10 Impressive Resume Objectives For Different Job Positions


A high-quality resume objectives section can hook your reader within the first couple of seconds

After the resume header which contains your contact details, the first section of your application is usually the resume summary. 

Another alternative is to use the space for your corporate goals. 

In other words, your resume objectives section. 

If you want to position yourself as the ideal candidate to recruit in the first few words of your resume, look no further. We’ll be showing you 10 impressive resume objective examples and we’ll teach you step-by-step how to write your own as well as communicate your long-term value to your employer.

What Is a Resume Objective Summary?

The resume objective summary is a brief statement about your professional background. 

However, in the last sentence of this section, you’ll need to relate it back to your corporate goals. Or, you clearly outline what you’re hoping to achieve in your career. 

Besides showcasing your strengths and making your professional objectives clear, these aspects need to correspond to the job position and company you’re applying for. Otherwise, you won’t beat the applicant tracking system

If you show that your career aspirations are a good fit, it implies a fruitful working relationship where both sides can grow and benefit. It also effectively shows you have a good knowledge of the job requirements.

One of the main purposes of this is to align with the company’s cultural background. 

For those who are looking to write a how to make a resume with no experience, we recommend using this section to your advantage.

Do 2024 Resumes Need Objectives?

Resume objectives aren’t for everyone. 

Experienced and seasoned professionals may utilize a resume summary to leverage the space and show how they’re the best fit for the role.

Job seekers who are seeking a new path and career change in a different industry may want to consider using a resume objectives section. It’s also effective for those of you who don’t have much experience in the workforce, i.e. students and graduates. 

However, it can still be applied subtly for even an executive position as long as it’s oriented to your strengths as an employee. 

While it’s not necessary to include one in your application, it can be helpful. For others, the space could be saved and used for things that are more relevant. But, it depends on where you're at in your career and the job description of the company you apply to. 

If you have something else to talk about that would be a better fit and is more tailored for the job, then it may be worth omitting your objectives section.

10 Professional Resume Objectives Examples 

We’ve compiled a list of resume objectives from proven ats resume that have gotten some of our users hired at even the most competitive companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Spotify.  

It’s fairly straightforward to replicate but the main goal is to get inspiration. You can learn something from each of these samples and hopefully, gain new ideas for your own application.

Customer Service Resume Objective

Customer service resume objective

The customer service resume objective is a good first sample on this list.

It starts with an adjective as well as a job title, followed by a career highlight (i.e. over five years of experience). The final sentence makes it clear what they’re seeking and implies how they can provide value. 

Dental Assistant Resume Objective

Dental assistant resume objective

This dental assistant resume uses their credentials to stand out. From this, the recruiters and hiring managers can immediately see this candidate is certified and professionally qualified for the position. 

In a single sentence, they’ve provided an overview of their background and implied their corporate objectives. I.e. to contribute innovative ideas for professional growth. 

Graduate Resume Summary (Interviewed at Sony)

 graduate resume objective

In the corporate rotational graduate resume summary template above, the applicant highlights their passion and level of skill at the same time. 

More importantly, they’ve made their future aspect of value clear by implying a learning mindset which reinforces the idea that they’re a self-motivated candidate. If people have a similar trait or value, you’re more likely to be interested. For your resume, you can achieve the same effect by aligning with the business and cultural values of the company.

Student Technical Assistant Resume Summary

Student technical assistant resume objective

This student technical assistant resume template is a good example for those with not much experience in the corporate environment.

The main focus behind this example is the candidate’s passion. While your hobbies and interests can be implied in additional sections, you can use this to your advantage for your resume objectives section. This helps to position yourself as a self-motivated, continuously growing professional in the industry. 

Pharmacy Technician Resume Objective

Pharmacy technician resume objective

In the pharmacy technician resume objective, the immediate highlight is their education and academic achievement, i.e. a university degree. Plus, they’ve made their passions and career opportunities clear so the recruiters will know what they're looking for, i.e. to grow with the company and help achieve great ambitions. 

Teacher Resume Objective

Teacher resume objective

The teacher resume objective example above is subtle, which is why I’ve added it to the list.

To showcase their strengths, the candidate only uses a few words to display their level of skill, e.g. technology specialist. When providing an overview of your professional background, focus on the areas you’re most skilled in that are relevant to the job.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Administrative assistant resume objective

The administrative assistant resume indicates their strengths and makes their objective clear for an entry-level IT position. It also tells the reader how they would be able to contribute and how they can be valuable in the long term. 

Lead UX Designer Resume Objective

Lead UX designer resume objective

With the lead UX designer resume objective, it starts with an adjective that indicates their drive. Next, they’ve spoken about what they love to do and the type of opportunity they desire. If this matches what the company is looking for, then it’s a good fit for both sides.

Product Designer Resume Objective

Product designer resume objective

The product designer resume also starts with an adjective. With the action verb used, it radiates confidence from the candidate. Notably, their word choices align with the product design space which further reinforces the impact of their corporate objectives. 

Social Media Resume Objective

Social media resume objective

Last but not least, the social media resume objective example.

They used keywords such as “leader” and “social media.” On top of that, they’ve implied a strong work ethic and passion for the marketing industry. Like the previous example, the candidate’s word choices imply confidence and the list of keywords implies the level of skill they have in the workforce. 

How to Write Your Resume Objectives Section

The headline for this section is usually written as the resume summary. 

But unlike the resume summary, your objectives are more focused on the future and your long-term value on how you’ll be a sustainable asset. With that in mind, there are 5 steps to writing a good resume objectives section. We’ll go through each of these aspects in detail.

1. Provide a Brief Statement About Your Professional Background 

Before making the sentence that states your corporate goals and objectives, you need to provide a brief overview of your professional background. So, plant the seed by showing what makes you a good unique fit for the role.

To make a solid first impression, stick to your strengths. These may include things like:

  • Credentials
  • Academic background
  • Work experience
  • Field of expertise
  • Fields of interest

If you have any key resume skills, accomplishments, or points that add to your professional background, you can use those too. For example, showcasing your professional development from a leadership role where you managed a big project in your previous company.

2. Make Your Corporate Objectives Clear

After providing a brief overview of your strengths and professional background, it’s time to outline your corporate goals or objectives. When making this statement, be specific about the opportunities you’re looking to achieve.

However, there are two things you’ll want to consider:

  1. Action verbs
  2. Active voice

Resume action verbs can make your resume more engaging by proving a point and showing how your actions made an impact. This type of word makes your sentences deliver a stronger impression. 

Here are a few examples:

  • “Seeking to…”
  • “Applying to…”
  • “Expanding my…”
  • “Utilize my skills to…”
  • “To secure the position…”

But, avoid using any of the weak action verbs resume because it’s not as impactful. Instead, it can make your resume less appealing since it comes off as generic. 

3. Use The Active Voice 

Active voice allows you to deliver a clear narrative with clear meaning. Therefore, it becomes more meaningful and helps certain statements stand out.

This is when the subject is doing the action. It makes the subject the main emphasis in the sentence. Whereas, the passive voice is the opposite as the sentence isn’t focused on the subject doing the action, but the action is done on the subject. 

Here’s an example:

  • Active voice: “I coached the new team members…”
  • Passive voice: “The new team members were coached by me...”

In terms of resume writing, the subject is the candidate. So, when there’s more emphasis on you, it’s easier for the reader to engage with your narrative and identify key points. 

Since the resume objectives section should be kept as short as possible in length, an active voice enables you to get straight to the point. As a result, your ATS resume becomes more concise and well put together. 

4. No More Than 3 Sentences 

The ats resume format should be professional and concise. It’s good practice to keep things as short as possible. Simultaneously, you should be making your point loud and clear through a short statement in no more than 3 sentences. 

How to Write a Resume Objectives Section

Did you know that with Rezi’s AI writer you could create a resume summary in only a few minutes?

It’s very simple, here’s how it works:

Head over to Rezi and sign up for a free account (you won’t be charged whatsoever).
Head over to Rezi and sign up for a free account (you won’t be charged whatsoever).
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You’ll be taken inside the app dashboard. Click on “create new CV” located on the left side of the page and enter the required details.
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Click on the summary tab and enter your position/skill highlights. 
Press the AI Writer Ready button.
Press the AI Writer Ready button.

Thinking about how to best present yourself to catch your employer’s eye from the get-go takes some time.

But when you have a feature like this, it inspires creativity within a few seconds. 

You can generate as many resume summaries as you want until you have something you’re satisfied with. Another alternative is to take inspiration from each summary you generate and combine them along with your own ideas for how you want to include your objectives. 

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Key Takeaways

A high-quality resume objectives section can hook your reader within the first couple of seconds. The goal of this section is to get them interested enough to continue reading the rest of your job application.

We’ve shown you how to write one and broken down some proven examples. 

Now, it’s time to implement, catch the attention of your employers, and make a statement.

If you’d like to create your resume faster while boosting your chances for an interview, Rezi’s online ATS builder is designed with all the tools and resources necessary. It’s free to sign-up and comes with no initial cost. 

Any questions you have, do reach out to us and we’d be more than happy to help! We do our best to provide support, guidance, and clarity for all job seekers in the community.

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