How to Target a Job Description With Your Resume


Learn how you can use Rezi's Ai keyword targeting tool to your advantage and pass ATS checks with this guide.

Most hiring managers use software known as the “applicant tracking system”. This narrows down the list of candidates by checking if a resume matches the job description. It saves time and helps to ensure they’re moving forward with the right people. 

To secure an interview, you’ll need to show you meet the basic criteria for the role. 

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to target a job description with a resume using our AI keyword targeting feature.

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What You Need to Complete this Tutorial 

Here are the prerequisites for completing this tutorial:

  • Your Rezi account
  • The company job description

Your Rezi Account

You’ll need a Rezi account to access the AI keyword targeting feature. 

It’s free. No card details are required – all you need to do is enter your email and create a password. 

Click here to get started.

Login or create a rezi account

The Company Job Description 

The second thing you’re going to need is the company job description you’re applying for. So, go back to the job advert you initially came across. 

This could be found in the following: 

  • Website career page
  • Job boards
  • Social media page

Method 1: Targeting the Job Description Before Creating Your Resume 

Follow the instructions for method 1 below if you’re in the process of building your resume.

1. Go to the Rezi Dashboard

Log in to your account to access the Rezi dashboard. 

Rezi resume dashboard

2. Press the “Create New CV” Button

Click one of the “create new CV” or "create new resume" button

3. Complete the Form Provided

After following the previous step, you’ll be given a form related to your professional background. 

This will be used for the resume builder to create an outline based on the information you’ve provided. 

You’ll need to enter your:

  • Full name
  • Job field or domain
  • Experience level 
create new resume

4. Switch On the “Target Your Resume” Option 

Toggle the “target your resume” button to activate the job description targeting feature.

5. Enter the Job Title, Company Name, and Job Description 

Refer to the job description of the company you’re applying to then copy and paste the relevant details into the additional form provided. 

You’ll need to enter the following information.

  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Job description
add job description

6. Press “Save”

Now, press the “save” button.. 

7. Check How Your Resume Performs in the “Finish Up” Tab

Continue building your resume and follow through each of the tabs. 

Once you reach the “finish up” tab, you’ll find a list of keywords on the right side of the page. It’ll be highlighted in green and ticked off if they’ve been included in your resume. 

rezi ai targeting

Method 2: Targeting the Job Description After Creating Your Resume

Follow the instructions for method 2 below if you’ve completed building your resume.

1. Go to the Rezi Dashboard 

Log in to your account to access the Rezi dashboard. 

2. Select a Resume

Select a resume from the dashboard that you want to use for targeting a job description.

edit your resume

3. Go to the “Finish Up” Tab 

After selecting your resume, head over to the “finish up” tab

4. Enter the Job Title and Description

On the right side of the page, you’ll find the AI keyword targeting feature where you’ll need to enter the following information:

  • Job title
  • Job description
add job description

5. Press “Save Job Description”

Press the “save job description” button. You’ll then be given a list of keywords on the right side of the page.

6. Check How Your Resume Performs 

Lastly, use the list of keywords to optimize your resume accordingly. It’ll be highlighted in green and ticked off if they’ve been included.

Rezi ai keyword targeting

How Many Keywords Should You Use? 

There is no set or fixed number of keywords you need to use.

The list is shown based on our confidence level. Therefore, it’s listed from top to bottom starting with what we believe is the most important keyword to the least important. 

It’s recommended to fit as many keywords as you can naturally.

Including your keywords naturally means they’re not forced into your resume. It should flow normally as if you were already going to use that word in the first place. It should also be relevant to what you’re writing about. 

However, do not resort to keyword stuffing. 

This is where you try to mention as many keywords as possible regardless of the context of the sentence. It’s bad practice for two reasons: 

  • You end up not being honest in your resume
  • It affects the readability of your application

Analyze the job description, see what the employers are asking for, and use your best judgment to decide what keywords are essential to use. 

How to Include the Keywords in Your Resume Naturally

Spamming keywords might look good for the applicant tracking system (ATS). But, it certainly won’t look good when it’s read by the hiring manager. 

Here are a few things to think about to help you include resume keywords naturally. 

Reflect on Your Work Experiences

To be more specific, reflect on your past duties and responsibilities alongside your workplace achievements. Based on these, are there any keywords that match? Or could you replace a certain word you initially used with a keyword that still shares the same meaning? 

Reflect on Your Accomplishments

What have you accomplished in both the academic and corporate environments? These could be talked about in different resume sections. As you’re going into detail, you may find an opportunity to mention a keyword where it’s relevant. 

Reflect on Your Skills

In the job description, you’ll find skills listed which the employers expect from candidates. There’s a strong chance that some of these are resume keywords they want to see in your application.

Reflect on Your Entire Professional Background 

This includes all the projects, coursework, and extracurricular activities you were involved in. These are also moments where you developed your knowledge and skill set. 

Tips for Targeting a Job Description

Here are 4 tips to take into account when targeting a job description with your resume. 

Tailor Your Resume 

It’s good practice to how to tailor your resume to a job for the company you’re applying to. Although the role might be the same for another company you’re interested in, the expectations and job descriptions aren’t always the same. 

Beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Companies narrow down the initial round of applicants by using an applicant tracking system. This is a system that’s used to see who matches the job description and who meets the basic requirements.

Focus On Your Strengths

There are ways to position yourself as the best candidate. For example, showcase your most unique strengths and skills that would enable you to perform to a higher standard than the average job seeker. 

Use a Good Resume Format

A ats resume format is one that’s most appropriate for where you’re currently at in your professional career. It should be presentable, readable, and optimized to beat the ATS. 

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