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13 Attractive Management Resumes in 2021 (Examples and Writing Tips)

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September 23, 2021

Management resumes require skill and competency.

You won’t just be working from a desk or open office environment. Being a manager, you’ll need leadership and communication skills too. It’s not enough to just be able to work independently and accomplish things on your own. The achievements of your team and staff are just as important.

In this guide, we’ll be covering 13 ATS management resume examples and tips based on each of these samples that can be applied to your personal application. 

We’ve helped users like Khurram secure a position as a managing director for a competitive organization. After using the Rezi resume builder, here’s what he had to say:

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What Should Be Included In a Management Resume?

When looking at what to put on a resume for management roles, you’ll need to include certain attributes and qualities. Ones that show you can carry out the duties required of the role. Most management applicants will have an educational background. 

But like all resumes, some of the main sections to include are:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary (optional)
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills

It helps if you’ve had experience in a sales role and understand what it takes to provide great customer service. However, in order to bypass and beat the applicant tracking system, make sure you check the company’s job description and match their values as you write your resume. If you can align with the company culture and show you’re a self-driven and attentive individual, you’ll have a higher chance of scheduling an interview.

13 ATS Management Resume Examples

With the ATS resume examples listed below for the management industry, we’ve included a few points underneath each sample. Across the list, you may also notice a few common threads and themes.

Account Manager Resume

Account Manager

The account manager resume sample sticks to only using the essential resume sections, nothing extra. Meaning, it’s all targeted, concise, and directly related to the job description. 

You’ll see the format of the resume work experience is listed in reverse chronological order. This is what we recommend for all job seekers in the modern workplace in their application because it’s most recent and shows no gaps in your career timeline or employment history.

However, what makes this candidate successful is not just because of the work experience they have. But it’s how they describe it – i.e. using results, hard numbers, and statistics.  

Assistant Manager Resume

Assistant manager

This assistant manager resume sample is similar to what we’ve mentioned in the last example.

What this candidate does well is not just simply listing his duties and responsibilities. But, the depth of detail they go into for each previous job position. 

Most of it is written in an active voice which makes it more engaging for the reader. Additionally, they make use of resume action verbs to emphasize their level of ability and how they’ve made an impact.

Just ensure you use the right ones in the right context. Be careful not to use any weak resume action verbs.

Brand Manager Resume

The brand manager resume is slightly different in terms of the resume content and writing in comparison to the earlier examples.

That’s because the resume skills have been specifically outlined as hard skills, which relate to all relevant software and resources they’re skilled in. This indicates their proficiency in operating with the tools and systems that enable them to perform better. 

Depending on the job description, you can personalize different parts of your resume as long as it’s contextual. 

Management Student Resume

Management student

The management student resume deserves recognition on this list. Their work experience isn’t the main strength highlighted in this application. It’s the candidate’s certifications and qualifications.

They also kept their resume length to one page and created a powerful document despite not having all the ideal requirements. 

This applicant is still more than qualified for a management role and has a chance for an interview. It’s not just the work experience that proves you’re qualified. Your academic achievements and background can show that too. As a result, it reinforces the fact they’re aware of what they’ll need to do and that they do have some industry knowledge. 

Anything you have that implies your competencies are worth including. That may also include any training or relevant coursework.  

Procurement Manager Resume

Procurement manager

In this procurement manager resume, the prospective employee will require a diverse set of skills, e.g. soft skills, communication, and technical skills.

If you haven’t yet noticed, most candidates for management positions will have a relevant university bachelor's degree. Academic achievements like this will show hiring managers you’re certified and have a foundation that prepares you for the workforce. 

Project Manager Resume

 project manager

With the project manager resume template, the candidate makes use of additional resume sections to empower their professional background.

One key point to take note of here though is the resume summary section.

It’s optional but powerful. Using this space, they’ve briefly highlighted their areas of expertise to provide the employer with some context to their professional background. They’ve also implied their motivation by outlining their corporate objective and professional interests. 

Senior Content Marketing Manager Resume

Senior content marketing manager

This senior content marketing manager resume template is a good example of quality over quantity.

Only 3 positions in their work experience have been listed, but each is highly relevant and descriptive. This goes a long way when showing your hiring managers why you’re the best candidate to hire. It’s not about how much you say, but what you do. Your results and actions will speak for themselves.

It positions you as a pro and says a lot when you showcase the things you managed to achieve. For instance, you increased revenue by 30% and took the lead on a huge project. 

Aside from that, they’ve also included relevant certifications and skills which align with the expected ATS resume keywords to match the job description.

Senior Operations Manager Resume

 senior operations manager

The senior operations manager resume example has a solid summary section that’s only one line long. This is effective as it helps the applicant stand out from the crowd. When the recruiter starts to read through the application, they’ll immediately notice the candidate’s areas of expertise. 

Like all examples in the list, the ATS resume format is simple yet detailed. As you provide an explanation under each section, use bullet points to keep it concise. 

In their work experience, they provide a clear highlight of their employment history and what they’ve achieved along the way. As the experience goes up, it implies the candidate can work under pressure, meet deadlines and take initiative. 

Notably, they’ve also narrowed down their resume skills section to specific groups.

Senior Project Manager Resume

 senior project manager

With the senior project manager resume example, each description is targeted towards a specific field. In this case, it’s towards e-commerce and marketing.

They have experience as a coordinator and operation specialist. It not only shows the candidate is skilled in this particular industry. But, they have a diverse range of skills and expertise that organizations need more of.

Store Manager Resume

Store manager

The store manager resume takes a straightforward approach to the job search process.

As they have years of experience, it’s important to include all duties and tasks that would be involved in the role you’re applying for. If hiring managers can see that you’re experienced in taking responsibility for every task involved in the role to a good standard, it’s perfect in positioning yourself as the best person to recruit for the job. 

Strategy Manager Resume

Strategy manager

The strategy manager resume is another good example of being selective with what to include. 

For example, including an additional resume section to make a certification stand out, i.e. digital product management.

It’s strategic when only including what’s most relevant for the role as it shows the recruiter you’re more specialized. In addition, you’ll want to show that you have good attention to detail as well as technical skills as a manager.  

Another way this candidate stands out is by pointing out language skills.

Being fluent in another language is difficult. Mandarin Chinese in particular is one of the most difficult to learn, which makes it an impressive feat that can catch the attention of your employers. The reason being is because you’re committed, consistent, and disciplined. It also implies a growth mindset and a willingness/motivation to learn.

Warehouse Operations Manager Resume

Warehouse operations manager

This warehouse operations manager resume requires more attention to the long-term functionality of the business. 

However, when taking a step back and looking at the long term goals, as an operations manager you should be capable of managing things such as:

  • Systems
  • People
  • Processes
  • Workflows 

It’s important to be able to adapt to different areas of the business effectively. Similarly though, it’s advantageous to have strong interpersonal and soft skills. 

More ATS Resume Examples From Rezi

Rezi is trusted by over 120,000 candidates. Our users have managed to secure positions at even the most competitive companies such as Apple, Facebook, and HubSpot.

We have 264 ready-to-use ATS resume templates and cover letters for job seekers to use. Each of these is optimized for the applicant tracking system where we handle the format for you. The only thing you need to focus on is the content and resume writing itself. 

Final Piece of Advice

Hopefully, you’ve gained some interesting ideas and insight with the tips discussed so you can create and optimize your CV.

From looking at the resume examples on this list, one piece of advice we recommend for all job seekers is to include all the direct relevant hard and soft skills into your application. Describing a diverse range of skill sets on top of your accomplishments is a good step towards creating compelling management resumes that show you’re competent.

If you’re still struggling to get started or complete a draft, try using the Rezi resume builder. It’s free, easy, and you’re guided every step of the way. 

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