24+ ATS Resume Examples & Templates for 2024


Discover our range of ATS resume examples and templates to be sure your application is easy to scan and understand.

It’s essential to have a resume that meets the criteria of a company’s applicant tracking system (ATS), also known as the resume scanners. 

Otherwise, you’ll probably get the email that they’re not going to proceed with your application. 

In other words, rejection. 

If you don’t want to get rejected before landing an interview, you’ll need an ATS resume to bypass the initial screening process. 

That’s why we compiled our best ATS resume examples for you to get inspiration from. To make this as useful as possible, each template includes a brief analysis of what makes them good so you can use some of these points for your next resume. 

However, there’s a few things you should know. 

Why Are ATS Resumes Important?

An ATS friendly resume is a resume that’s optimized for getting past the screening software companies use to filter candidates. This is typically the first hurdle of the hiring process job seekers face yet many are rejected before they can land an interview. 

ATS resumes are important because they show HR managers who scan hundreds on resumes that you’re a qualified candidate. 

Your employers don’t want to move forward with job seekers who simply aren’t qualified for the role. But they don’t have the time to check through hundreds and thousands of resumes individually. 

So, they’ll use what’s known as an ATS to narrow the list of applicants. In fact, it was found that almost 100% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS. Thanks to this recruiting technology, hiring managers can instantly find out whether or not the applicants for a job vacancy are a good fit. 

If you want to be part of the group of candidates who do reach the interview stage, your resume has to be ATS compliant. 

To do that, it requires the following:

In essence, it’s about personalizing your resume and matching the job description. 

What is the Best Format for an ATS Resume?

The reverse chronological resume; in this type of resume, you list your work history in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent or current job and working backward through your previous positions. It’s the standard resume format for most ATS resumes because it starts by listing what’s most relevant first. This makes it easier for both the ATS and human reader to identify the key points in your application. 

Another good option is the combination resume. It’s well-rounded as it balances the focus on your work history, skills, and qualifications. However, make sure you stick to a simple layout

6 Tips on How to Write an ATS-Friendly Resume 

Here are 6 tips to create an ATS optimized resume:

  1. Save space for your work experience section
  2. Include keywords throughout your resume
  3. Mention skills that are directly related to the job responsibilities
  4. Prioritize your most relevant professional experiences
  5. Organize your skills into categories
  6. Keep your resume one-page long

24+ ATS Resume Examples and What You Can Learn From Them

We’ve included a range of our best samples including job positions from industries such as:

  • Business
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Human resources (HR)
  • Programming
  • Marketing

There are a few more templates towards the end including healthcare and resume examples for students

Business ATS-Friendly Resume Examples

A resume is meant to provide a detailed overview of your professional summary. The samples below do this by highlighting what they’ve achieved as a professional to reinforce their credentials. 

1. Administrative Assistant Resume

Administrative Assistant resume

The first template on this list is for an administrative assistant.

Not all of us might have the ideal amount of experience a hiring manager would prefer. But, this candidate sticks to their strengths by focusing on the future value of what they could offer via their resume objectives

Another way they’ve stuck to their strengths is by listing their certifications and coursework. This aligns with their statement at the start which mentioned they’re highly motivated. 

It’s structured neatly too including ATS keywords such as:

  • Administrative associate
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Management

2. Account Manager Resume

Account manager resume

This time, the account manager sample emphasizes their work experience. 

Throughout the what to write in a resume for work experience, they haven’t only included keywords in subheaders. They’ve written their resume for a human reader as well. For instance, sharing the results of their work using statistics. 

Try to let your experience speak for itself, especially for management positions. 

Design ATS Resume Templates

It’s common for professionals in the design industry to include a link to their website or portfolio in the resume header next to their contact details. 

3. Graphic Designer Resume

Graphic Designer Resume

The graphic designer resume template starts strong.

On top of using resume buzzwords to avoid, all bullet points start with an weak action verbs resume. It also gets straight to the point. It’s concise yet effective because it shows employers they’re well-versed with what their role entails. 

4. Web Designer Resume

Web Designer Resume

In the web designer resume example, the candidate begins by highlighting their passion and skills. 

Focus on your strengths in your ATS resume summary section to catch your reader’s interest. 

Despite each template being ATS-optimized, optimize it for a real human being too. Don’t focus solely on the resume scanners. Otherwise, it could make your application look unnatural. 

Engineering ATS Resume Examples

In this category, we’ve included a new type of template for your resume

Even if you have no formal qualifications like a university degree, there are ways to make up for this gap. The template below is a good example of this. 

5. DevOps Engineer Resume

DevOps Engineer Resume

In the DevOps engineer resume template, it mainly focuses on the candidate’s skills and experience. 

They might seem to have a limited how to list education on resume as there isn’t an education section. But they’ve made it clear they’re competent enough for the role by doing 2 things. 

One, they went in-depth about their job duties and responsibilities in previous companies. Two, they included relevant certificates. 

If you have achievements, use an alternative resume section to list them, e.g. certifications.

6. Mechanical Engineer Resume

Mechanical Engineer Resume

The mechanical engineering resume uses a different format compared to everything we’ve seen so far. 

This is known as the bold resume format. It’s made by Rezi to help job seekers stand out by using a more modern aesthetic with minimal design. The best part is that it’s completely parsable and readable for the ATS.  

Finance ATS-Compliant Resume Examples

Formal experience and qualifications look good on a finance resume. It could also be part of the requirements of a company’s ATS for a job seeker to show they’re capable of the role. 

7. Banking Resume

Banking Resume

The banking resume template uses additional resume sections. 

On top of their work experience, they’ve mentioned extracurricular activities. This is under the customized subheading of “campus involvement”. 

They’ve also shared their academic accomplishments. Besides their university bachelor’s degree, this includes relevant projects and certifications. If you have other things to talk about such as training and coursework, use them to your advantage. 

8. Finance Resume

Finance resume

Unlike the previous example, the writer behind the finance resume template above uses a summary section. 

It’s not just the work experience that makes this a good application. The additional resume sections play a part too. Any professional credentials such as licenses or training that you’ve had are valuable for making a strong first impression. 

9. Investment Banking Resume

Investment Banking Resume

From all the finance resume examples, you may have noticed that there are usually a few qualifications listed. If not qualifications, then it could be substituted with coursework or relevant projects. Or all of these could be mentioned. 

The investment banking resume template is no different. 

It uses more than just the essential resume sections. This emphasizes how they’re certified and prepared for taking on the job responsibilities. 

Human Resources (HR) ATS Resume Templates

Technical skills and knowledge are valuable for modern HR professionals. It’s effective if you could use other resume sections to show you’re deeply knowledgeable about the industry and what’s required for the job.

10. HR Resume

hr resume

The candidate of this HR resume demonstrates their expertise by their experience. Another key element is their theoretical knowledge. Besides their GPA, they’ve included relevant coursework. All of which implies how they’ve developed both their hard skills and soft skills. 

11. Recruiter Resume

Recruiter Resume

The recruiter resume template goes in-depth on their professional experience. 

There are other things listed that add to their credibility. This includes their qualifications and certifications. Plus, they’ve categorized their skills under technical knowledge. On top of them being transferable and in-demand, some are also keywords for the ATS.

Programming and Software Engineer ATS Resume Examples

It’s likely the ATS will be on the lookout for technical skills and experience. 

In the list of examples below, you’ll see how candidates have categorized their skills and write about the results of their work. 

12. Full Stack Developer Resume

Full Stack Developer Resume

Your knowledge of programming languages such as Java and Python will be important.

In the full stack developer resume sample, the candidate grouped their skills. This makes it clear where they’re most technically proficient. Moreover, they’ve included their fields of interest which could be helpful for showing you’re a good fit. 

13. IT Support Specialist Resume

IT Support Specialist Resume

Like the previous example, this IT support specialist resume groups the candidate’s skills. Apart from that, they start by outlining their strengths and objectives. 

To introduce yourself in an engaging way, use the summary section of your resume. It’s especially useful if you’re making a career change. From there, you can back up your statements with your experience and qualifications. 

14. Software Developer Resume

Software Developer Resume

The candidate who used the software developer resume template above landed a job interview at HubSpot. 

A range of keywords is included in the skills section. 

More notably, they’ve written about the results of their work from carrying out the job responsibilities in previous roles. Not only does it demonstrate their expertise. But it shows they’re a strong performer capable of delivering to a high standard. 

15. Software Engineer Resume

Software Engineer Resume

This software engineer template is a good example of how additional resume sections aren’t always necessary. 

Besides the summary section, only the essential sections are included. 

You don’t need to include them as long as you have relevant experience to talk about. However, these should be directly related to what the hiring manager is looking for. 

Marketing ATS Resume Samples

Marketing software proficiency and research skills are important in this industry. Strong interpersonal skills could also give you a competitive advantage. As there are different types of marketing involved such as:

  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media marketing
  • And so on…

Employers may want to see you’re knowledgeable in a variety of areas. See below for proven marketing resume examples

16. Digital Marketing Resume

Digital Marketing Resume

This digital marketing resume is a good example of emphasizing your career progression. 

Plus, they’ve highlighted their qualifications. This can give the employer confidence in their ability to perform and get results. 

17. Marketing Manager Resume

marketing manager resume

The marketing manager sample keeps the description under each section concise. In fact, most of them are only one line long.

That said, this candidate is specific when describing previous work responsibilities. For instance, they’ve specified how many team members they worked with on a project and how many reports they maintained. 

Only include what’s most important and try to adopt a minimalist mindset by sticking to what’s essential. This helps limit your resume to one page as opposed to can a resume be 2 pages. 

18. Social Media Resume

Social Media Resume

The applicant of this social media resume template immediately makes their passion and confidence clear by their word choices in the summary section. This can hook the hiring managers in and get their interest the moment they read the application.

It’s subtle, but they’ve also personalized the subheadings to help them stand out at first glance. Here are some examples: 

  • “Professional experience” rather than work experience
  • “Marketing training” rather than training
  • “Skills profile” rather than skills

Other ATS Resume Examples

Here are a few more of our top ATS resume samples from industries such as healthcare, education, and sales resume examples

19. Customer Service Representative Resume

Customer Service Representative Resume

The candidate who used this template to apply as a customer service representative landed an interview at Apple. They’re one of the biggest companies around, which made it a competitive job posting. 

One reason this resume is impressive is that it’s concise. Each bullet point gets straight to the point, hence they’re only one line long. 

Moreover, sharing the results of your work not only indicates you’re a strong performer. It indicates that you’re a results-driven person. This is one trait hiring managers are bound to look out for.

20. Nurse Resume

Nurse Resume

The nurse resume sample above leaves out the skills section. Instead, they used the space to list their qualifications. The candidate’s abilities are shown through what they’ve achieved throughout their career. 

21. Second Year Student Resume

Second Year Student Resume

Students will usually have how to make a resume with no experience

Despite not having as much corporate experience, the second year student resume sticks to their strengths. How? By starting with their academic background. 

They’ve also talked about an internship for their work experience section. On top of this, they’ve included the extracurricular activities they were involved in. 

22. English Language Teacher Resume

English Language Teacher Resume

A range of transferable skills is mentioned in this english language teacher resume.

The applicant hasn’t only positioned themself as a qualified teacher. In the summary section, they wrote about being a technology specialist too. As school environments continue to evolve, hiring managers may consider the potential value you could bring in other areas. 

23. Sales Resume

Sales Resume

The applicant describes their workplace achievements alongside their duties and responsibilities. 

That’s not the only reason why this sales resume is good though. It’s the additional resume sections too. Apart from being skilled in the profession, it’s implied that they’re passionate because of other accomplishments. For instance, extracurricular activities in university and online coursework. 

24. Senior Project Manager Resume

Senior Project Manager Resume

Lastly, we’ve got the senior project manager resume template. 

It isn’t the same as other samples in this article as the ats friendly fonts and format are different. 

This application draws the reader’s attention to where the bold text is. Here, that’s mostly their certifications. But before reaching this section, employers will notice their work history. 

It’s a bold approach yet it’s readable by the ATS. For competitive job postings, using a different resume format could help you stand out. 

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