Should I Take Indeed Assessments? Are They Worth It?


Indeed assessments are worth it when the Indeed platform is your main way of finding ideal job opportunities. For others, they can be a waste of time…

Indeed assessments are beneficial for both employers and job seekers.

The score ratings for skills tests can help a hiring team find a particular type of candidate faster. On the other hand, the score ratings can help a job seeker get in front of certain recruiters. 

We understand that not everyone is a fan of taking unpaid tests. It can feel completely unnecessary, especially when you’ve already put the effort into writing a tailored resume and cover letter to prove you’re a good fit. 

A skills test could even feel degrading for those with years of experience and many high-level qualifications like a Ph.D. 

So, should I take Indeed assessments after all, or is it just a big waste of time? In this article, we’ll debunk everything you need to know. 

What Are Indeed Skills Assessments?

Indeed skills assessments are online pre-employment tests on the Indeed job search platform. These skills assessments are designed to help employers get insight into a candidate’s level of knowledge and abilities. 

An employer on the Indeed platform can add their own skills test to their job posting as an application requirement—however, not all applicants may go through them. 

Indeed skills tests are usually between 10-15 minutes long. They can help hiring managers evaluate a range of abilities:

  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills
  • Language proficiency
  • Technical skills

The Purpose of Indeed Assessments

Two types of people will find Indeed assessments useful: 

  • Employers: To further gauge each applicant’s industry-specific knowledge. 
  • Job Seekers: To make your job application and profile stand out from other candidates by emphasizing skills and qualifications. 

Job seekers can complete Indeed assessments on their own accord to make their profile look better by showcasing their expertise. Or, an employer can request job candidates to complete them. 

The Indeed platform favors applicants with high scores on skills assessments. This can improve the odds of being hired because employers are more likely to notice you. 

Should I Take Indeed Assessments? 

If the Indeed platform is your main way of finding and getting jobs, you might want to consider taking Indeed assessments. They can make your application and profile more attractive by emphasizing job skills beyond your ATS resume

Besides making your profile look more appealing, Indeed assessments can be an opportunity to upskill or refine your knowledge in different areas. 

Now, not all job seekers agree to take Indeed assessments. Some may see such tests as unnecessary and a waste of time since they don’t guarantee you a new job. 

Do Employers Actually Look at Skills Test Scores? 

One thing for sure is that skills-based hiring is on the rise. This means that companies may refer to test scores from skills assessments when making a hiring decision. 

Although a candidate’s resume is usually more than enough to gauge their competence, some companies may want to further narrow down the list of applicants for interviews by incorporating skills-based tests into the hiring process. 

Test scores are just one factor among many. All that being said, it’s safe to say that there are potential employers out there who look at skills test scores to help evaluate candidates. 

Where to Find Skills Tests Requested By Employers

Indeed skill assessment for employers

Recruiters can send you a skills test for you to complete. Here’s how to find them: 

  • Check your email inbox from your recruiter
  • Click on the assessment link 
  • Begin the test

Results are automatically sent to employers once completed. 

How Long Are Indeed Assessments?

The average length of an Indeed assessment is around 10-15 minutes. Some tests may go up to 20 minutes or more, while others may be completed much sooner. 

Either way, we suggest giving yourself ample time to prepare for the test beforehand by familiarizing yourself with relevant skills and terms. What’s also important is to remove distractions to ensure you stay concentrated throughout the duration of your test. 

How to Check Your Assessment Score

Once you finish an Indeed assessment, you can check your score to see how well you performed. Go to your resume page and click “view full score report.” You’ll get access to details such as the following:

  • Assessment title
  • Total duration
  • Date of completion 
  • Overall rating

You can display some of these scores on your profile, and even though you can’t delete them, you can hide them to keep them private. 

However, an employer can see your score only when they send the test to you in the first place. 

In other words, score reports can be seen by employers who send you the Indeed assessment. If you did the test yourself on your own initiative without an employer sending it to you, you’ll be able to keep the score to yourself. 

All Indeed Assessment Ratings 

Here’s the list of score levels from an Indeed test, starting with the highest: 

  • Expert: You achieved (or almost achieved) the perfect score, establishing your industry expertise.
  • Highly Proficient: An exceptional performance proving your strong competence in the field.
  • Proficient: You know just about enough to carry out certain tasks and responsibilities.
  • Familiar: Reached the minimum passing score, showing that you have basic knowledge in the field.
  • Completed: This is the lowest score rating, indicating that you failed the test. 
  • N/A: Failure to complete the assessment. 

Our suggestion is to have your score ratings on display only when you’ve achieved either of the top two scores: expert or highly proficient. 

Removing Indeed Assessment Scores From Your Profile

You can’t delete Indeed assessment scores. The only alternative is to hide them so only you can see how you did. Simply click the toggle button next to “Show to Employers” so that it’s marked with a cross and says “No.”

Are Indeed Assessments Ultimately Worth Doing?

Indeed assessments can increase your chances of getting noticed by helping you show up first on Indeed’s search engine when searching for specific competencies or cognitive skills on the platform.

Therefore, our verdict is that even though Indeed skills tests aren’t a huge dealbreaker, they can be worth completing, especially when Indeed is your primary platform for landing dream job opportunities. 

Still, an Indeed assessment may not be necessary for the application process when you already have years of experience alongside high-level educational qualifications. 


Are Indeed Assessments Timed?

Yes, they are timed. No time extension is provided. You’ll see a timer in each test that doesn’t pause even if you exit. Once completed, you won’t be given any extra time. 

Can You Retake Tests?

You can but usually only after six months. Only take assessment tests when you’re fully prepared for them.

How Long Do Assessment Scores Stay on Record?

Typically 6 months.

What to Do If You Get a Low Assessment Score? 

You don’t have to show low score ratings on your profile. Click the toggle button to remove them from public display. Unfortunately, if the employer sends you the test to complete, you can’t hide the scores of assessments from them.

Can You Take Indeed Assessments on Your Phone?

They’re usually available on your phone’s web browser. Regardless, your safest option is to take them on a web browser via your laptop or desktop computer.

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