath each header when going into detail.

Corporate Rotational Graduate Resume Example

Corporate Rotational Graduate Resume Example with entry level experience
Corporate Rotational Graduate Resume Example

This candidate is an employee who was selected for a graduate program. It’s the same resume template they used from Rezi that helped them land an interview with Sony.

Unlike the previous example, the skills are listed at the bottom. A key thing to note about this section is that the resume keywords. For a technical position like this, words such as “HTML” and “CSS” would be important to include.

In their experience section, it’s not the same as you would expect because they’ve focused on describing each of their years in university. They have talked about what they developed, achieved and were responsible for.

Like this applicant, you can include relevant projects, training, and qualifications that you have.

If you can go in-depth from your years of education where you’ve managed to accomplish something or cultivate a skill, it’s worth mentioning. Plus, it’s a good way to stand out!

Third Year Student Resume Example

Third Year Student Resume Example with high concentration on education and internships
Third Year Student Resume Example

In this resume example, the student first outlines their education and qualification.

When it comes to the work experience, they’ve mentioned everything they could. This includes working as an intern, advisor, and manager. Just before getting to their skills, they’ve described their extracurricular activities under the “involvement” section. If you’re similar and have a lot of other relevant things to include, you can use a resume section dedicated to this.

Not all formats need to include a resume objectives or summary section. Like this example, you can get straight into pointing out your educational background and qualifications.

How to Improve Your Entry-Level Resume With These 7 Tips

From all the previous resume examples shown and after breaking it down, they are hirable for the following reasons:

  • Relevant education
  • Relevant, yet limited, internships and professional experience
  • Diverse technical skill set
  • Self-directed side projects

All content included on the resume indicates the job seeker is at the very least, a suitable candidate to interview. For your own application, you’ll also want to try and take the same approach.

1. Relevant Education

With entry level positions, it’s a normal roadblock for job seekers to have blanks when writing their resume.

One thing everyone can talk about, however, is their education and relevant qualifications.

It’s a good way to show you’re qualified and capable to take on the job responsibilities. As shown from one of our examples listed earlier, you can go into detail for each of your university years. As long as it’s relevant, you should talk about some of your responsibilities and skills that have been developed during those years!

2. Relevant Internships and Professional Experience

There’s a good chance most of you have limited experience in the corporate working environment. But it’s always a good idea to use whatever you can to increase your chances as long as it’s relevant. If you have any internships where you developed any skills or expertise, mention it!

Being familiar with the working environment can give your prospective employers an idea of what you have some experience in. This can also put you one step ahead of all the other applicants.

3. Diverse Technical Skill Set

The skills you mention on your resume are important in showing you’re capable of taking on the responsibilities and tasks for the job vacancy.

Another reason why it’s important is to pass the resume scanners and make it past the first stage of the selection process.

For example, if you’re applying for a tech position, you’ll want to include your technical skill sets that can prove to be useful for your role. It’s also effective to show diversity as well by letting your hiring manager know you’re skilled in several areas within your field.

4. Self-Directed Side Projects

This means anything else that’s relevant, such as:

  • Projects
  • Coursework
  • Training
  • Extracurricular activities

Remember to let your employers know what you were responsible for and to include any achievements. This can show you have somewhat of a related experience to the corporate environment, e.g. you’ve worked under pressure or under a team environment where planning and organization was essential, etc.

More Ways To Improve Your Entry-Level Resume

Until now, we’ve listed what makes a hirable entry level resume. Use those tips above for your own application too!

There are 3 more things you can do to further improve your resume, which includes:

  • Optimize resume formatting to allow for more content
  • Add missing information to the projects section
  • Using Rezi AI for keyword targeting based on a specific job description

5. Optimize Your Resume Formatting

Most job seekers for entry level resumes go through the struggle of not having enough things to talk about. On the flip side, there is a handful who might have too much information included that needs to be cut down.

To reduce the space and length, you shouldn’t only look to delete words and sentences.

Optimizing the ats resume format will allow you to include more content by using less space if necessary.

6. Add Missing Information To The Projects Section

Incomplete information on your resume is a common mistake. When you have additional information that you can include, be sure to add this to the projects section.

This could also mean any relevant education, courses or training that you’ve been through. Details like this helps employers understand where your level of ability and skills are currently at.

7. Use Rezi AI for ATS Optimization & Keyword Targeting

Rezi provides you with the right tools to get you hired even if it’s a competitive job posting with thousands of applicants.

Resume keywords are crucial.

Rezi specializes in ensuring you match the company’s job description and tailoring your application for them specifically for higher chances of success.

Here’s one example of an ATS-optimized resume from Rezi:

entry level Rezi optimised ATS resume with low level of experience, projects and skillls
Rezi optimized resume

We’re trusted by over 120,000+ happy job seekers and users who have gotten hired at top companies such as Facebook, Spotify and Amazon. The best statistic to take note of though, is that 62.18% of users who created a resume with Rezi were invited for an interview.

For some of you, it might just be what you need to finally close the gap and push your career forward!

How Rezi Can Help

Rezi allows you to save time by eliminating writer’s block so you can get straight into the editing process.

In a few clicks, you can create and optimize a full tailored resume for your specific company.

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