9 Professional Business Resume Examples to Get You Hired


Creating a business resume that stands out is key to attracting employers. We compare the top business resume examples in 2024 and why they work so well.

Business resumes will provide a transparent narrative of your career and showcase your capabilities.

In your application, you’ll need to sell yourself to your hiring manager and prospective employer.

That means highlighting your value and all the things that make you the best candidate. Onboarding potential employees is one of the biggest costs and expenses for a business. To secure the job, it’s key to showcase everything that makes you worth the investment. 

In this guide, we’ve listed business resume examples and pointed out underneath them why it’s an effective application. 

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What Should Be Included In a Business Resume examples?

There are several business-related jobs in demand which means there are opportunities for universal and transferable skills. However, all applicants and professionals should be showcasing their strengths. 

While there are different things that can be implemented, you’ll need to make sure you’re following the guidelines of the organization.

In terms of what to put on a resume for this industry, here are a few examples of what you can include:

  • Relevant work experience
  • Education 
  • Qualifications
  • Certifications
  • Soft skills
  • Administration skills
  • Technical knowledge

Having sales and marketing experience also helps. It may not be expected by all recruiters, but it’s ideal to have. 

One of our resume tips is to personalize your application for the specific job posting. 

Therefore, you should check and refer back to the company job description and ensure you match the things they’re looking for. Otherwise, you may not beat the applicant tracking system and secure an interview. 

ATS Business Resume Action Verbs & Skills

In today's competitive job market, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) play a pivotal role in the initial screening of resumes. To ensure your business resume stands out and makes it past the digital gatekeepers, it's essential to incorporate the right action verbs and highlight the most sought-after skills.

Business action verbs:

  • Analyzed
  • Strategized
  • Implemented
  • Managed
  • Facilitated
  • Coordinated
  • Negotiated
  • Oversaw
  • Executed
  • Improved
  • Enhanced
  • Resolved
  • Developed
  • Generated
  • Collaborated

Business skills:

  • Data Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Budget Management
  • Market Research
  • Team Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Vendor Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Process Improvement
  • Risk Assessment

How to Write a Professional Business Resume

When building your resume, the format you choose is just as important as the content itself. A well-organized and visually appealing resume can make a strong impression on employers and increase your chances of landing an interview. Here are some key formatting tips to consider when outlining your resume.

1. Choose the Right Resume Type

  • Opt for a chronological resume format if you have a solid and continuous work history. This resume format lists your work experiences in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent.
  • If you're changing careers, have employment gaps, or want to emphasize skills over work history, a functional or combination resume may be more suitable.

2. Keep it Concise

  • Aim to keep your resume to one page for early-career professionals and recent graduates, and up to two pages for those with extensive experience.
  • Be concise in your descriptions and use bullet points to highlight key achievements and responsibilities.

3. Use a Clean and Professional Layout

  • Choose a clear and legible font (e.g., Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman) in a size between 10 and 12 points.
  • Maintain consistent formatting throughout, including headings, bullet points, and margins.
  • Use bold or italics sparingly to emphasize important information.

4. Prioritize Content

  • Place your contact information at the top of the resume, including your name, phone number, email address, and LinkedIn profile (if applicable).
  • Create distinct sections for your resume, such as "Summary," "Professional Experience," "Skills," and "Education." Tailor these sections to showcase your qualifications effectively.

5. Highlight Achievements

  • Instead of simply listing job duties, focus on your accomplishments and quantifiable results.
  • Use action verbs and specific metrics to demonstrate your contributions and impact in previous roles.

6. Incorporate Keywords

  • To enhance your resume's performance in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), include relevant keywords and phrases from the job description you're applying for.
  • Highlight industry-specific skills and terminology.

7. Include a Summary or Objective (Optional)

  • A brief summary or objective statement can provide a snapshot of your career goals and what you bring to the table. Tailor it to the specific job you're seeking.

8. Proofread Carefully

  • Eliminate spelling and grammatical errors. Consider asking a friend or mentor to review your resume for feedback.
  • Ensure consistent verb tense and formatting.

9 ATS Business Resume Examples 

We’ve listed 9 ats resume that you can use for business related jobs. In every application, you’ll see how they’ve kept it to a single page despite having loads of different things to talk about. It’s more strategic and powerful to write a one-page resume when it comes to making the first impression.

Another notable point across all samples is not just how concise each document is. But, the approach towards the ats resume format is simple yet effective.

Business Analyst Resume

Business Analyst Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

In this business analyst resume sample, they’ve incorporated a few additional resume sections, i.e. relevant coursework and involvement. 

For each thing listed such as their qualifications and previous employment positions, it’s done so in reverse chronological order. With this strategy, you’re listing out what’s most relevant and recent for your hiring manager to read first. Having it written this way shows there are no gaps in your career timeline.

To communicate your understanding of the job requirements in the content of your resume, it’s a good idea to describe the duties in your previous role and what the impact you’ve made. In this sample, they’ve mentioned things such as:

  • The development of project plans
  • Hosting stakeholder meetings
  • Customer relationship management

Experts in this space will also be capable of improving relationships with contacts. It’s not a simple and easy task to enhance the systems of a corporation – it takes skill. From what the candidate has achieved as a student and intern, the reader can see that they know what it takes to deliver a higher level of service.

Business Improvement Lead Resume

Business Improvement Lead Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

This business improvement lead resume includes all relevant qualifications to show they’re capable. Typically, most people in this space will have graduated from university. So, you can take note of this approach via their education and certifications section. Both empower the candidate’s professional background as it highlights their knowledge and expertise. 

The candidate has a range of things described in their what to write in a resume for work experience. This makes it more effective when it comes to presenting themselves as a skilled applicant. 

The summary section also provides a brief insight into their professional background. They’ve even made their career objective clear in what they’re seeking which is effective in grabbing the attention of your employers within the first few seconds. 

Business Performance & Planning Manager Resume

Business Performance & Planning Manager Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

Notice on this planning manager and business performance resume how they’ve only included the essential information. No additional resume sections were needed. As a result, this makes the application more compelling since it’s concise and straight to the point.

The summary section does a great job of hooking the prospective employer by immediately highlighting a significant achievement/responsibility. This is powerful in creating a strong first impression as they’ve implied that they’re an expert in the industry who knows what they are doing.

As for the resume skills, they’ve made a list of all the specific abilities and knowledge that are required for the role.

Procurement Manager Resume

Procurement Manager Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

The procurement manager resume is another good example of a simple resume design that contains only the essential resume sections.

It’s important to pinpoint everything you need, what the job description demands, and what the company values. You shouldn’t try to include everything you can because it tends to lead to fluff. Not trying to keep your resume as short as possible is a common mistakes on resumes in the workplace. 

Like this resume example, you’ll want to list and describe the duties and responsibilities of your previous job positions. 

For business resumes specifically, the following would be good to include:

  • Management skills
  • Leadership
  • Communication skills

Don’t forget that you may also include skills that would be advantageous to have in the industry which help you do your job better than the average employee.

Senior Project Manager Resume

Senior Project Manager Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

The applicant behind this senior project manager resume managed to secure an interview at a competitive job posting for Adidas. It’s a commendable feat.

One reason this sample is effective is because of the experience section. They’ve included a variety of strong weak action verbs resume to highlight the achievements and impact that they’ve made.

As mentioned in our list of resume dos and don'ts, it’s worth including context statements when appropriate. 

When it comes to the results and responsibilities behind your accomplishments, remember to use numbers, data, and statistics to make those claims credible. Using evidence like this makes it more enticing for the hiring manager and shows the real difference you’ve made as an employee. 

Director of Strategy Resume

Director of Strategy Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

For a higher position like the director of strategy resume template above, your work experience in the corporate environment, as well as your achievements, will play a vital role in showcasing that you’re qualified in taking such responsibility. 

All of these should be relevant and related to the company job posting you’re making an application for.

In their resume skills section, you’ll see that each word listed includes primary skills that are essential for the job. Some of these are also resume keywords that are required in order to get past the first stage of the hiring process. That’s another reason why you should understand the company values and optimize for them accordingly. 

Administrative Assistant Resume

Administrative Assistant Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

This administrative assistant resume is a versatile example that job seekers can use when seeking a new career opportunity in the business field. 

Unlike some of the other business resume examples so far, there are more additional resume sections and qualifications that have been listed. The main drive behind this is to show you’re capable of working as an assistant. 

Having extra custom sections isn't only for a how to make a resume with no experience to make up for not having all the desirable traits. 

But, they’re effective in personalizing your application and standing out. 

Program Manager Resume

Program Manager Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

If you haven’t noticed already, having work experience is ideal when applying for business-specific job positions. 

In the program manager resume template, this candidate has listed and described each of these from their employment history. To save space, they integrated their certifications under the resume skills section to emphasize that they’re a certified candidate.

When you take a step into business related jobs at an executive or manager level, it’s also important to display that you can lead meetings and programs. 

Startup Founder Resume

Startup Founder Resume with high amount of experience and skills in related fields from various companies.

In this startup founder resume, you’ll find a diverse range of capabilities in the candidate’s professional background. For instance, in their work experience, they’ve listed out positions such as marketing analyst and web developer. This indicates a diversity of skills and knowledge in their employment background. 

When entering the market, the recruiter will know from this candidate profile based on their details that they’re a passionate and self-driven individual. 

As companies and organizations receive a large volume of applications, they’ll want to see the candidate’s depth of capabilities. Showing the hiring managers that you’re an optimistic worker who takes initiative and can align with their goals is one way to stand out and increase your chances of landing interviews.

More ATS Business Resume Examples From Rezi

Not to worry if you didn’t find your specific job position on this list. You can always use any of these as a starting point for building your own resume. It’s easier and smarter to work this way by seeing what’s already proven to work than trying to start from a blank. 

You can find more examples of impressive resumes in our library of ATS resume templates. To be more precise, we have 264 resume and cover letter templates on standby!

Final Piece of Advice

Before writing up your resume, it’s smart to first look at what’s worked for others. 

To overcome the competition and stand out with your online application, only use what’s necessary. If you have space for additional sections, be sure to mention it on your resume. What’s major though is that everything included is most relevant so the hiring manager can learn about your strengths faster. 

If you need assistance and support to create an ATS-friendly job-winning resume, try using the Rezi builder. All of our tools and resources are designed to help you secure an interview!

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