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Charles Bloomberg
Seoul, South Korea
(621) 799-5548
Passion for building inspiring companies through industry-leading tech, design, and execution. An experienced early-stage global executive with an economics degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Looking to join as a global startup consultant.
CEO & Founder | Rezi
August 2015—Present, Seoul, South Korea
• Launched Rezi, a renowned AI-powered resume SaaS software, garnering trust from over 1,133,800 users globally.
• Initiated Rezi at the age of 22, and within a year, successfully globalized into South Korea, raising over $650,000 in capital fundraising efforts and gaining recognition as South Korea's leading English resume company.
• Adapted to market by developing business models, resulting in the creation of advanced AI features to outcompete alternatives. Collaborated with the development team, formulating zero-investment growth strategies that led to an addition of 600,000 users in six months.
• Maintained a robust financial structure, supporting a company valuation of $45,000,000, with a dedicated team of 9 full-time employees and an expanding user base.
• Devised and pursued strategic objectives that guide the company's decisions and propel it towards its goals. Assembled an advisory board that has been instrumental in providing direction to corporate structure and strategic planning.
Web Developer | Kaplan
May 2015—November 2015, La Crosse, WI
⦁ Executed website redesign of kaplancleantech.com using Expression Engine as a CMS while working with marketing and sales teams. Optimized 3 landing page variants using, HTML, A/B testing software and customer feedback to increase leads for sales teams.
⦁ Lead the developing SEO strategies monitoring campaigns using MOZ Analytics for a 500k budget. Maintained performance through site analysis, and new keyword research. Prepared analytics and ranking reports presented to management.
⦁ Executed Google Analytics tracking campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of 5 email re-marketing initiatives deployed using Salesforce software. Used Salesforce Object Query Language, C, and Python to search for data for specific information.
⦁ Worked with Deck Writing, Channel Allocation, Budgeting, and more.
Marketing Analyst | Kaplan
November 2014—May 2015, La Crosse, WI
⦁ Relied and implement Tableau dashboards to track 6 marketing KPIs. Used data to create reports circulated amongst leadership. Collaborated with marketing specialists to improve marketing strategies to maximize ROI such as introducing Facebook retargeting.
⦁ Used SurveyMonkey to collect over 100 customer feedbacks used to conduct analysis, identify market trends, and calculate NPS. Used customer feedback data and optimization software to present and suggest website improvements to management.
⦁ Managed mobile 2 PPC strategy efforts, using Google AdWords Editor and Marin, by teaching marketing specialists best practices to prepare for the behavioral shift towards increased reliance on mobile.
Bachelor of Science in Economics with a Mathematics Emphasis | University of Wisconsin - Madison
Powers-Knapp Scholar, 2014
Expert-Level Skills
Leadership: Speaking, Fundraising, Product Development, Communication, Partnerships, International Marketing
Front End: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Webflow | Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch
Fields of Interest: Early-Stage Fundraising, Global Entrepreneurship, Web Design, Growth

Easily design a fully ATS -Optimized resume in a few clicks. Choose colors, formatting, font sizing, pictures, and more.

AI writes metrics-driven resume content for you, focused on what skills and history that job recruiters really look for.

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Rezi is an awesome AI-based resume builder that includes templates to help you design a resume that is sure to check the boxes when it comes to applicant tracking systems. This is a great jumping off point to kickstart a new resume.

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Rezi makes it easy to get the help you need, stay organized, and take on any challenge. Its clear, simple design just makes sense — especially if you have many applications. So things like managing multiple resumes and keeping track of your files are a breeze.

PDF, DOCX, Drive Exporting

Rezi supports downloading as a Microsoft Word DOCX, Google Doc, or .PDF file.

Expert Resume Review

You are able to submit your resume for an expert review directly in the app.

Sample Library

Over 350 resumes, cover letters, and resignation letters as a starting point.

AI Skills Explorer

The Skills Explorer delivers inspiration by discovering related skills in your resume.

Linkedin Profile Importing

Use your Linkedin Profile to create a resume in seconds with our Google Chrome Extension.

Flexible Formatting Tools

Take control over format. Use the Auto-Adjust feature to fit your resume to one page.

Document Version Management

Tailor, duplicate, and organize job-specific versions of your documents as you need.

Integrated Video Guides

Learn best practices for each resume section effortlessly as you create your document.
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Our newest resume template developed with attractive colors, clean lines, and high content density.  Rezi recommends this format for all users.
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Standard Template

Our classic resume template, trusted by over 100,000+ job seekers, is designed to get through ATS software and into the hands of real humans.
Format Download Types
Google Drive
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Compact Template

Our clean resume template for experienced professionals is designed to fit 20% more content per page.
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Our classic resume template, trusted by over 100,000+ job seekers, is designed to get through ATS software and into the hands of real humans.
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Alternative Template

We’ve created an alternative Rezi format that is designed to be printed and viewed on paper. Well suited for when you need modern resume templates that won't come into contact with hiring systems.
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Color Picker

A splash of color

Highlight key titles in your resume with a splash of color, while maintaining a professional look. This feature offers a curated palette of eye-catching yet professional colors, ensuring your resume stands out for the right reasons
Font Selector

Traditional or Modern Font

Elevate your resume with the choice between modern or traditional fonts, tailoring your document to reflect your personal style while preserving its professional essence. Create a resume that represents you, from sleek and contemporary to classic and timeless, ensuring your catches the right attention.
Letter/A4 Paper Size

Paper size to fit Any Application

Adapt your resume to any job market with our custom paper size adjustment, offering both A4 and Letter formats. This tool ensures your resume meets regional standards, enhancing its professional appearance and compatibility. Whether you're applying locally or internationally, your resume fits perfectly every time.
Line Height

Pixel-perfect Finishing touch

Achieve pixel-perfect formatting with our line height adjustment. Fine-tune the spacing between lines, enhancing readability and aesthetic balance. With this feature, you can ensure your resume not only reads well, but also looks impeccable down to the last pixel.
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Rezi really breaks it down in section and has videos to guide you along as you create your resume
Ricky M.
Now in the past week, I've had like 5 interviews and I was able to secure a part time job in my field.
This is extremely helpful tool. In Artificial Intelligence era this tool is very equipped in the whole job searching function.
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Exactly what I was looking for. Someone read my mind, and it works as expected.
Clint N.
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The amount of interviews I got post using Rezi versus my own resume, it’s a stark difference. I’d guesstimate roughly 300% increase in responses, interviews, and feedback. 
Harry S.
Real fucking nice bro...
Timothy R.
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I had a near-zero interview rate using my old resume to apply for positions all over the web. Within just one month using Rezi, I was contacted by nearly half of all of the positions I applied for, and am currently in contention for life-changing positions. Thanks Rezi!
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Rezi has helped me a ton! It makes it easy to custom tailor for different job descriptions which gives an amazing edge in applications. More power to you.
Vivek T A
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Rezi helped me reinforce my resume for specific job descriptions.
Chris C.
Rezi helped my create a resume easy to read for humans and hiring systems.
Rezi totally rocks!... You'll never need another Resume builder once you start using Rezi.
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I have recommended Rezi because it helps save time and creates an ATS friendly resume.
Niloufer T.
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