20+ Top Customer Service Skills to Put on a Resume (+Writing Guide)


The best customer service skills and how to write about them on a resume. Communication, adaptability, building rapport, empathy, CRM, organization…

The best customer service skills for a resume fall into these key categories: communication, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, technical knowledge, and time management. To describe them on a resume, use action verbs to vividly illustrate tasks completed, or results achieved that wouldn’t have been possible without successful application of customer service skills. In other words, the most effective way to write about customer service skills on a resume is to demonstrate them through the impact of your work. 

Keeping customers is just as important as getting new customers. 

Good customer service skills means you can increase customer satisfaction, which leads to higher levels of repeat business and loyalty. If you can prove on your resume that you excel in this, you’ll find yourself landing more interviews. 

This guide will walk you through the top customer service skills for a resume and how to best describe them. 

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The Best Types of Customer Service Skills on a Resume 

Here are the best types of customer service skills for a resume: 

  • Communication: active listening, nonverbal communication, and written communication. 
  • Interpersonal: adaptability, building rapport, conflict resolution, empathy, and teamwork.
  • Problem-solving: critical thinking, decision-making, initiative, research.
  • Technical: customer relationship management (CRM) software, data analysis, Microsoft Office Suite, project management, specialized industry knowledge. 
  • Time management: multitasking, organization, prioritization. 

All of these skills contribute to speed, convenience, and knowledgeable support, which are the most important factors to providing a positive customer experience, as highlighted by 80% of American consumers, according to research from PwC. 

Even if you’re not applying specifically for a customer service role, strong customer service skills can make you stand out when your role involves any form of interaction with clients, business partners, stakeholders, or even other departments.

1. Communication 

Without good communication, you won’t be able to address customer concerns effectively. Good and bad communication can be the difference between a frustrated customer and a loyal one. That’s why this skill is hands-down the most important one on the list.

Here are examples of how to describe communication skills on a resume for a customer service job: 

• Increased customer satisfaction scores by 15% through active listening and de-escalation techniques.
• Developed and implemented a knowledge base to improve first-call resolution rates by 20%.
• Consistently received positive customer feedback for clear and concise communication, both written and verbal.

Active listening

Active listening skills are prized by hiring managers. It’s how you avoid misunderstandings, provide tailored solutions, and resolve complaints or concerns faster. This improves the overall customer experience. 

Example of active listening on a resume:

Reduced customer call times by 15% by carefully listening to identify key concerns at the start of interactions and immediately providing actionable solutions. 

Nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication refers to body language, tone of voice, eye contact, and facial expressions. This is essential for building trust and reinforcing a particular message.  

Example of how to describe nonverbal communication on a resume:

Maintained a calm and professional demeanor while de-escalating customer complaints, which helped lead to more positive resolutions in 80% of interactions.

Written communication

In customer service, written communication is all about sending the right messages to customer inquiries and concerns. This is crucial, especially since many customer interactions can occur online, over email, or live chats. 

Example of written communication on a resume: 

Increased customer satisfaction scores by 10% through clear and concise email responses that addressed all customer questions within 24 hours.

2. Interpersonal 

Interpersonal skills influence your interactions with customers. Unlike communication skills, which focus on the exchange of information, interpersonal skills emphasize the ability to understand and relate to others on a personal level.

Here are examples of interpersonal skills on a resume for customer service: 

• Resolved conflicts efficiently and diplomatically, reducing customer complaint resolution time by 30%.
• Built strong customer relationships through consistent follow-ups and personalized service, resulting in a 15% increase in repeat business.
• Maintained positive relationships with key clients, contributing to a 20% boost in customer loyalty program sign-ups.


Adaptability is about how well you can adjust and respond to unexpected situations. Crucial in customer service, as circumstances often change out of the blue. Companies need someone who can think on their feet, handle all types of customer inquiries, and maintain a positive attitude. 

Example of how to describe adaptability on a resume:

Answered high call volumes during peak hours, ensuring all customer inquiries were addressed promptly and efficiently.

Building rapport

In other words, building trusting relationships with customers. Hiring managers in customer service will value a candidate who excels in making customers feel valued, understood, and appreciated. This can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. After all, customer retention has more impact on growth than customer acquisition.

Example of how to describe rapport-building on a resume: 

Built rapport through personalized greetings and friendly conversations, contributing to a 30% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.

Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution refers to your ability to handle customer complaints and disputes. Not all conversations with customers will go smoothly. Issues may arise, and you’ll need to de-escalate. 

Example of showcasing conflict resolution on a resume:

Resolved customer complaints by actively listening to their concerns, empathizing with their frustrations, and providing prompt and satisfactory solutions, which led to a 30% reduction in escalated cases.


Empathy comes down to understanding how another person feels. Telling a customer you’re going to help them isn’t quite the same as showing concern for them, relating to them, and showing them you understand what they need. 

Human touch is essential for great customer experiences, as stated in the same PwC report mentioned earlier. A genuine connection with customers can make or break a business, so it’s key to establish this by making customers feel valued, understood, and heard. 

Example of how to prove empathy on your resume: 

Supported and reassured customers during system outages, which helped decrease escalations by 30%. 


Strong teamwork means you can collaborate effectively with others. A team player in customer service will help the company boost efficiency and meet or exceed goals faster. 

Example of describing teamwork skills on a resume:

Coordinated with the sales and technical support teams to streamline the customer service process, which led to a 10% reduction in service delivery time.

3. Problem-solving

All customers will have problems at some point. How well can you help solve them? This requires you to quickly assess a situation, determine the root cause, and implement an appropriate solution. 

Here are examples of problem-solving skills on a resume for customer service: 

• Resolved customer billing discrepancies by investigating account histories and collaborating with the finance department, leading to a 98% resolution rate.
• Proactively identified potential service disruptions and developed contingency plans to ensure service continuity and customer satisfaction.
• Collaborated with cross-functional teams to resolve a critical service outage, restoring service within 2 hours and minimizing customer impact.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking relates to objective analysis. This is vital for determining the root causes of a customer’s concern or problem, and identifying potential solutions.  

Example of how to prove critical thinking on a resume:

Analyzed customer feedback trends to identify underlying issues, leading to the implementation of new policies that improved customer satisfaction by 20%.


This is about choosing the best course of action that leads to a happy ending for both the company and the customer. Strong decision-making skills also indicate that you can act without your supervisor’s guidance when necessary—this leads to quicker response times and, in turn, happier customers.

Example of how to describe decision-making on a resume: 

• Determined appropriate compensation for dissatisfied customers based on the severity of their issues, resulting in a 25% decrease in negative reviews.


Initiative refers to whether you can independently take action to identify opportunities for improvement and solve problems. Employers value representatives that can anticipate issues before they arise and take steps to prevent or mitigate them without needing explicit instructions.

Example of how to describe initiative on a resume:

Implemented changes in response to customer feedback, enhancing service processes and improving overall customer experience.


To an extent, you’ll need to be able to find answers by doing your own research. Good research skills are key for pinpointing customer needs, providing accurate information, and staying informed about industry trends. 

Example of research skills presented on a resume: 

Investigated competitor services and practices, providing valuable insights that informed the development of new company products.

4. Technical

Technical skills in customer service refer to your proficiency in using specific tools, software, and methodologies. 

Having technical proficiency and using the right technologies in customer service is only going to get more important. Almost 60% of customers had even mentioned that exceptional digital experiences are crucial for a company to keep business going, according to a study conducted by Salesforce

Here are examples of technical skills on a resume for customer service: 

• Configured and maintained customer service chatbots, enhancing self-service options and reducing the volume of incoming calls by 30%.
• Handled technical support for various digital communication platforms, ensuring seamless customer interactions across email, chat, and social media.
• Assisted in the integration of new communication channels, such as live chat and social media support, resulting in a 20% increase in customer engagement.

Customer relationship management (CRM) 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) skills relate to managing current and potential customer interactions. Proficiency in CRM systems leads to better service delivery and a smoother workflow. 

Example of CRM skills described on a resume:

Leveraged CRM analytics to segment customers and tailor communication strategies, enhancing targeted marketing efforts and increasing engagement by 40%.

Data analysis

Data analysis is an important customer service skill since it allows you to make better decisions that will drive business growth. 

Example of data analysis mentioned on a resume:

Analyzed service ticket trends to identify common issues, leading to the creation of a targeted training program that boosted agent performance and customer satisfaction by 20%.

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite includes software applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Having proficiency in all of these (or similar tools) helps with managing documentation, analyzing data, creating presentations, and communicating with stakeholders. 

Example of how to effectively prove your MS Office proficiency on a resume: 

Created detailed customer service reports using Excel, including pivot tables and charts, to track and analyze performance metrics.

Project management

Project management is applicable to almost all fields, especially customer service. This can help you get brownie points for coordinating tasks, managing resources, and helping ensure that deadlines are met. 

Example of how to describe PM skills on a resume: 

Oversaw the integration of a new live chat support feature, managing timelines and resources to ensure a seamless launch that increased customer engagement by 20%.

Specialized industry knowledge

I don’t mean to literally put “specialized industry knowledge” on your resume. 

But make it clear that you have expertise in a particular area of the industry you’re applying for.

Example from an insurance agent resume:

Maintained up-to-date knowledge of finance insurance policies and regulations to effectively provide accurate information to customers.

5. Time Management 

Working in customer service, or even performing some CS duties always means you’ll be doing a lot of different things at once, so you need to know how to manage your time. This isn’t only important for your higher productivity—it’s crucial for customer satisfaction. 

Here are examples of time management skills on a resume for customer service: 

• Implemented a scheduling system to optimize team availability, leading to a 20% increase in team productivity and faster resolution of customer issues.
• Coordinated with team members to allocate resources efficiently during high-demand periods, reducing backlog and improving service levels.
• Balanced multiple customer service channels, including phone, email, and live chat, maintaining consistent response times across all communication platforms.


Juggling multiple things effectively is one skill for customer service that can impress hiring managers. Making sure that no customer is left waiting too long and that all tasks are completed promptly is something that companies value.  

Example of multitasking properly described on a resume:

Simultaneously managed phone, email, and live chat inquiries, maintaining a 95% customer satisfaction rate while handling multiple channels.


There are documents and resources everywhere. Strong organization means systematically managing records and information, as well as ensuring efficient service delivery. 

Example of how to describe organization on a resume: 

Organized training sessions and materials for new hires, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and consistent knowledge transfer.


Prioritization is how you maximize productivity. As you’ll be dealing with all sorts of inquiries, knowing how and when to prioritize is an underrated customer service skill that allows you to address any pressing issues without compromising service quality. 

Example of how to show prioritization skills on a resume:

Prioritized and addressed urgent customer inquiries during peak times, reducing wait times by 30%.

Additional Customer Service Skills to Put on a Resume

Here are other good customer service skills to consider putting on a resume: 

  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity
  • Foreign languages
  • Leadership
  • Optimism
  • Reliability
  • Stress management
  • Teamwork 

You can also find more relevant skills by using Rezi AI Skills Explorer. Simply enter your profession and the type of skills you’re after. From there, you’ll automatically get a list of suggestions.

And if you’d like to see proven customer service resume examples that showcase the skills we’ve discussed, check out our resume examples library here.

How to Show Customer Service Skills on Different Resume Sections

Writing about customer service skills on a resume will look slightly different depending on the resume section:

  • Summary section: state your strengths in customer service. Mention your top skills, like building rapport and upselling. Or even better, state your most significant and relevant customer service wins. 
  • Objectives section: mention transferable skills you already have that are relevant to customer service. Then, focus on highlighting how you plan to develop certain customer service skills to excel in your role. 
  • Work experience section: emphasize key duties and achievements you were responsible for that show your level of customer service skills. 
  • Education section: list formal qualifications related to customer service from your academic background. 
  • Projects, volunteering, and extracurricular activities: highlight relevant customer service experiences that reinforce your credentials.
  • Certifications or awards section: make a list of certificates and awards you’ve earned that demonstrate your knowledge in applying certain skills, tools, or frameworks. 
  • Skills section: put together an organized list of customer service skills, prioritized by what’s most important to a company’s hiring criteria. 

Of all ways to write about your customer service skills on a resume, the most effective approach is to show them through positive outcomes you contributed to. This means highlighting the results from carrying out specific customer service tasks. 

Summary section

In the summary section, show off your best and most relevant customer service abilities. Summarize your background in customer service, state your areas of expertise, and mention any notable achievements related to improving customer loyalty and retention. 

Sample resume summary highlighting customer service skills:

Customer-focused professional with over 5 years of experience in delivering exceptional customer service. Expertise in conflict resolution, CRM systems, and data analysis. Successfully managed a high-volume call center, achieving a 95% customer satisfaction rate.

Objectives section

For the objectives section, succinctly state your career goals in customer service while highlighting key skills that match the job expectations. Focus on showcasing qualifications that indicate your knowledge in the customer service field, and mention aspirations that align with the company’s specific needs. 

Sample resume objective with a focus on customer service skills: 

Recent communications graduate with a bachelor’s degree and a strong foundation in customer service principles. Proficient in active listening, conflict resolution, and using CRM systems. Eager to handle customer inquiries, provide timely resolutions, and refine the overall customer experience at [Company Name]. 

Work experience section

Double down on achievements in the work experience section. Highlight your customer service skills by showing how you helped a previous company achieve certain goals and project outcomes. Use action verbs to describe problems you solved and solutions implemented. Quantify duties and accomplishments to emphasize how your customer service skills can make a real impact.

Ideally, focus on what matches the job description. If a job ad states they’re seeking a candidate with experience in handling multiple inquiries, then prioritize describing similar tasks. 

Sample work experience entry showcasing customer service skills: 

Customer Service Manager
Company XYZ
February 2022–Present, Seoul, South Korea

• Led a team of 15 customer service representatives, ensuring high-quality service and customer satisfaction.
• Implemented a new customer feedback system that increased positive reviews by 25%.
• Conducted regular training sessions to enhance team skills in communication, problem-solving, and product knowledge.
• Resolved complex customer complaints, reducing escalation cases by 30%.
• Collaborated with the marketing department to develop strategies for improving customer retention.
• Analyzed customer service metrics to identify areas for improvement, leading to a 20% reduction in response times.
• Assisted in the development and launch of a new product line, providing customer insights and support.

Note that not all bullet points in this work experience section example explicitly mentions “customer service” to showcase customer service skills. 

And some bullet points aren’t even directly about customer service, but still highlights relevant skills. This positions the candidate as a more well-rounded professional who’s adept in various aspects of their role, while emphasizing their strengths where it matters most. 

Education section

Academic qualifications belong in the education section. You can also add bullet points to include extra details like any relevant courses you completed or specific skills developed. 

Sample education section mentioning relevant customer service skills: 

Bachelor of Arts in Communication | University of State | May 2022

Completed a minor in psychology, including coursework in interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.
Graduated with a GPA of 3.8

Additional resume sections for relevant experience

These additional sections include: 

  • Projects
  • Volunteering
  • Extracurricular activities 

In any of these sections, focus on describing transferable skills, as well as methodologies and tools you used to complete customer-related tasks. You can also mention any training you received and accomplishments you were responsible for. 

Sample volunteering resume section proving proficiency in customer service:

Volunteer Customer Service Representative | Local Food Bank | Jun 2023 – Aug 2024
• Resolved inquiries from over 100 clients weekly, ensuring timely distribution of food supplies.

Certifications section

Mention any certificates you’ve received that demonstrate your knowledge in a particular area of customer service. If necessary, add a bullet point to emphasize any particular topic areas or abilities. 

Sample certifications section for a customer service resume: 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Certification | Salesforce | Aug 2023
• In-depth training on Salesforce CRM, including data management, customer tracking, and reporting features.

Skills section

This one’s fairly straightforward—simply list skills that are related to the job requirements. To show employers the breadth of your customer service expertise, categorize skills from a range of abilities that are essential for the role. 

Sample skills resume section focused on customer service skills: 

Communication: Active Listening, Clear Verbal Communication, Concise Writing
Interpersonal Skills: Adaptability, Empathy, Patience, Problem-Solving, Teamwork
Technical Skills: CRM Systems (Salesforce, Zendesk), Microsoft Office Suite, Live Chat Support Tools

How to Learn and Develop Customer Service Skills

Starting to learn and develop the CS skills won’t improve your resume today but it will help you become a better professional and, in turn, a stronger candidate in the future. As a result, it can boost your chances of securing your next job opportunity or trying for that internal promotion.

Here are some of the best ways to improve your customer service skills:

• Enroll in online courses that offer training in customer service. 
• Join workshops and seminars. 
• Practice different scenarios on the spot with a colleague or mentor. 
• Request for feedback from customers, peers, and seniors. 
• Shadow a seasoned professional to get a better understanding of how they operate and approach different situations. 
• Volunteer to take on tasks that require direct interaction with customers so that you gain more practical experience. 
• Engage in team projects and group activities that require collaboration. 
• Continue to work on yourself. Personal development leads to higher self-awareness, which in turn helps with how you interact with others. 


Let’s recap on the top customer service skills and how to describe them on a resume: 

  • The best customer service skills include a mix of communication, interpersonal abilities, problem-solving, technical knowledge, and time management. 
  • You can showcase your customer service expertise on a resume through your experience and qualifications.
  • To effectively write about customer service skills on a resume, describe relevant tasks, and you completed and results you achieved. Use action verbs and metrics to specify your impact. In other words, your customer service skills are evident based on the responsibilities you’re capable of performing and the results you’ve produced in the past. 
  • Learning and developing CS skills can improve the likelihood of advancing in your career and getting a promotion.

Customer service skills are the backbone of any successful business that interacts with clients.

Even if you’re not looking for customer service jobs, many of the skills we’ve discussed in this guide can be beneficial for your career. Some could even be the difference between whether you get promoted. 


How to describe customer service skills on a resume?

You describe customer service skills on a resume by highlighting how you successfully completed certain tasks and specific achievements you were responsible for. Use an action verb to describe either of these, then quantify your duties and positive outcomes you accomplished by using metrics to emphasize your effectiveness. Next, tailor your descriptions by using resume keywords.

What customer service skills are the most important? 

The most important customer service skills for a particular company depend on their job description. Generally speaking, however, these tend to be empathy, active listening, clear communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. These lead to positive human interactions, which “82% of U.S. and 74% of non-U.S. consumers want more of,” according to PwC. You also need to be able to think on your feet, as PwC states in the same report that there’s misalignment between customer expectations and how employees are delivering. In another report, 90% of customers rated an “immediate” response as highly important, according to HubSpot. This emphasizes the importance of effective time management for faster response times and having technical knowledge in your field, industry, and company products or services. 

How do you say you have good customer service on a resume?

Prove it by demonstrating a real impact you made by applying your customer service skills. Here’s an example of this for the summary section: “Dedicated customer service professional with excellent communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills. Consistently achieved high customer satisfaction ratings for 3+ years by effectively managing inquiries and complaints. Recognized by industry leaders for strong empathy and the ability to build positive relationships with customers.”

What are the key qualities for good customer service?

Arguably, the most important quality is empathy. This allows you to understand and connect with customers on a deeper level, which builds and nurtures trust. Patience is also important, since you’ll need to be calm when handling different types of situations. Another key quality is optimism and initiative. This helps to consistently ensure a pleasant and supportive customer experience. Additionally, you should be quick to think on your feet. 

What are the principles of good customer service?

Active listening, empathy, clear and effective communication, prompt response times, and a solution-oriented mindset are the principles of good customer service. It involves understanding and anticipating customer needs, and being prepared to address them whenever needed. At the core of customer service is trust and relationships. This can only be built through respect, understanding, and personalized attention. To work on this, continuously seek feedback and strive for higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Are there any golden rules for customer service resumes?

Golden rules for customer service resumes include highlighting relevant skills that demonstrate how you improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Such skills include communication, problem-solving, and technical proficiency. Use quantifiable achievements to make your resume look more legit, tailor your resume to the job description to prove you’re a good fit specifically for the company you’re applying for, and include examples of how you’ve helped an organization meet or exceed certain goals directly related to business growth.

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