The 8 Best Resume Writing Services for Professionals at All Levels


This article provides an overview of the top resume writing services, including Rezi, ZipJob, TopResume, TopStack Resume, Upwork, The Muse, Monster, and VisualCV, highlighting their key features and pricing plans.

Creating an optimized resume takes a lot of work. Unless you’re going to hire an expert to do the job for you, it takes time and commitment to ensure you’re sending the best application possible that helps you secure an interview. 

That’s why in this article, we’ve listed some of the best resume writing services alongside an overview of each company. 

Long story short, here are our top picks:

  • Rezi
  • ZipJob
  • TopResume
  • TopStack Resume
  • Upwork
  • The Muse
  • Monster
  • VisualCV

Do You Need a Resume Writing Service? 

You don’t need them but they’re extremely helpful. Here’s a few of the main benefits of using a resume writing service:

  • They increase your likelihood of getting an interview by sending over an ATS-friendly resume
  • It saves you time from having to figure out how to write effective resumes by having an expert do the heavy lifting for you
  • Get a list of keywords you need to use to get past the resume scanners
  • Stand out from thousands of resumes by effectively highlighting your skills and experience
  • Send more quality job applications with less stress
  • Spend more time preparing for the interview rather than the writing process

The 8 Best Resume Writing Services for Job Seekers

We’ll go through some of the best well-known resume writing services alongside our verdict for each solution. Most resume writing packages vary depending on your career level. Aside from resume writing, they may also offer additional services such as:

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Interview coaching
  • Career coaching


Rezi isn’t the same as your traditional resume writing service. The biggest reason is that Rezi uses AI to write an optimized resume and cover letter based on both your work history and the company’s job description. 

Moreover, Rezi’s AI resume writer is trained to follow the best professional writing practices so that prospective employers take notice of your application.

Top Features 

Here are the top features that more than 414,309 Rezi users love:

  • AI writer/editor
  • AI keyword targeting
  • Real-time content analysis

Each of these features is embedded in both the AI resume builder and the AI cover letter generator. 

AI Resume Builder 

The AI resume builder includes an AI writer and editor feature. 

Here’s how it works. 

  1. Sign up for a free account
  1. Select “create new resume” on your dashboard.
Create resume
  1. Complete the form provided.
Fill the form

If you toggle the “target your resume” button, simply copy and paste the job description into the provided fields. This will come in handy for finding the keywords you need to include so you can optimize your resume for the company’s applicant tracking system. 

Add job description
  1. Fill in the forms provided for each resume section. 

The first part is the header section, which is where you put in your contact details as shown below.  

fill content

However, when you get to the other resume sections like the work experience, this is where you can use the AI writer/editor feature. 

Here’s a live demonstration of the AI writer feature below.

  1. Edit and optimize your resume.

Once you reach the “finish up” tab, click on “explore my Rezi score.” 

finish up tab

Edit your resume using the feedback provided by the content analysis feature. This is based on the best resume writing practices. 

Rezi score

In the “finish up” tab, you can also edit any resume section headers if necessary.

From there, optimize your resume with Rezi’s AI keyword targeting feature as demonstrated in the video below.

  1. Export your resume.

Lastly, export your resume as a .PDF or .DOCX file. 

download resume


  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $3/mo
  • Pro: $29/mo
  • Lifetime: $129 one-time

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The Verdict

Even professional career coaches use Rezi to help their clients create a job application that stands out. 

With that in mind, instead of paying someone else to write your resume, try giving Rezi a go yourself. Rezi has made it easy to create a high-quality resume because you’re guided every step of the way. Or, you can rely on Rezi’s AI writer to do the work for you because it’s been trained to follow the best professional writing practices. 

Above all, Rezi ensures customer satisfaction as all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get started now for free! No credit card required.

2. ZipJob

ZipJob is a professional resume writing service that helps you highlight your skills and beat the applicant tracking system. They also offer a 60-day interview guarantee with their fast track and premium packages. 


  • Free review: $0
  • Launch: $139
  • Fast track: $189
  • Premium: $299

The Verdict

ZipJob’s interview guarantee makes the middle-tier and upper-tier packages that they offer more appealing. Plus, you get direct support from a resume expert. They also offer a free resume review. 

However, if you’re only interested in an ATS-optimized resume, you can get a list of all the job description keywords for a fraction of the cost with Rezi. 

3. TopResume

TopResume offers 1-to-1 support from an expert resume writer. All packages include a professional resume that’s well-written and well formatted. Each resume produced is also optimized for overcoming the applicant tracking system.


  • Starter: $149
  • Premium: $219
  • Ultimate: $349

The Verdict

What we find most appealing about TopResume’s packages is that the premium and ultimate pricing plans include a 60-day interview guarantee. 

However, if you’re only interested in TopResume’s starter plan which includes a well-written resume with a sleek format that’s optimized to pass the hiring system, Rezi is a more affordable alternative. 

4. TopStack Resume

TopStack Resume provides you with a personalized resume that highlights your strengths and achievements to potential employers. Their team of experienced resume writers will create your resume.


  • Basic: $139
  • Standard: $199
  • Professional: $279
  • Premium: $649

The Verdict

Unless you’re going for the professional or premium package, you won’t get access to their most experienced writers nor the 60-day interview guarantee. What is appealing about their process though is that you won’t have to pay until after you see the first draft of your resume.

5. Upwork 

Upwork is an online marketplace for hiring freelancers for particular services including resume and cover letter writing. You can search for relevant skills, filter by price, and review their portfolio as well as their ratings from previous clients they’ve worked with.


  • Rates vary between each freelancer

The Verdict

It’s essential to thoroughly research each freelancer to ensure you’re hiring the right person to do the job. This in itself is a time-consuming process.

Anyhow, it’s most effective when you already have a resume that only needs to be updated. As some freelancers charge on an hourly basis, it may cost more if the freelancer has to start writing your resume from scratch compared to only having to update it.

6. The Muse

The Muse offers a professional resume review service as well as career mentoring. All plans include a chat over the phone or Skype with your coach as well as an updated resume.


  • Mentor: $119
  • Coach: $225
  • Master coach: $479

The Verdict

The team over at The Muse is skilled at writing compelling applications. However, it’s mainly for updating your resume and getting career guidance. 

As opposed to writing your resume from the ground up, they’ll update your existing resume instead. Therefore, it’s not ideal for creating a new application from scratch but it can be a solution to consider for progressing further into your career. 

7. Monster

Monster creates a custom resume for you based on your career objectives and professional skills. Each application is written by certified resume writers who are familiar with the industry you’re in.


  • Basic: $149
  • Deluxe: $219
  • Premier: $349

The Verdict

Monster has an enticing offer as they guarantee customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the result within 60 days, they’ll send you a new rewritten version of your resume for free at no extra cost. 

Anyhow, it’s one solution to consider when you’re writing your resume from scratch and want an experienced professional resume writer familiar with your industry to do the work for you.

8. VisualCV

VisualCV offers a professional resume writing service for job seekers looking to create a visually appealing resume that highlights your skills and achievements. The service also includes an introduction to the writing team so you can ensure your application is tailored to your career goals and work background. 


  • Entry-level: $149
  • Mid level: $259
  • Senior level: $399
  • Expert level: $899

The Verdict

VisualCV provides you with a well-written resume as well as an aesthetic resume template. If it’s within your budget, VisualCV can be a good choice.

2 More Honorable Mentions

There are 2 more resume writing services that deserve to be mentioned. The reason they didn’t make it to the main list is that they’re not affordable options compared to the previous services that we’ve listed. However, both of these have solid customer reviews.

1. Let’s Eat, Grandma

Let’s Eat, Grandma is well-known not just because of the brand name. But because of how well they help job seekers get hired by writing their resumes. Aside from that, they also offer personal consultations and a guide to doing cold emails. 


  • Starter: $439
  • Accelerate: $549
  • Premium: $689
  • Executive: $1899

The Verdict

It’s a good service for getting a professional resume and cover letter done for you by a vetted expert. Although they offer a premium service, they charge premium prices which might be outside of your initial budget. 

2. ResumeSpice

ResumeSpice is another popular resume writing service with many positive reviews. They have a thorough process including a consultation with a resume expert. All plans come with 2 rounds of revisions if necessary. 


  • Entry-level: $479
  • Professional: $589
  • Executive: $699

The Verdict

What’s appealing is their 60-day guarantee. But similar to Let’s Eat, Grandma, this may not be within your initial budget.

Choosing the Best Resume Writing Service

Many resume writing services cost more than $100. That’s mostly because you’re not only paying for someone to do the work for you but also because you’re hiring an experienced career professional.

But if you’re able to secure your dream job as a result, then the ROI would be tenfold. 

Another option is to do most of the writing or editing yourself with guidance from a resume platform like Rezi. Although it’s not the same as having professional writers do the job for you, it comes at a fraction of the cost. 

With Rezi, you can either:

  • Use your current resume and make tweaks using the real-time content analysis feature
  • Generate a resume and cover letter using Rezi’s AI writer which follows the best professional writing practices (and then make tweaks from there if necessary) 

In other words, Rezi offers the best bang for your buck. They’ll help you articulate your skills clearly with the content analysis feature. And with the AI keyword targeting tool, they’ll give you the list of keywords you need for optimizing your application so that it’s ATS-friendly. 

Get started with Rezi for free.

Then again, feel free to explore your options. Good luck and we hope that you secure an interview at your dream company!

Astley Cervania

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