Practice with Rezi AI Interview


Harness the power of artificial intelligence to help improve your interview skills and get more job offers with Rezi AI Interview.

Practice with AI

AI Interview is seamlessly integrated into Rezi to enhance your interview skills, offering valuable support and guidance along your job search journey. Rezi AI Interview harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help improve your interview skills and get more job offers.

What is AI Interview?

Walking into interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially when you're uncertain about the questions that might come your way. That's where Rezi AI Interview comes in as your fully integrated practice partner.

AI Interview helps you generate and practice a comprehensive set of interview questions and answers, all tailored to your unique background from your resume and the specific job description you're targeting. So, let's ease those interview jitters and prepare you for success!


Made For You

Dive deep into interview preparation that truly matters. Anticipate questions directly related to your experience and the job role, which not only streamlines your interview preparation but also ensures it's laser-focused and efficient. It’s not just anyone’s interview—it’s yours.


Enter an environment where your qualifications take center stage, minimizing any outside biases. The questions revolve around you and your compatibility with the role, ensuring a fair and focused assessment.

Spotlight Strengths

Discover an interview space where your unique skills and accomplishments naturally come to the forefront. This will boost your confidence when it's time to talk about your achievements during any job interview.

Structured Questions

Tap into the predictability of AI-driven questioning to refine your preparation and enhance your performance. Our questions are crafted from real-life and industry-specific interviews, offering a conversational and natural flow that mimics the real interview experience.

Constructive Feedback

Get objective, data-driven feedback that paves the way for your continuous growth. With Rezi AI Interview, you're not just rehearsing questions; you're on a path to professional development and improvement.

Get Started with Rezi AI Interview

Now that you're familiar with what the AI Interview tool can do, it's time to put it into action. Follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Access AI Interview

Before diving into the AI Interview, let's begin by locating this new feature right from your Rezi dashboard.

  • Click “AI Interview” located in the left sidebar.

2. Select Resume

Your resume is the essential key to unlocking the potential of AI Interview. Rezi offers you four user-friendly methods to seamlessly integrate your resume with this powerful tool:

3. Job Description

Next up, you'll need to inform AI Interview about the job description for which you're preparing. You can do this through two simple methods:

  • Copy and paste the job title and description from its original source
  • Use AI to write a job description based on a job title with the ⚡Generate button

4. Start the Interview

Setup is complete! You’re ready to start interviewing.


Inside AI Interview

Interview Setup


Navigating and Answering Questions 


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