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18 Professional Cover Letter Examples To Use in 2021

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June 14, 2021

Cover letters can improve your chances of securing the job posting. 

HR decision-makers were surveyed by ResumeLab and 83% have said that a cover letter has helped them make their decision.

One of the best ways to create something successful faster is by looking at what already works and seeing what others have done. That’s why in this article, we’ll be going through 18 professional cover letter examples that you can use and take inspiration from for your own application.

Rezi’s templates are designed to beat the applicant tracking system and our tools will help ensure you’re meeting the expectations of your hiring manager.

We’ll kick things off with cover letters in the marketing sector!

Marketing Cover Letter Examples

The cover letter examples in this section include the following positions:

Some job titles are in a higher position than others. Therefore, the contents, focus and description can be more in-depth. We’ll take a look at each one and comment on some of the key points!

Digital Marketing Cover Letter

digital marketing

It’s important to demonstrate your past responsibilities and achievements in your application. Although the second paragraph in this example is more detailed compared to a typical cover letter, the candidate does a good job in highlighting their skills and experience.

Content Writer Cover Letter

Content writer

This example resembles the standard format of a cover letter. Don’t forget to show why you’re interested in applying for the job vacancy in the first place and why they should consider hiring you.

Director of Marketing Cover Letter

Director of marketing cover letter

For a higher position like a director of marketing, it’s important to highlight all of your relevant skills, responsibilities, and achievements from your work history. In this example, they’ve done exactly that by focusing on the key tasks from their professional experiences that prove they are qualified and capable for the position.

Social Media Manager Cover Letter

Social media manager Cover letter

It’s always good to clearly express your interest in wanting to work for the company and to use your background to demonstrate your passion. When you’re writing a cover letter for any job under the marketing sector, the hiring manager should be aware of any significant result you’ve managed to accomplish. If you have no work experience, you would need to shift your focus.

Business Cover Letter Examples

The purpose of cover letters is to show why you’re the best person to hire for the job. That being said, business cover letters aren’t too different from the marketing cover letter examples. Stick to your strengths. For everyone, this can be different as it depends on where you are currently at in your career.

This section will include:

Business Development Cover Letter

Business development cover letter

With cover letters in general, it’s a good idea to inform your employers if you know someone inside the company! Similar to the marketing sector, jobs in the business sector will require depth towards your skills and work experience. You can see how this candidate has done just that in the main body of their application.

Sales Cover Letter

Sales cover letter

In a sales role especially, it’s important to emphasize your communication skills and your experience. If you don’t have many achievements to showcase, you’ll have to make your application more personal and show that you’re passionate for this profession.

Banking Cover Letter

Banking cover later

So far, there’s been more emphasis towards your skills and employment history. However, in the third paragraph the candidate outlines their qualifications and an accomplishment from their extracurricular activities. You can also talk about any internship programs you’ve been part of as well as your educational background to show you’re more than qualified!

Human Resources Cover Letter

Human resources cover letter

With this cover letter example, the opening paragraph doesn’t mention where they heard about the job vacancy. Instead, it goes straight into introducing their background and their purpose for the application. 

Tech Cover Letter Examples

This section will include:

IT Cover Letter

IT cover letter

All cover letter examples have been tailored to the job description. In this particular example, you can see that the candidate expresses their interests by talking about where their enthusiasm comes from. When everyone is bound to have similar qualifications, a good way to stand out is by showcasing your personal traits and interests!

Pharmacy Tech Cover Letter

Pharmacy tech cover letter

If you don’t know the recruiter’s name, use their job position instead! Never address them by saying “to whom it may concern” because it can indicate a lack of effort and interest. Aside from that, the main focus behind this cover letter is the candidate’s work history and they’ve used that information to show the hiring team their level of expertise!

Senior UX Manager Cover Letter

senior UX Manager cover letter

For a senior position, like the director of marketing cover letter template from earlier, you’ll want to highlight your biggest strengths. It would also be effective to talk about why you want to apply and why you believe you’re the best candidate for the job.

Web Designer Cover Letter

Web designer

This is another good example of the standard cover letter format. The opening paragraph states why they are making an application and they provide a brief background on themselves. As we get into the main body, they’ve described their internship experience. Before the signoff, they added a personal note to show their enthusiasm and personality, which can be somewhat subjective as long as it makes sense.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Graphic Designer

You can add as much detail as you want but don’t go over one-page on your cover letter. What’s good about this example is that it’s broken down into smaller paragraphs which makes the text more readable.

Engineering Cover Letter Examples

The last batch left on this list are engineering cover letters. We’ve included the following:

Civil Engineer Cover Letter

Civil engineer cover letter

Not all opening paragraphs need to be 4 lines long, it can even be as simple as this! The most important point to make here is why you’re making an application. Throughout this cover letter, that’s what they’ve made clear through their achievements and corporate experience.

Electrical Engineer Cover Letter

Electrical engineer cover letter

Every cover letter should be situated towards your strengths. You can tell from this applicant that it’s his years of experience in the field of electrical engineering.

Hardware Engineer Cover Letter

Hardware engineer Cover letter

Similar to the previous example, the main highlight behind this cover letter is the candidate’s work history. By highlighting their key responsibilities in their previous jobs, it’s a solid indication to the hiring manager that they’re qualified for the position.

Industrial Engineer Cover Letter

Industrial engineer Cover letter

You can also break down the paragraphs from the main body of your cover letter to make it more readable for the reader. For instance, the candidate in this example has broken down their responsibilities into two smaller paragraphs rather than making it one bulky paragraph.

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter

Mechanical engineer Cover letter

The last thing I want to point out from this list is the subtle call to action at the end of this example. It’s straightforward and lets the candidate’s prospective employers know what they would like to expect going forward.

Cover Letters With Rezi

Hopefully, this guide has given you some deeper insights and fresh ideas to implement on your cover letter.

In summary, you should be highlighting why you’re the best candidate to hire. 

Using a cover letter template is one of the best ways to start writing your application without having a blank. Even better, Rezi’s AI cover letter writer will permanently eliminate writer’s block by generating a full tailored application for you!

Watch the video below to see how it works, it only takes less than a minute!

This article's author, Astley, is an avid content marketer who specializes as an SaaS copywriter. Learn more at Minimalist Copy

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