Resume Headline Examples: How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline


30 Resume Headline Examples to Inspire You

Resumes are an important part of the job-seeking journey and can be the difference between securing a job interview or receiving the ‘silent treatment’ from recruiters.

In order for your resume to stand out, it’s important to focus carefully on how it’s presented. An eye-catching headline is going to pull the attention of the recruiter responsible for filling the position. 

Just like a lot of the content you see online, a good resume headline is important to have as it demands attention. We’ll guide you through the steps and best practices for writing effective resume headlines, as told by the experts! 

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What Is a Resume Headline and Why Is it Important?

A resume headline offers a short introduction to your work experience, professional background, and skills. With a great resume headline, you’re more likely to entice recruiters into reading your resume in depth.

According to Glassdoor, the average corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. Out of those candidates, around 4 to 6 will get called for an interview. In today’s job market, competition is fierce, so you need to be clever to stand out. 

With so many resumes landing on a recruiter’s desk, it’s easy to assume that many applicants get only glanced at before being put in the rejected pile. When recruiters are skimming through resumes, the right headline might stop them in their tracks.

30 Resume Headline Examples to Inspire You

When crafting an attention-grabbing resume headline, the general formula is to lead with the job position you hold, the years of experience you possess, and an impressive achievement or goal. Choose a powerful adjective that best describes you or your work ethic. 

Here are 30 resume examples that you may find useful for inspiration:

  • Marketing Specialist with Over 10 years of Experience Helping SMBs with Branding
  • HR Expert Helping Small Businesses With Their Hires
  • Determined Fashion Graduate Ready to Break Into the Industry
  • Graphic Designer Bringing Brands to Life With Stunning Visuals
  • Social Media Wizard Driving Growth for Award-Winning Companies
  • Certified Accountant with Expertise in Financial Analysis and Compliance
  • Content Writer with 4 Years of Experience in High-Quality SEO Content
  • Results-Driven IT Specialist Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Cybersecurity
  • Passionate History Educator Inspiring Lifelong Learning and Academic Excellence
  • Experienced Human Resources Director Fostering a Culture of Engagement and Talent Development
  • Senior Receptionist with Experience Working in the Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Award-Winning Photographer with 5 Years of Experience Working in the Creative Sector
  • Business Student and President of the X Society at X University
  • Operations Manager with Experience in Start-Ups and Agencies
  • Motivated Junior Marketing Assistant with Two Years of Enterprise Experience
  • Seasoned Financial Analyst Driving Profitability and Optimization Strategies
  • Junior Personal Assistant with 3 Years Experience in the Hospitality Sector
  • Pub Manager and Winner of 2019 Landlord of The Year
  • Dedicated Senior Social Worker Empowering Individuals and Communities
  • Recent Social Care Graduate Ready to Venture Into the Social Work Sector
  • Experienced Software Engineer Driving Innovation and Scalable Solutions for Complex Challenges
  • Dynamic Sales Manager Inspiring High-Performing Teams and Exceeding Revenue Targets
  • Results-Oriented Project Coordinator Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Efficiency
  • Passionate Registered Nurse Providing Compassionate Care and Clinical Excellence for 15 Years
  • Creative Content Strategist Crafting Compelling Narratives to Drive Brand Engagement for SaaS Brands
  • Seasoned Project Manager Adept at Leading Cross-Functional Teams 
  • Senior Sales Executive Driving Market Expansion and Achieving Record-Breaking Sales Targets
  • Human Resources Specialist with 5 Years Experience in Talent Acquisition and Employee Relations
  • Legal Counsel Providing Strategic Advice and Mitigating Risks for Corporate Clients
  • ​​Results-Driven Mechanical Engineer Specializing in Product Design and Process Optimization

When writing a resume headline, it’s important that it’s tailored to your specific skillset and experience. We suggest writing out a handful of headline examples and picking out the one that sounds the most representative of you. For an ATS-compatible resume, these examples work well.

6 Tips on Writing a Resume Headline That Gets Noticed

Now that you’ve digested some of the best headline examples to use for your resume, how do you create your own? We asked HR and hiring managers to gather the best tips for writing a great resume headline that won’t be ignored. 

1. Keep it Concise

Keep the fluff and extra details to a minimum. Remember that these recruiters are rifling through many applicants, so your resume is only getting seconds of air time - if that. Keeping your headline concise is a balance that you want to get just right. 

You don’t want a resume title that’s too short and doesn’t include important information and detail. But, if it’s too long, you’re going to miss the attention of the hiring manager.

2. Write a New Headline for Each Application

You may find yourself applying for a number of jobs with varying job titles. With every job posting or job listing, you should tweak your resume accordingly. The more relatable you can be to the job you’re applying to, the better.

Therefore, with each job application, make sure to write a new, strong resume headline for each. A ‘marketing manager’ at one company may be referred to as a ‘marketing lead’ at another—adapt to each description. 

3. Add Multiple Job Title Variations 

Show off your skills and experience by including various titles in your resume headline. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Taisiia Skliarova, says: 

“I recommend listing not just one name for each role, but a few options. This makes it easier for recruiters to understand the nature of your work. For example, instead of just listing ‘Corporate Lawyer,’ you could include ‘Corporate Lawyer | Corporate Counsel | Legal Advisor.’” 

– Taisiia Skliarova, Immigrant Invest

4. Capitalize the Resume Title

An effective resume headline should stop the recruiter’s eyes momentarily. It’s just enough time to get them interested. To do this, capitalize your resume headline. By doing so, the headline is easier to read and scan. 

5. Use Strong Keywords

A memorable resume headline is one that uses strong keywords. When it comes to resume headline writing tips, take to the internet for inspiration on keywords. An insider tip: Check industry lingo that’s frequently used to really tailor your headlines.

Keywords are also important for making sure the ATS swipes your resume to the right pile. 

6. Focus on Your Strengths

If you’ve got a decade of experience under your belt or a wide range of experience, make this the focus of your headline. 

Is your resume looking a little thin on experience or you’re just breaking into the industry? If that’s the case, then choose to focus on skills and achievements and leave out your ‘one-year experience’ altogether. 

How to Customize Your Resume Headline for Any Job Application

As we’ve already mentioned, you should look at creating a new resume headline for each job application. It shows the recruiter that you’ve put thought into your resume and that you’ve tailored it to the job opening specifically. 

If you’re struggling to customize your resume headline, here are some extra tips to help ensure those headlines relate to the job description and company culture.

  • Match keywords to words used in the job description
  • Use the job title within one or more of the headlines
  • Do some digging to find industry-related lingo and include these where possible
  • Highlight key skills and experience for an awesome headline

Using AI-Powered Resume Writing & Editing Tools to Revise and Improve Your Headline

Technology is a beautiful addition to everything we do in life, both professionally and personally. When writing a resume, it’s worthwhile having access to a resume builder or resume writing service to support you in creating the perfect resume.  

There are plenty of AI-powered resume writing and editing tools available to utilize for your resume writing needs like Rezi, for example. 

Many companies use ATS (applicant tracking system) to make the recruitment process easier. It’s beneficial to make use of tools like a resume checker or a resume summary generator that give your application a better chance of getting the green light from the ATS. Rezi’s resume templates are 100% ATS-compatible, so you can customize your resume to showcase your professional skills while guaranteeing that ATS won’t throw your resume into the dump pile. 

AI-powered tools are smarter than the average human and may be able to make informative suggestions that you wouldn’t think of to help strengthen your resume. It may also help you find opportunities you’ve missed to make your resume a little bit better.

Rezi uses AI to assist you with writing your resume, making sure you include industry-relevant keywords, power phrases, and more. Ready to create an attention-grabbing resume headline and an effective resume to match? Create your resume for free with Rezi today!

Key Takeaways

Submitting your resume in today’s job market requires a lot more thought and effort, especially when it comes to applying for your dream job.

Consider the use of AI-powered resume writing and editing tools to revise and improve your resume headlines. Don’t be shy when it comes to showing off your proven track record, relevant skills, and impressive achievements through these headlines.

Rezi will not only provide you with insight on improvements to make to your resume but it also ensures the right resume format is used. That way you can hop, skip and jump your way through to an interview — get started with Rezi’s resume editor!

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