7 Finance Resume Examples and Writing Tips to Use for 2024


7 of our favorite finance resume examples

Financial professionals have sharp analysis and interpersonal skills. 

Most candidates who are applying in this sector will have qualifications to prove they’re capable of taking on the job responsibilities. But, to show your value to your employer, you’ll need to translate your corporate strengths into a hirable application. 

To get a better understanding, we’ve handpicked 7 finance resumes and pointed out underneath what makes them effective. 

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What Looks Good on a Finance Resume?

Presenting your results and work accomplishments on your resume is a good way to impress your hiring manager.

That said, here are a few more things to consider for a finance resume:

  • Minimal resume layout
  • Technical proficiency 
  • Results 
  • Data and hard numbers
  • Credentials

Aside from showing your hard skills and technical knowledge, soft skills are also a good mention. Like all resumes though, the essential sections such as your contact details need to be included as well as your:

  • Education
  • Skills
  • Work experience 

For roles in the finance industry, candidates will usually have academic achievements and qualifications such as a university degree. Although this is desired, employers will still acknowledge you if you’ve taken another route, e.g. working your way up in a company or studying in other institutions. 

7 ATS Finance Resumes 

The formats of the finance resumes on this list are designed to beat the applicant tracking system

From the examples, you’ll notice how some candidates have made minimal yet effective differences on their resumes. For instance, narrowing down the skills section and adding personalized resume sections. 

But, more on that later. Let’s take a look at some of the approaches from each individual resume!

Actuary Resume

actuary resume  with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

As shown in the actuary resume template, it’s good practice to highlight your analytical skills and technical proficiency. 

In this sample, they’ve outlined their level of capability immediately in their summary section and provided a brief background to their skills. 

Another thing to point out is the additional resume section used, i.e. passed actuary exams. While this adds to the candidate’s education and academic record, it doesn’t only show they have knowledge in the field. But, it’s been personalized specifically for this job position.

Banking Resume

Banking resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

Unlike the previous example, there’s no summary section used in this banking resume template.

It’s good to include additional resume sections, especially if they’re directly related to the career and job you’re applying for. With that in mind, remember that your what to write in a resume for work experience isn’t the only thing that can position you as a strong candidate. 

Plus, their interests are aligned to the role which suggests the candidate is passionate and genuinely intrigued in this line of work.

Business Analyst Resume

business analyst with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

The business analyst resume template has good readability for the recruiter so it’s easier to find key points in the application. By making your resume easily scannable, you’re more likely to grab the reader’s attention. 

In terms of its relevance, the candidate has shown how they directly correspond to the job position. Here are a few examples from the duties described in their employment history:

  • Worked with financial instruments like interest rate derivatives…
  • Created business requirement documents…
  • Enhance the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system by negotiating with 6 customers and taking feedback

One of the common mistakes on resumes is being vague. 

However, from those sentences, the candidate is specific and uses hard numbers in their description. This makes the application more engaging and credible. With jobs like this in general, it’s powerful to imply that you can take quantifiable measures. 

The resume skills section is also effective. It includes the keywords and hard skills required, i.e. financial markets, financial analysis, CRM, etc.

Business Consultant Resume

business consultant with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

This business consultant resume resembles more of the standard resume format. It includes what’s essential with only one additional section.

As a reader, it’s clear their strengths are within the work experience. Not just because it’s the most content-heavy, but the quality of content that’s been written. To make your own application more impactful, use the active voice and keep away from weak weak action verbs resume.

Finance Resume

finance resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

In the summary section, the finance resume template hints out towards their soft skills, i.e. communication.

When working in an office environment, interpersonal skills are advantageous as it shows you can perform better. If you want to use words that provoke your hiring manager to think, use trigger words. However, avoid any of the resume buzzwords to avoid as they can have the opposite effect.

Seeing that the candidate is trained as a certified public accountant, we know they have knowledge in important areas such as cash flow. 

Since there are a wide array of responsibilities, make objective statements a priority. This shows you’re a reliable professional from a logical perspective. In a role like this, it’s crucial to be factual as you’ll be doing activities such as providing specialist guidance and checking reports.

Investment Banking Resume

investment banking with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

The investment banker resume sample starts strong by showcasing their level of skill through a title, i.e. vice president. 

In their employment history, they’ve outlined their duties and responsibilities. Even though they used the extra space for a coursework and training section, the candidate still maintains a one-page resume. These credentials further reinforce the educational and academic background of the applicant. 

On top of that, the resume keywords have been embedded which positions the candidate as a fit for the role. For instance

  • Investment banking technology...
  • Financial analyst/modeling...
  • Raising capital in the debt capital markets...

To find some of these keywords, check the company’s job posting and match it by using them in your own application. 

Portfolio Manager Resume

portfolio manager with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

Last but not least, the portfolio manager resume template.

Like many other resumes on this list, it has a clean layout with relevant sections used intentionally. When approaching the ats resume format, use bullet points underneath each section as it’s more readable and straight to the point. 

About the resume content itself, here are some sentences that deliver an impact:

  • Driving new customer acquisition, existing customer management, and customer collections & recovery management.
  • Communicate… with key stakeholders, senior management, and external regulators.
  • Managed annual review of relationships…

Each of these sentences is straightforward and shows that the candidate knows what they’re doing. If there are key responsibilities for the job, mention these in your work experience to show you’re familiar with the tasks, e.g. reporting directly to your superiors.  

More ATS Resume Examples From Rezi 

We have more available resume templates that are free to use. Currently, there are 313 resumes and cover letters to choose from. You’ll find samples across several industries including business and marketing. 

If you’d like to further personalize your job application, it’s a good idea to send a cover letter alongside your CV. 

Final Piece of Advice

At one point, companies will need professional advice and consultation. 

One of the best ways to give the hiring managers insight into your potential is by showcasing your knowledge and expertise. In other words, your corporate background. This is made up of your credentials and work experience. 

That being said, our final piece of advice is to only include what’s necessary.

It’s common to fall into the pit of including fluff for the sake of quantity. But rather than being quantitative, the quality of your resume writing shows more about you as a professional. 

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