The Best Free Resume Templates in 2024 (ATS Friendly)


The free resume templates you'll see in this guide can be customized in minutes and downloaded as a PDF or Microsoft Word document. The layout will always stay perfect, no matter what.

The best free resume templates need to meet these criteria:

  • 100% ATS friendly.
  • Easy to modify and customize.
  • Auto-formatted so that the layout always stays intact.
  • Actually free to use and download with no hidden fees or sneaky subscriptions.

And you'll find templates just like that in this article.

Our ATS compliant resume templates are free, downloadable as a PDF or Microsoft Word document and easy to customize so you can make your resume tailored for the company you’re applying for.

If you want a headstart, you can start building a resume that will destroy the ATS now by clicking the button below!

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Basic Free ATS-Friendly Resume Templates

With more than 90% of Fortune 500 Companies using ATS to screen candidates, it is more important than ever to use a properly formatted template.

There are many things to consider before deciding on a resume template such as your: 

  • Work history 
  • Relevant experience
  • Education, 
  • Hard, soft and technical skills

Today, job seekers also need to ensure their resume is compatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS). 

Here are five ATS resume templates from Rezi that tick all the boxes.

Marketing Resume Template

marketing manager resume with high amount of experience in related fields at various companies.

A simple, clean marketing resume template like this has everything you need. It’s sleek, minimal and enough for your hiring manager. 

At first glance with the content shown and having an ATS resume with all the keywords, it gives employers the impression that you have an arsenal of skills, knowledge and experience under your belt. In other words, all the aspects of what your recruiters are looking for.

Engineering Resume Template

electronics engineer resume template sample with high amount of experience in related fields at various companies.

This time, let’s take a look at what a professional engineering ATS resume template looks like. 

In this example, you’ll notice the resume sections aren’t the same. That’s expected because the position of marketing and engineering are two different spectrums, meaning there are different expectations.

With Rezi, you can rearrange and edit the categories on your resume to your heart’s content. 

As long as they’re relevant and helpful to your employers, feel free to use your own custom resume sections. It’s also a good way for you to stand out.

First Year Student Resume Template

First Year Student Resume Template - student resume template with low level experience, concentrating on recent education, internships, and other extra curricular experiences.
First Year Student Resume Template

Noticed the difference between the resume sections order of this student resume template example and the previous ones?

Here, we’ve prioritized your education since you probably don’t have as much relevant work experience compared to someone who’s already graduated. Again, we’ve used custom resume sections which are “involvement” and “relevant coursework”.

UX Designer Resume Template

UX Designer Resume Template with high amount of experience in related fields at various companies.
UX Designer Resume Template

As a first impression, we’ll recognize this candidate’s professional capabilities because of how in-depth their work experience resume section is. If you’re having trouble thinking about what you should write next, this is where Rezi’s resume features come in, which is something we’ll look at in more detail later on in this guide.

Product Manager Resume Template

Product Manager Resume Template with high amount of experience in related fields at various companies.
Product Manager Resume Template

Above, you’ll see how you can inject your personality and make a strong first impression by using a resume summary section. When the hiring managers can get insight of the candidates skills quickly, it helps them make the decision for whether or not this is someone they want to work with. 

Did any of the ATS resume templates listed match your job position?

If it did, awesome! You can start building your resume using those examples to kickstart your new career. 

But, if none of those matched your job role, don’t worry because we have more usable ATS resume templates that you can find by clicking here.

5 Reasons You Need to Use Rezi's Free ATS Resume Templates

1. Rezi resume’s are designed to pass the Applicant Tracking Systems

While it’s important to make an impression, most resume templates out there tend to forget to take the applicant tracking system into the equation.

This is where Rezi’s specialty comes in.

When using a resume design with Rezi, you’ll create an ATS-friendly resume which can be accurately read and understood. You won’t need to worry about what skills or keywords you need to include because the A.I resume writer feature can handle all of that for you.

2. Rezi can analyze your resume content in real-time

According to CareerBuilder, here are two key facts you need to know:

  • 77% of employers will immediately reject a resume with mistakes
  • 58% of resumes today contain at least one error

So, what does this mean for you?

You need to double check your resume even after all that you’ve been through to create it. I understand it’s a time-consuming, energy-draining and tedious task to deal with. But, one error can change the entire outcome of your job application.

However, it’s a different story if you’re using Rezi’s resume builder.

That’s because our Rezi Score software will grade your resume based on specific parameters. In other words, Rezi identifies all mistakes such as:

  • Formatting errors
  • Spacing mistakes
  • Font size
  • Line height
  • Incorrect section ordering
  • And more…
Rezi analyses your resume description content as you type and gives you suggestions to improve your resume for receiving more interviews

Thanks to this feature, you can easily find any errors on your resume. So, you can fix and correct them without having to spend hours manually looking for them yourself.

When you’re building a resume with Rezi, you won’t need to sleep with one eye open anymore!

3. Rezi has a team of experienced writing experts

As you’re writing up your resume, you want to keep in mind that the hiring manager needs to notice you one way or another. They need to see that you’re the right person for the job in front of all the noise and the thousands of applications they’re receiving.

For most candidates, writing an effective resume is difficult and completely unnatural. 

It’s difficult to think of what you need to include and how you can make it as impactful as possible.

But, Rezi’s team of professional resume writers can review your resume to ensure you’re not missing anything important. With a team like this, you’ll be able to send off your resume confidently without having any doubts or second thoughts.

(You can read more about this on the Rezi Resume Reviews here)
Resume Review

Also, as mentioned before Rezi’s ATS resume builder features an A.I writer. 

This means you can get ideas and suggestions based on what works. Additionally, if you browse your job title in our resume templates section, you can get inspiration from what other candidates have said.

Doing this is way easier than if you were to start from scratch. It’s better to build upon what’s already proven to work rather than reinventing the wheel from scratch, right?

4.  Rezi also supports cover letters

Did the employer request for a cover letter or is it a requirement that was mentioned in the job description?

We’ve got you covered.

On top of all the free ATS resume templates that Rezi offers, you can edit, duplicate and organize them into a job-specific and tailored cover letter. 

If you’re new to writing a cover letter, our team can help you create one that matches your work experience to the values of the company you’re applying for. Showing does more than just telling, and like that you’ll be able to explain why you are the perfect fit.

5. Rezi users have received offers from Google, Dropbox, and Microsoft

Based on the number of applicants compared to hires, landing a job at one of these companies is more competitive than getting into Harvard. 

Leading companies like Google, Dropbox and Microsoft get millions of applications every year.

Previous candidates managed to defeat these odds through Rezi’s ATS resume design. We focus on helping our users get hired in the most competitive roles, even if it’s Google.

With Rezi’s cutting technology and unique features, it’s what makes them one of the best when it comes to using ATS resume formats.

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Explore Rezi 🔥 Comes with 5,000 AI Credits, and is free forever, no credit card required.
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