8 Best Sales Resume Examples For The Workforce in 2024


We’ve listed 8 ATS resume examples for jobs related to the sales industry.

Your years of experience aren’t the only determining factor for your success. It’s helpful if you’re experienced in the field, but it’s not everything. 

But, it’s more so about your ability to produce real results. 

Sales are virtually everywhere. Every business will need to sell a product or service to make a profit. Even when you’re having a debate with someone, you’re essentially trying to sell your idea and perspective. 

If you’re looking to kickstart your career in sales, you’ll need to create a powerful resume. One that effectively sells your skills and capabilities to your hiring manager.

With the help of Rezi’s AI resume builder, Ryann was able to do exactly that. Here’s what she had to say:

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What Should I Put On My Resume For Sales?

Having years of experience in the bag is ideal for any job position, field, or industry you apply for. But in sales, the skills and achievements tend to be more appealing for the hiring manager to see in your resume.

Just because someone has more experience than you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re always better. It just means they’re more familiar with the role and corporate environment.

Like we’ve mentioned in our resume dos and don'ts, be sure you include metrics or an example to reinforce your claims. They’ll want to see results you’re responsible for, e.g. you increased customer sales and appointments booked by 30%. Any other results you have where you’ve made a difference that is relevant should be included.

If you’ve achieved more significant accomplishments, you’re just as competent and qualified to work in sales. Those who are better communicators excel in this line of work. To get a better idea, here are a few things of what to put on a resume when it comes to sales:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation
  • Ability to close
  • Building rapport and relationships
  • Liaising with clients
  • Negotiation skills
  • Listening
  • Metrics/results

Some of these may be natural resume keywords your hiring manager will expect to see on your resume.

Whenever you describe or talk about this, it’s also a good opportunity to use trigger words. 

However, try to avoid using weak action verbs resume or any of the resume buzzwords to avoid. This can set a negative impression of your capability and make your resume less engaging for your hiring manager.

8 ATS Sales Resume Examples

Below, we’ve listed 8 ats resume for jobs related to the sales industry.

You’ll also find other relevant resume examples which are proven templates that have enabled our users to land a job at even the most competitive job posting. We’ve made a note underneath each sample key points that are worth noting. So, you can take inspiration and gain ideas for your own sales resume and for the company you’re applying to.

Assistant Director of Sales Resume

Assistant director of sales with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

The summary section isn’t an essential section. But in this assistant director of sales resume example, they provide an overview of their professional background using this part of their application. 

As for the what to write in a resume for work experience, you should be listing your previous job positions in reverse chronological order. This makes it more relevant for your employers and also suggests no gaps in your employment timeline.

Other important sections have been included too, i.e. the education section to show they’re formally qualified. 

They’ve also further reinforced this by listing down some awards and certificates in the certifications section. In the skills, they’ve included several core component skills that are mandatory for the job as well as those that are transferable which would be helpful for the role.

Sales Resume

Sales resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

Using this sales resume template example, note that when adding your work experiences and sections, these should be listed in reverse chronological order. 

With this application example, they’ve effectively used weak action verbs resume to highlight the results that they’ve been responsible for. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the healthcare or retail space. Across all types of industries, you’ll want to mention statistics and data whenever possible. 

Having knowledge of your product and customers, as well as management abilities is key to showing your level of skill as a salesperson.

Customer Service Representative Resume

Customer service representative with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

The candidate who used this customer service representative resume template managed to land an interview with Apple. Without question, it’s a competitive company that receives a large volume of resumes. 

However, this is one example of a great ATS resume because of its simplicity.

It’s effective despite how simple the structure is. With all applications in general, you should be using bullet points to describe each resume section underneath. 

Throughout a majority of their resume sections, it’s only one line long when they’re going into detail. It’s a good approach as it makes their application stand out. Plus, it’s more readable for both a human reader and an applicant tracking system

Customer Service Resume

Customer service with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

The customer service resume example above is a good template to use for job seekers at all levels in the sales industry. 

It’s a standard ats resume format with a few additional resume sections insightful for the hiring manager. They’ve made their career objective clear in their summary section and provided a short overview of their professional background. If you’re writing a how to make a resume with no experience, use this opportunity to outline your career objectives instead.

You’ll also notice that all resume examples listed are only one page long, which is what you want to aim for. 

Marketing Lead Resume

Marketing lead resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

This marketing lead resume template is still relevant for writing an application in the sales field. 

Notice how this candidate has talked about the results and accomplishments they’ve been responsible for in their previous roles. Statistics have also been used to support their claims to come off as credible to your prospective employers. 

There is a good range of skills too that align with the company’s job description using resume keywords. This is vital to show you’re a match for the company culture and job position. The more relevant skills you have indicates that you’re a more competent candidate. For this candidate, the language skills listed are a good way to stand out from the competition.

Marketing Insights Resume

Marketing insights resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

This marketing insights resume example only uses one additional resume section. It’s quality over quantity, all examples in our resume templates library are one page long. These tend to leave a stronger impression on your recruiters as it’s more concise. 

Throughout the description in the experience section, you’ll notice trigger words being used. This has also been included throughout several resume sections.

However, you’ll want to be careful with using any of the resume buzzwords to avoid.

Director of Global Partnerships 

 Director of global partnerships resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

In the director of global partnerships resume template, it’s important to list everything that shows you’re the best-qualified candidate to hire. As you’ll have a lot of experience at this point, you’ll want to avoid the fluff and only include what’s needed.

Get straight to the point and list out the results and responsibilities you’ve had. The employers will want to recruit the best person with the skills and expertise for this position. 

If they see a commendable accomplishment or contribution from you, it suggests you’re better than the average person based on that previous association. Being able to pitch to an executive or other professionals, ask the right questions, and develop a relationship is vital. Especially as a director. 

Product Consultant Resume

Product consultant resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

The product consultant resume example has a few key things which should be taken note of.

They’ve clearly listed down their resume skills. Remember that if you have more relevant skills, it suggests you’re a more competent candidate. 

For a job application related to sales, it’s also important to use trigger words that communicate these values. In this template, they’ve used “liaise” and “directed”, which indicates leadership, initiative, and strong communication skills. These are strong trigger words relevant to sales. On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid using the weak action verbs resume.

More ATS Resume Examples

You can browse through our list of 264 ATS resume templates and cover letters categorized for specific industries. Each of these is ready-to-use and you’ll be guided step-by-step. 

No card details are required. Get started for free and use what’s already helped job seekers land jobs at competitive companies. However, don’t just copy and paste – be sure to actually personalize your application. With that, you’ll be able to build a strong sales resume that shows you’re one of the most ideal applicants to hire. 

Final Piece of Advice

One of the biggest things to take away from this guide for sales resumes is to include metrics and achievements you’ve been responsible for. While anyone can list their skills down on a CV, your results show a lot more than words do. 

In an industry such as sales and marketing, your employers and hiring managers will be keen to read how exactly you’ve made an impact. 

If you’d like to simplify the resume-building process, start now by giving Rezi a go. We made it easy for you. It’s not hard to write the content out. We’ve helped job seekers secure job positions at large companies such as Apple, Facebook, and HubSpot. 

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